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been on the hunt for the perfect “Man” bag for Michael since he joined me and went full time in January! We tried a few bags but they just weren’t the right fit. I thought maybe Michael was just super hard on them but it turns out that they we just hadn’t found the right high quality bag we were looking for!! Luckily, we were introduced to ONA and Michael has finally met his match!! And because this is about his bag, I’m going to let him do the rest of the talking!! This is Michael’s first blog post so show him some love and be sure to enter to win an ONA bag of your own below!!!

Today is the Day!

It has only been 323 days since I went full time with Katelyn James Photography, and today is my first blog post. For those of you who have no idea who this is, this is Michael, Katelyn’s husband. We have had some requests (like 2 requests) for me to blog, and today is the day!!

I am blogging today about a very exciting giveaway!! I received my Ona Union Street bag in the middle of wedding season, and I could not be happier with it. This bag has everything that I need. There is space for 2-3 lenses and a camera body. Also, the laptop sleeve is super padded for my 13 in MBP. There is a pocket on the back side that is perfect for sliding in timelines or important documents that I need to access quickly. A interior pocket can be zipped closed for added security. Inside the interior pocket is where I keep my phone, memory cards, and keys.

I love how I can put the bag on the ground and it does not tip over. When you have thousands of dollars in equipment in a bag you want to know they are secure and safe, and I definitely feel that way with the Union Street bag! We have been really impressed with the durability of ONA and since we’re really hard on our bags, that’s saying something! So far we have been really happy with how the cover material, interior padding and the strap has held up throughout our crazy wedding season.

Today Ona has been gracious enough to offer a Union Street bag just like mine to give away to one lucky person!! How sweet is that?!


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And of course, Bokeh boy needed to be in a picture…. he loves the camera. ONA if you need a mascot, here he is! :)

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  1. Megan reply

    That Michael is a stud.

  2. Lauren Swann reply

    Aww so glad Michael finally got a post!! And it’s an exciting one too!! Good work, Michael! :)

  3. Lauryn reply

    Michael, it looks so great on you!! Jared says so too!

  4. Sara Winant reply

    Way to rock your first blog post Michael!

  5. Anna K. reply

    Daniel has a strange obsession with bags and I think this might be exactly what I need to get hime to shoot with me :) Thanks for the review Michael!

  6. Dana reply

    Look at that sweet pup beside his bff’s beaut of a bag.

  7. Casey Peddicord reply

    BOUT TIME Michael gets a blog post! :) Miss ya’ll and can’t wait to see you again.
    PS- NICE giveaway btw!

  8. Jessica Horton reply

    LOVE this bag…. my hubby is in desperate need of a new one!

  9. Katie reply

    This bag looks awesome!!! We will definitely check this out for John!!

  10. Holly reply

    just the type of bag i’ve been looking for! :D

  11. MelissaJoy reply

    Too funny! I just got my hubby one for our anniversary as a thank you for all he has done for our business this year. He loves it!!!

  12. Melissa Tuck reply

    This would be a perfect bag for my hubby to carry while he’s helping me shoot weddings! Thanks for the giveaway – this bag looks awesome!

  13. Melissa Tuck reply

    this would be a perfect bag for my hubby to carry while helping me with weddings! Thanks for the giveaway – the ONA bag looks awesome!

  14. Jen reply

    Looks good, and oh-so “manly!”

  15. Rachel May reply

    Awe yay!! Happy first blogging day michael!! :)

  16. Holly C reply

    Yay! I wanted a Michael Post! I want to hear his year-in-review!

    Um, genius idea to label the lenes. Why didn’t I think of that?

  17. Sarah (Danaher) Bradshaw reply

    Done. I ADORE my ONA bag. I have the Palma, and have used it for almost a year now on all my non-wedding shoots. I’m aching for the Brooklyn to use at weddings!

  18. Jill Powers reply

    Model Mikey!! Love this! And I’m trying to win one for Bud so you can be twins again! haha

  19. ashley barnett reply

    I’m totally entering for myself and for J – he needs this bag!! :)

  20. ashley barnett reply

    Oh and YAY MICHAEL! Awesome first post buddy!

  21. Digna Toledo reply

    Love it! awesome post Michael! I hope my first blog post is as good as this one.

  22. Kat reply

    Happy First Blog Post, Michael!! Haha :)

  23. Shelley Hohe reply

    Great post and great photos. You are rocking the ONA Bag…these photos belong in a brochure or magazine! Definitely going to enter for my husband :) Thanks for sharing Michael and Katelyn!

  24. Andrew Smith reply

    Awesome! I received my union street bag a few months ago and plan on blogging about is soon! Enjoy! :)

  25. Darlene reply

    My husband just started to work with me this year and would love to win this bag. fingers double-crossed.

  26. Josh Gooden reply

    Way to rock in Michael! Thanks for making me want this…I don’t know if all my stuff would fit. ;]

  27. Carrie Logan reply

    yeahhhh this is awesome. ps i love that michael writes “MBP” and everyone knows what he’s talking about :) apple fans unite! haha.

  28. Kristina W. reply

    Hi Michael!!!!! So excited to see you with a blog post! :D Glad you found a bag that works for you!

  29. Nancy Ray reply

    Great job, Michael! Love the post and the bag. Definitely looking into this bag more if I don’t win :)

  30. Noi Tran reply

    Bokeh is just too cute! Looks like he needs a bag too!

  31. Melanie Ann reply

    Yay for Michael!! I adore Ona bags… thanks for the chance ya’ll! xx

  32. Oana reply

    I pinned the post to the beg but I can’t copy the link for some reason :( either way good luck everybody :)

  33. Becca reply

    Yayyyyyyyy Michael!! Great post =)

  34. Jenny reply

    Yes! I need this!

  35. Natalie Kay reply

    I so want to enter buy I don’t have Facebook ! I wish I could just do the other available entries!

  36. Gabrielle Corbin reply

    Yay! So glad Michael got a chance to be on the blog! Would love to hear from you more. :) And thanks for the great review of the ONA bag, I’ll keep my eye on it. :)

  37. Claudia reply

    He looks happy with his new bag. :)
    Love the last picture of your dog. I wonder what is he thinking ? :)

  38. Teresa reply

    Awesome bag!

  39. Christy Tyler reply

    James just got this bag in the brown canvas for all our upcoming travel weddings & he loves it! Yay Ona for making awesomely durable (& stylish) bags!

  40. Ashley reply

    Love this bag! Hoping to Win in for luke! And Love the post..They should totally use this!

  41. Shani Widby reply

    Awesome! My husband and even our 4 teenaged sons have all 5 at times ended up assisting with either weddings or large gamily shoots and the first thing they always ask for is a manly camera bag! Haven’t found any we liked that much yet. Maybe we will try this one out. :) Thx for sharing!

  42. Kelly Park reply

    Love the bag, was just looking at it today! Thanks for sharing :)

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