• Operation Upchuck

of those days….. the bed seems much more desirable than the desk… the TV is calling my name instead of my inbox… and I just don’t want to do ANYTHING. At all. I have a shoot tonight that I’m so excited about but this morning I’m really lacking in the motivation department.  Someone needs to come kick my butt into gear because I’m not feeling like I could conquer the world right now…. Or MAYBE I’m just dragging my feet because I know what I REALLLLLY need to do… I need to give Bokeh a bath.  I hate giving him baths. He hates it, he shakes, he looks like a hairy, wet Chihuahua and the bathroom smells like wet dog for a good

two hours afterwards. I could put him in the sink but then he shakes all over my spatulas! (that I never use).  So WHY does Bokeh need a bath? Well, because on Tuesday night…. we had Girls Night at our house… 13 teenage girls came over and we decorated a cake for Mallory’s Birthday. Then we moved into the living room and started senior girls bible study. Everything was fine… until I walked into the Kitchen and saw Bokeh face first into a bowl of half eaten CHOCOLATE CAKE.  If you’re not a dog person…. let me just say, a big piece of chocolate cake is NOT good for a 7 pound puppy! ….. It could be deadly actually.  So I freaked out…. I called the animal hospital while I held my little bich-poo who’s face was BROWN with icing….. and they told me what I didn’t want to hear.  “You have to induce vomiting”. WHAT?! Ohh no no. This is miserable. Of course it’s GROSS…. but I dreaded the thought of shoving Hydrogen Peroxide down my puppy’s throat and then just waiting for him to get sick.  The girls had to leave the house early and I called Michael to stop by CVS.  We placed him in the tub and you could tell he had no idea what was going on. We gave him a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and I cried. Eventually “Operation Upchuck” (as Michael likes to call it) was a success.  Bokeh spent the rest of the night curled up in my lap. Poor little buddy. What a horrible way to end a day…..but he’s fine now and he’s back to his normal self! Lesson learned : Ukrop’s Devil Food cake is DELICIOUS and never leave Bokeh alone with the trashcan within reach!!!




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  1. Laura reply

    Oh, that story made me so sad! Poor baby. Glad he’s okay!

  2. Jillian Tree reply

    Poor Bokeh! :( and I’m feeling ya on the lack of motivation today thing…lets kick our butts into gear!

  3. molly stillman reply

    oh no!! i’m so glad to know that bokeh is feeling better. i know how scary that must have been!!!

  4. Rachel reply

    Ugh! My puppy had a bunch of these incidents. I swear she knows how to open cupboards to get to chocolate!! Silly puppies :)

  5. Lexi reply

    OHHHH poor baby!!! Caspian has eaten so many things – when we first got him, I used to freak out, but now I don’t as much. My dog’s crazy. Glad to hear that Bokeh is doing better!!

  6. Alison reply

    Awer! Poor guy ): Hope he feels better. That’s never fun.

  7. Hannah reply

    Poor little buddy! I have never had to do that but I know how awful it must have been. Glad he is feeling more himself:-)

  8. Karin reply

    A future tip… if he gets into something that he needs to pass in the opposite direction, I was just told you can give a pet pumpkin pie filling from a can. For your size dog probably a couple of tablespoons will do. Works like a charm! This tip from one of our local vets here.

  9. Caroline R reply

    OH NO! you poor thing! and poor bokeh :( glad everything is ok now though!

  10. Erin Schrad reply

    Poor baby! I never had to induce vomiting with mine, but did spend $100 on a kitchen trash can that she couldn’t get into. The things we do for dogs!

  11. Elizabeth reply

    poor bokeh :( i have a swiss mountain dog puppy (she’s 100 pounds now) and her most recent “adventure” was she ate a tube of purple paint and we came home to purple paw prints all over our dining room floor. life with a puppy can be quite interesting :)

  12. Ty reply

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