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Obviously organization deserves to be placed under The Blog’s “good things” category.  There is no way organization can be a BAD thing… but it can be better. Organization became a lot better for me when I realized that I had a 2010 TEAL planner waiting for me at school this semester, just waiting to be used! It shouldn’t make any difference whether my planner is red, green or hello-kitty pink, but it DOES! Oh my goodness it does! I’m one of those people that HAS to have a cute planner and when I was little, I would BEG my mom to spend an extra $5 on the cute binders instead of the nasty plain ones! I wanted polka dots and paisleys and stripes! I was totally convinced that I did better in school if I had cute binders!

Welp! I’m 22 years old and nothing has changed! I am 100% certain that I am more organized solely because of the fact that my planner is TEAL and perfectly matches my room! My future Mother-in-law (so weird to say!) bought this for me for no reason! She just saw it and it was teal and so OF COURSE Katelyn needs it! Well I love it and hopefully it will keep my crazy life straight this semester! Thanks Bobbi!

You really didn’t need to hear about my cute, teal planner…. but doesn’t it just make you want to go buy out Barnes and Noble’s whole stationary section?!  Cute paper and notebooks and organizers just get me! I love them. Happy Monday!

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  1. Jan reply

    So that’s what my life is missing – a teal planner. If it would get me organized, I’d buy a dozen tomorrow! It sure is cute!

  2. em reply

    you would blog about this. Next you should blog about my planner… its sort of a tealish color. (not gonna lie, mine is cuter.) hahaha

  3. Anna reply

    I just love Emily’s comments! She’s such a good sister… I think her and Jess are a lot alike :)

  4. Julianna reply

    Em’s comment is completely true. Katelyn, you would love it. The first time I saw it, I said “Ohhh Katelyn would love your planner!” Mine is giraffe print!…… I know you were dying to know.

  5. Katie Beale reply

    I only use my planner because it is giraffe print.. :)

  6. Amanda Clare Hilborn reply

    I LOVE my planner & would be sooo lost without it, you’re soo written in Sharpie Miss Katelyn James in mine! hahah!

  7. Ashley reply

    I, too, am obsessed with planners. And yes – the color and print do matter. If you don’t like your planner, you may not use it. Mine’s pink!

  8. Crystal Lee reply

    I saw the same planner at B&M in pink, and it absolutely made my day! Life is so much more fun to organize when it is wrapped in fun colors that make you smile :)

  9. Momma reply

    KK, I think you really hit on something here! Women obviously love their planners! Notice . . . there are no “guy” comments. :) (And there probably won’t be now. Ha Ha)

  10. Jessica Beale reply

    Oh I love my planner too!! And it does indeed help that it’s cute! Don’t worry I’ve got 10-10-10 all marked for the big day! Hey Michael, how ’bout you tell us all about your Franklin Covey? Make ole Jay Strack proud!

  11. Hope reply

    Oh my gosh I am obsessed with these planners, mine is exactly the same and pink on the outside. And because it’s so cute I am INSPIRED (teehee) to color code obligations and school work with highlighters, and forced to extend organization into other areas of my life. But sometimes, I just take it out to doodle in too LOL

  12. Michael reply

    I dont think I ever used that Franklin Covey thing. My planner is more than a planner…I can make phone calls on it…play brick breaker…and tweet from it. My Blackberry is much cooler than a teal planner.

  13. caroline reply

    TEAL TEAL TEAL yeeesssssss PEACOCK!

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