Our Engagements!

  • Our Engagements!

Yay!! We couldn’t be more thrilled to show off our amazing engagement pictures done by the fabulous Jasmine Star! I can’t explain how joyful and genuine this girl is!  It was such an honor to spend the afternoon with her and JD! Please check them out and leave Jasmine some comment love! You know us photographers, we lovvvve us some comments! Some of my FAVORITES are in the slideshow! Be sure to watch it!!


If this is your first time to the blog, be sure to look around and VOTE FOR US! Michael and I have registered at Crate and Barrel but we have ALSO entered their ultimate wedding contest!!  We would LOVE and appreciate your vote! Our goal is to be in the top 15 to go onto the next round! Woo hoo! We’re getting married!

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  1. caroline reply

    phenominal phenominal riiiidiculous!!! amazing. im tearing up. im really excited. youre getting married. im the first to comment. i love you :)

  2. Abigail Smith reply

    LOVE your engagement photos! You are beautiful, love the red hair! :) And your website is great!

  3. Lydia reply

    Katelyn, you are just adorable! So glad I got to meet you for real at WPPI, even if just for a minute! You and Michael are going to have a gorgeous wedding! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  4. Michael reply

    WOOO HOO J* PICS….and PLEASE vote for us, and please ask your friends to VOTE!!! Thanks, you guys are awesome!!!

  5. Amanda reply

    Your engagement pictures are amazing, really. Congratulations you two! :)

  6. Marissa Rodriguez reply

    You guys are incredibly adorable! Seriously, you make such a beautiful couple!

  7. Naomi Figueroa reply

    The photos are gorgeous! I actually saw them first on Jasmine’s blog (and totally cracked up about the snow thing!). Very cool!

  8. -brittany- reply

    Katelyn…I am in love with your engagement pics! You and your beau are hot hot hot! The last pic in the post is my favorite. As a fellow red head I often choose that same color combination of yellow and blue! Hope you win the Crate & Barrel contest…that is exciting!

  9. Sarah reply

    You look amazing in your engagement pics! Great meeting you at WPPI waiting in line to meet the incredible Jasmine Star!

  10. Allison reply

    I voted for ya’ll!!!! :) Looks like ya’ll are winning by a landslide! Congrats!

  11. Jackie Palmer reply

    Hi Katelyn,
    Great meeting you at UNITE in Vegas. Your engagment pics look great and you and your fiance are adorable. Keep in touch!

  12. Rima Patel reply

    Katelyn, your photo session was beautiful!!! I just loved your outfits and location.Amazing..

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