• Venice, Italy

HONEYMOON!!! … our dream honeymoon.  When deciding on locations, Michael and I knew we didn’t want to go sit on a beach all day.  He would get bored and I would get BURNT.  Redheads and extended stays at the beach don’t mix well.  We cruised to Italy in high school for a leadership trip and LOVED it…. so we decided to go back! Michael planned EVERYTHING.  It has been so nice to just sit back and not worry about details. He is so good trip planning…so good that he pulled off a surprise.  We stayed one night in Venice before boarding our cruise ship.  This was supposed to be a cheap hotel, outside the city….

instead, we pulled up (when I say pulled up, I mean “floated” up….no cars in Venice!) to the Hilton.  It was AMAZING.  As we walked in, I grabbed Michael’s arm and said “Michael this isn’t our hotel, we’re at the wrong one!”…. and he very calmly assured me that “No, this is right….surprise!”.  It was beautiful and this first picture….yea, that was the view from our hotel window….No. Big. Deal.  We loved our time there. Venice was everything we thought it would be.  From the little men in striped shirts offering $100 Gondola rides, to the crowded streets filled with quaint shops and cafes, Venice was what we expected.  It was beautiful! So enjoy some images from our time there! And don’t get too used to seeing a ton of pictures….I can’t promise that we will be blogging every stop…..I AM on my honeymoon afterall and taking a break from the internet has been a huge blessing.  However, Michael and I have some mommas back home that really love seeing everywhere we’ve been and so we’ll be posting some more this week!! Enjoy!!


View from our Hotel room in Venice! AH!

aww……that’s my husssssband! Crazzzzy!!!

LOVE this place!!!

I wouldn’t mind being a wedding photographer in Italy…. I would NEVER run out of amazing locations!

Haha… Love this one. Venice can be a bit confusing to navigate through.

Out for dinner!

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  1. Melissa reply

    Exquisite! Enjoy your Honeymoon…You both look so so happy.

  2. Melody Gillikin reply

    So cute! Looks like you are making memories of a lifetime…so happy for you both……be blessed! Oh wait you already are! :) Contrats!

  3. Emily reply

    awww, congratulations! beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!!!! i would LOVE to go there, it looks amazing!

  4. Alex reply

    Wow! These photos are so gorgeous!! Love them!

  5. Brittany reply

    Um, WOW! Those images are pretty much stellar. Keep enjoying!!!

  6. michelle brooks reply

    Katelyn! These are GORGEOUS!! Hope you are having a blast (how could you NOT in these places??). Enjoy.

  7. nikki m reply

    what beautiful pictures! i’m so glad you guys are having such a great time. :)

  8. JasmineStar reply

    LOVE YOU GUYS!! Have funfufnfun! Mwah! j*

  9. Kristina N. reply

    CONGRATULATIONS! I had been checking J*’s blog everyday hoping to see wedding pictures and I finally did! And Venice/Italy is such a wonderful place for a honeymoon! Tyler and I went to Venice last August and it’s a beautifully romantic place to go with your loved one. I LOVE your photos, they’re so great! I’ve been to Venice twice and don’t have any photos as as good as yours! P.S. Tyler and I went ring shopping and now I have the most GORGEOUS engagement ring (and wedding band to wear later…sigh)! :)

  10. Elizabeth reply

    Beautiful pictures!!! Looks like you are having a great time!!! You and Michael are such a cute couple :) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  11. Emy reply

    I love you! Glad you’re having a blast… you’re pictures are awesome, as usual. I know its gorgeous there and everything, but promise me you aren’t gonna move there permanently, i miss you.

  12. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Congratulations married lady! I’m so excited for you. I hope you guys have a wonderful time, of course how could you not! Venice looks amazing. Enjoy time with your HUSBAND!

  13. Julianna reply

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! SO beautiful!!!!!!! Hope you’re having fun on the cruise!!!!

  14. Emily reply

    Aaron and I are going next summer!! This made me so excited! And happy for you too :)

  15. Deborah Zoe reply

    you guys are adorable:) have a fantastic time:)!

  16. Mandy reply

    Gosh this looks awesome! I’m sure you both noticed by now, but my room reservation for the cruise didn’t go through…I’m not sure why, I was all packed and everything. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun without me ;) Haha…these pictures are so gorgeous, and you two look beautiful and so happy!!! :) I can’t wait to hear about it, and I hope ya’ll have some more fun!!!

  17. jenn reply

    can’t wait to see more! keep enjoying! :)

  18. Emily Baxter reply

    We made bets and all of us win…. You posted!!!!!!! I love it… I am so glad you did. Selfishly, of course. Have a blast with your husband… soak it all up! I CANNOT wait until yall come home! Love yall!

  19. Mimi reply

    So beautiful! Especially the nite pictures! So how deep is the water between the buildings? Plus the snap of both of you!

  20. Nate reply

    HAHAHAHA Mandy…
    This is AWESOME! I hope you guys are having an amazing time, and I can’t wait for more pics…. Living vicariously through yall now haha

  21. Emily reply

    Katelyn & Michael:

    You both look like models…you should be on the cover or pages of a magazine.

  22. Catie reply

    I completely understand getting lost in Venice, its a lot of back and side streets. Its so beautiful, and it looks like yall got to see EVERYTHING! Im so happy for yall, it looks like you guys and a fantastic time!

  23. chris cornwell reply

    How gorgeous are these! LOVE all the sneak peeks. We MUST go there someday. I still LOVE all the ‘Venetian’ – a la Vegas pics. Can’t wait to see more! Congrats Katelyn & Michael!

  24. caroline reply

    SO. COOL.

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