Six Years & New Seasons

  • Happy Anniversary Michael!

Dear Michael, It seems like we were just 14 and 16 years old and we were always hanging out at church, at youth group and at my parent’s house. I never thought it was weird to be such good friends with an older boy who wasn’t my boyfriend and wasn’t a cousin, because you had literally been around my whole life. It was middle school during 4-H Camp that I realized that I really liked you… and not in the “older brother” kind of way. It seemed impossible because you were older and everyone loved you, and I was two years younger with braces, freckles and I just knew you would never see me that way.

Well, fast forward three years and it was homecoming. You asked me to dance and as cliche as it sounds… I knew that something was changing the moment you took me out to the dance floor. I remember my friend Mallory smiling and giving me a thumbs up every time I would spin around and catch her eye. I also remember going home that night and thinking “What in the world just happened?!”. Was there just no one else to dance with or does he actually like me?! LIKE THAT?! I probably stayed up all night trying to figure it out. 16 year old girls obsess over that stuff. A couple of days later you asked me out… over Instant Messenger….but I didn’t even care, because I was so excited to be your girlfriend… and you said it was “Cutting edge technology”. haha

It’s hard to believe that that night was 14 years ago today. Sometimes I forget that our wedding anniversary is also our dating anniversary!! It seems like a lifetime ago. We have walked through some of the most amazing seasons and some of the hardest. We have lost good friends, we have dealt with cancer in our families, we’ve moved, we’ve changed jobs, we’ve traveled, we went through college, we almost broke up, we became adults together and we’re still figuring out how to be Christ-honoring spouses together. The crazy thing is that we’re about to enter one of the most anticipated seasons of our life! Everyone is telling us that our life will just be beginning once this little girl arrives and I believe them. But I also think that we have had one incredible journey up until this point. We always said that we had a “Five year plan” and God obviously wanted that to be a “Six year plan”. I’m thankful for His timing and his provision because I know we are exactly where we’re supposed to be. This next season is so new and so exciting! I have moments of being fearful, but I feel reassured when I think about you being beside me. You were created to be a dad. People told you that back when we were in middle school and we kept the toddler nursery together at church…. (and one kid escaped without us knowing it… yikes. I’m going to block that memory). I have looked forward to seeing you become a dad for so long and I can’t believe we’re just months away from that becoming our reality.

Happy Six Years and here’s to 60 more! I love you and you are truly the greatest gift in my life. Year seven is going to look VERY different for us and I’m so excited about it!!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Ashley Ziegler reply

    Happy Anniversary!! :)

  2. Sarah Northington reply

    Happy Anniversary! What a sweet story the two of you share. October 10 is a great day for love!

  3. Sabrina Fields reply

    Happy anniversary, you guys!! 10-10-10 always makes me smile because I think of y’all, but it was also my first double header weekend and the same day that Ben had the talk with me about what we were doing and where we were heading (yes, after shooting two weddings he wanted to have that talk! LOL!). But it was worth it and even in my exhaustion, I was so happy! You guys are going to love being parents and the Lord is going to enable you in so many ways… even when you think you’re doing a terrible job, you won’t be because that little girl is already so loved by her parents and her family :-) And in the end, that’s all that matters. Love you guys and we’re so thankful for you both and your marriage and how God continues to use you!

  4. Megan Kelsey reply

    I love this Katelyn! It’s so special to have had so much life shared with ONE person… it’s something people always comment on when I tell them how Justin and I “met” in daycare and then Homecoming in 10th grade was the first sign we both might have liked each other and then 7 years later here we are! It’s one of the biggest blessings in my life to know I’ve had Justin at my side through so many seasons, and even if we weren’t super close some years, he was still there experiencing those seasons with me. I think it builds such a solid foundation for marriage (and parenting)! I was reading a book last night about Christ-centered marriage and one of the first lessons is on how vital companionship is between a husband and wife. Before God called Eve Adam’s wife, He called her his helper, suitable to be his companion and friend. The healthiest marriages keep this friendship alive through the years and all their transitions and changes. I think it’s a lesson that couples like me and Justin or you and Michael understand before we even realize what we’ve learned. I’m so excited for you and Michael because this next season is going to create an entirely new level of friendship and a bond you’ve yet to experience! It’s going to be such a beautiful thing.

  5. Tatyana reply

    Aw this made me tear up! Congratulations you two!!!

  6. Kristina W. reply

    Happy Anniversary Katelyn and Michael!!! You two are wonderful!

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