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that not everyone is going to find our vacation post entertaining… but I will say this… you can learn a lot about a person by their vacation photos!!! If you didn’t know Michael and I at ALL and you just randomly saw this post, you would probably think that we’re living the dream… and you wouldn’t be that far off. This was a dream vacation with such sweet friends. However, what you don’t see in this post are the last night breakdowns during wedding season because I’m feeling overwhelmed… or the lack of sleep that comes from shooting

double header weddings that are 4 hours a part of from another…. or the 2am blog post writing that takes place before a waking up for a day of coaching sessions.  I don’t blog about all of that stuff because it’s just depressing to talk about being overwhelmed and tired. So I blog the happy stuff… the fun stuff… the pretty stuff! As you look through these images, you’ll see couples that have all been through what I have just described this year. We’re all in the wedding industry and we have all had seasons of being overworked and drained. So that’s why this trip was so necessary! We decided way back in the summer that once we conquered the majority of our busy season, we deserved a vacation!!! So we booked a Western Caribbean Cruise through Norwegian Cruise Lines (Our favorite!) and Party Barge 2014 was born!! We had the time of our lives! It was amazing and Michael did most of the planning! He’s so good at that stuff. We jokingly called him our “Personal Cruise Director” and that’s literally what he was! He booked the shows, dinner reservations, excursions, taxis, shuttles etc. I literally don’t worry about anything when we’re traveling… I just follow him around! :) It’s wonderful! So enjoy some of my favorite images that tell the story of our amazing trip!!! We are SO thankful that we didn’t do this alone! The Grovers (Troy and Aimee), The Powers (Buddy and Jill), The Akins (Ryan and Annamarie) and The Herrintons (Tyler and Ashley) made up the BEST group! Everyone was on board for any type of adventure and oh did we have some adventures!!! Enjoy!!!

We all drove and flew into Miami the night before the cruise began. Michael and I traveled with Bud and Jill and Michael had booked a room at a Hilton in Miami. It wasn’t a fancy room…. just two queen beds so that the four of us could save some money. Little did we know that our Hilton Honors Points were going to pay off BIG TIME! We basically spent the night is a large, luxury apartment overlooking the water! We had walk-in closets, a dining room, two bedrooms and a massive balcony! Crazy! I wish we were there longer than one night!! :) 

As soon as we got to Miami, we unloaded the car and then headed to South Beach to meet up with Troy and Aimee for dinner at Ola! …. It was pricey, but AMAZING!!! We had the best time! 

Then it was CRUISE DAY! We had a 5 min drive to the cruise terminal and we boarded in no time! There’s our cruise director everyone! :

I don’t know why but I loved our little sink! 

The boys were on the slides before the ship even started moving!

There’s a mixture of DSLR shots AND iPhone shots so don’t judge! 

Waiting to set sail! 

Michael had the fun idea to surprise everyone with custom American Apparel tanks that say “#PartyBarge2014” on the front and our last names on the back! They loved them! :)


Off we go! Headed to Jamaica! We had two days at sea to hangout on the boat and I didn’t take any pictures really. Aren’t you proud?! I tried to refrain the first two days so that I could really relax and have a break!!

It’s Jamaica time!!

So here’s the thing.. this is my only shot of Jamaica.. BECAUSE we went river tubing and climbed waterfalls all day! It was a very adventurous day… but also a very wet day. So the camera and iPhone didn’t make the trip unfortunately. However, Tyler has some Gopro footage that I can’t wait to see!!! Jamaica was amazing and we left that port thinking that it would be hard to top that… but we did:) We loved everything about that day!! We had the best taxi driver, we only lost one wedding band and one pair of sunglasses and we made memories of a lifetime! 

I loved our dinners at night together!! 

Our home! Welcome to Grand Cayman! 

We all packed into a taxi to head to the beach… and Bud was our tour guide:)

And Jill had to squeeze in between two new friends. haha

We started the day with a few portraits of each couple! And the boys weren’t really feeling it….. at least my boy wasn’t, haha.

You know they’re done with pictures when they start taking these. Portraits only lasted for about 20 minutes but it was so worth it!!! You can view them here! 

So pretty!!

I always end up taking a picture like this at the beach… excuse those nasty toes! 

Cute little Aimee!!!

Grand Cayman was a chill day… Cozumel was our ADVENTURE day! Let the fun begin! We rented scooters…. against the cruise line’s recommendation. :) And it was AMAZING!

The guy we rented from gave us this to “help” us get around. yea.

Hahaha Looks like Troy is for rent! Sorry Aimee! 

Ancient ruins! 

The Cozumel day was their 5 year Anniversary!!!!!

Happy Anniversary you guys!!!

The #scootordie crew

Love this! 

Boy band…

This place is so gorgeous!!

Blow holes!!!!

Back to the scoots! We just stopped whenever we wanted and it was awesome! 

We wanted a legit Mexican dining experience… and we got it. :)

No idea.

Best way to end our last excursion day! 

We made it back to our floating home! 

Then we had one day at sea on our journey home! 

It’s literally a floating city! 

Here are some random iPhone pics of some of my fav memories!! This was “Arms with with Aimee”… or maybe it was “Aimee’s Booty Bootcamp”…. both were great! ;)

Game night! 

Love this one! What a trip. We are so thankful for this experience… now I have to go make my photo book!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Ashley Herrinton reply

    MAN! This feels like yearssss ago! Ty and I had so much fun adventuring with you guys!!

  2. Annamarie reply

    Ahhh let’s go back!!! This just made me miss it so much! Love all of you and thankful for these memories!!!

  3. Heather reply

    Love these!!! It looks like so much fun! Glad all you guys got a much needed break after such busy wedding seasons!

  4. Jill Powers reply

    AHHHHH!!! Let’s do it again!! SO much fun!!!!

  5. elise reply

    You guys are TOO CUTE. Love these :) Miss yoU!

  6. Meagan reply

    I LOVE this – it brought back memories of our own cruise, which included a stop in Cozumel & we rented scooters at the SAME place & went to the same blowholes. That was our favorite day – completely against the cruiseline’s recommendations :-D

  7. Brittany@brittanybrookephotography reply

    Love the photos! Looks like y’all had an absolute blast! So glad to see y’all taking time for yourselves after such busy wedding seasons!

  8. Kate reply

    Love these!!! Looked like a blast!!!

  9. Mary Marantz reply

    Ahhhhh AMAZING!!!! Looks like a BLAST you guys!! We are super jealous! :) :)

  10. Natalie reply

    We’re coming next time! ;)

  11. Kalina Duck reply

    WOW what a great pictures with great people!!!

  12. Carissa Bradley reply

    Wow! My hubby and I went to the same locations on our Carnival cruise for our honeymoon! Love the photos!

  13. Laura Beth Stricker reply


  14. Beverly Lilly reply

    THe joy and laughter in these photos are too good. What a gift it is to have people who understand your life!!

  15. Megan Kelsey reply

    That picture of Michael and Troy cracks me up!! Haha! And you loved that sink because of the teal backsplash… duh ;)

  16. Sydni Jackson reply

    This looks like so much fun!! And that picture of Michael, obviously he is being a crab! haha

  17. Kat reply

    Oh my goodness this looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I’m so happy you could relax & get away!!! xo!!!

  18. Katie reply

    aww this looks like SO much fun!!!!!

  19. Lanie Kay reply

    AMAZING!!! I’m curious… what lenses did you take with you?

  20. Kristi reply

    Ahhhhh!!!! This look amazing!!! So jealous!! We’re coming next time!! basketball or no basketball:-) Andddddd is that ping pong bloopers you all are playing????? Because I didn’t think anyone else knew how to play!! THE BESTTTT!!

  21. Sarah Bradshaw reply

    Buck and I may just pack ourselves in your suitcases next time!! Haha! Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

  22. ashley reply

    this makes me want to go on a cruise so badly! my zumba teacher is having a zumba cruise in january and has a spot for me! just not sure about going by myself haha. but this makes it very tempting!

  23. Kelsey DeWitt reply

    Love the one of the little white buggie on the side of the road!! So frame worthy!

  24. Alicia daw reply

    This looks amazing and since I can totally relate to How you guys feel, I’m thinking that next year I need get on board (no pun intended) with a plan like this.

  25. Nikki Santerre reply

    This looks like it was SUCH fun time! Thanks for sharing these images, I think the black and white dinner images, the black and white of Anna, and the boy band pictures are my favorite. :)

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