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I haven’t shared something that is really quite detrimental to my business. I don’t think I’ve talked about it because I’m in denial that it’s happening. We don’t have high speed internet at the new house. We’re using a Verizon box and everything that we do online has to be through our monthly wireless data limit. Yea. NOT COOL. So what this means is that EVERY TIME that I have a large blog post or need to upload something to PASS, I’m driving somewhere else to pick up wifi that is high speed.

You can imagine my frustration. The GOOD news is that high speed internet is coming… the bad news is that it’s not coming until the neighborhood is developed more and we’ve heard it could be 4-6 months. Oh my GOSH!!! What are we going to do?!! I ask Michael all the time and he tells me not to freak out and that he’ll be the one that goes and sits somewhere to upload events. (He’s a keeper:) He does a good job of reminding me that it’s going to be ok. I can check email, proof albums and upload small blog posts from home and that’s all I really need on a daily basis. However, TODAY I’ll be leaving the house to find some high speed wifi because I’m hosting a LIVE CHAT on ShowitLive to talk about PASS and how I’m using it in my business! This is happening at 12PST and 3EST.  So join in! Who knows, I could be sitting on the side of the road… or at Wendys… or on the back deck of our old house using our renter’s internet!  We’ll see! :) Join us today in a few hours!!

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  1. Abby Grace reply

    Oh Katelyn. You are adorable. And don’t be too self-conscious- I’d be freaking out too!

  2. Alex reply

    I would recommend picking up a verizon jetpack- prices for data aren’t too bad and it definitely beats having no internet!,2817,2415262,00.asp

  3. Kristina w. reply

    Oh no, what an inconvenience! :( I hope you get high speed internet sooner rather than later. deep breaths. Sounds like you and michael are handling it well.

  4. Jade reply

    Oh no that is horrible.. But 4-6 months is good… I live in go slow Internet every day and it doesn’t look like changing for a good few years :( my closest fast Internet is 800km away… So I know your frustrations.. Xx

  5. Annetta reply

    oh the joys!! I have to do the same thing…go elsewhere to upload PASS galleries and listen to you! Can’t wait to see you!!

  6. Jen Jacobowitz reply

    Awww, poor thing! I can only imagine! I know i sound like a crazy person since you don’t know me ( I stalk your site – LOL) but I live just up the road from you in short pump (the back, non-hectic side) and you are more than welcome to come sit here and do it while I sit in awe! hahaha.

  7. Stephanie Slatner reply

    Katelyn – my husband can help! he’s a tech guy for small business – shoot him or me an email! =) or

    there IS a quicker solution ;) especially better than wendys! i would tell you but i don’t now the answers but i’m sure he can help!!

  8. kala reply

    Girl I have been there too. I would pull through McDonlds order a $1 tea and use my computer.

  9. Laura Gordon reply

    Girlfriend… I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Trust me. I’ve got a schedule though. Once you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll get used to it. You are lucky it will only be 4-6 months. Comcast told us that it could take up to 4 years!!!! Ah! I’m so sorry you have to deal with that…

  10. Donna Good reply

    we are in the same boat here. and trying to stay within our data plan….

  11. Lesley reply

    Got any great friends that live nearby who could lend you a spare key to their house?! :) it would be a great reason to get to see each other more often! haha!

  12. Ashlyn reply

    That stinks!!! So joining today!! Can’t wait!!!

  13. Jeremy & Kristin reply

    Well that is a bit inconvenient…but it sounds like you are making the best of it…It is going to be a happy day when you get that internet…in other news I just told Jeremy that it would be 4-6 months till you got internet…and he thought I said 46 months…so I guess it could be worse…lol

  14. Julie Dennis reply

    Can’t even imagine with a business and all! But, this too, shall pass. When we moved in a year ago to this rental, we thought how great, we are close to neighbors, but a few lots still to be built on. What we didn’t know, no internet. So, for a couple months I spent a lot of time hunting down any kind of connection I could find to do our daily business of trying to set up a new household. It is crazy! Roger had to go to the city offices and really keep after them to keep them moving forward on the plan for the lines so that Centurylink could finally hook us into the system. Good thing we didn’t know this before we rented the house. But, it will be ok! Eventually!

  15. ashley barnett reply

    Oh my gosh – THE INTERNET!! It is the bane of my existence. I’m so glad we both have keepers like Michael and Jeremy that keep us calm when the internet tries to drive us crazy! You’re going to do amazing today!

  16. Amanda reply

    Wow! You go girl! I started my business from a panera bread’s internet! I did that for a year but I wasn’t nearly as busy as you! (This is before I met Nathan lol)

  17. Justin Douglas reply

    I’m there

  18. Ashlyn reply

    Ok. I’ve already commented on this post, but THANK YOU Katelyn and Micheal- you all answered so many of my questions, I have so many notes! I’m just starting out and you helped so much! So overwhelmed by all the info… in a good way. Thank you!!

  19. Debra reply

    That is certainly a challenge . . . but, doable! Think about the college students who go to their favorite local coffee shop and meander for hours doing their homework . . . frustrating? Maybe. But, life is a journey so enjoy the ride!! There was once a day when there was no internet! :D

  20. Jim reply

    Ugh, business is not booming without access to internet! If you have 4G in your new neighborhood you could look at getting a Virgin 4G data hotspot. They go for like $35/month for unlimited 4G. Otherwise, you could go with a satellite internet solution until Verizon gets on the ball and gets your neighborhood upgraded.

  21. Morgan reply

    At least you have internet :) SOme people don’t even have that! As inconvenient as it is, still a blessing :)

  22. vanessa reply

    Ohh. I know how you feel. My internet has been down for a week now due to the city pulling the wire down when they were. Picking up branches from my neighbors yard. I then called At&t and they still have not shown!!

  23. Brittani Croft reply

    I can completely relate…and I always feel like I’m alone! Living in the boonies means we only get satellite internet…with a data limit of 15gb/month. Obviously uploading 3-4 weddings each month will max that out pretty quickly…so I’m a routine library wifi stealer. It’s amazing what you can get done in the library though! Good luck…hope wifi comes sooner than expected!

  24. Hope Carroll reply

    I just realized you could be a spokesperson for your new neighborhood and rally some of your followers to come live next to you! How awesome would that be to live next to such an awesome person like Katelyn! And have fast internet!

  25. caroline reply

    hahaha these are the moments to remember… :)
    You’re great!!

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