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I don’t know everything about the New PASS, but I do know that it’s getting SO close to being released to everyone! And I know some features about PASS that are going to knock your socks off!! This year I made a list of the things that went really WELL in 2012. I also made a list of things the didn’t go so well in 2012 and that need to be fixed. A lot of the items on the “need to be fixed” list are being fixed with the new PASS! Yeaa! I wanted an easier way for my clients to download their images, I didn’t want to upload a separate Smugmug gallery for prints and I wanted to love the actual PASS gallery interface. The PASS team delivered!!

The new PASS is business changing! People are excited about it and that was really obvious last Wednesday when 50 passports went on sale and they sold out in 8 minutes.  Actually, over 150 sold out on accident because everyone was rushing to get theirs! What?! Craziness! The most insane part is that those that bought a passport were announcing it like they just won the LOTTERY!! The reason they are SO excited is because PASS adds so much value to your business and now they have it for LIFE! Many have asked about the Passport and PASS in general and so let me explain.

PASS is the easiest, most professional and most efficient way to share images with your clients.  And we’re not just talking about sharing a gallery, we’re talking about sharing the digital files. No need for packaging…. you know how much time and $$$ that saves?! Think about it this way, if you’re already giving digital files to your clients, don’t send them on a DVD that will sit in a shoebox under their bed, share them in a way that will get people talking about YOU! Share them in a way that makes it EASY for them to share your images.

Even though PASS was created by the creators of Showit, you do not need to be a Showit user to use PASS. It’s an independent file sharing solution that takes digital sharing to a new level! Now, if you ARE a showit user and you are interested in PASS, you should take advantage of using PASS within a plus site! You can read more about how I do that HERE! (But keep in mind, that is post was using the OLD PASS! It’s 10x prettier now!)

A PASS event is $29.  If you were lucky enough to buy a passport, you have PASS for life! These offers only come every now and then and they are heavily sought after because who wouldn’t want to pay a one time fee for a LIFETIME of PASS?! Well, the AWESOME thing about the NEW PASS is that PASS will be FREE!! You think I’m lying but it’s true! ANYONE can use PASS and upload an event for 30 days at NO COST. If you want to extend your event for a full year, it would be $29 at the end of the 30 days. Why is this huge?! It’s huge because now PASS is available to anyone!! Portrait photographers, wedding photographer who are just starting out, new photographers that are just getting into the industry… EVERYONE can try PASS!  And why wouldn’t they?! What do they have to lose? Nothing, absolutely nothing! So at LEAST give it a shot….. because for 30 days, any event is FREE. That’s amazing. Here are the breakdown of the features:

The other amazing news is that the new PASS galleries are insanely gorgeous and user friendly! Take a look!! Here’s a sample post with some images to give you an idea of how you can navigate through a wedding:


Other great features include a printing option that will be embedded into PASS and will be offered soon. ALSO, year long events can be downloaded in full with the click of a button… no software needed. Amazing right?!  We shot a wedding last weekend and I used the new PASS to send the full wedding gallery to the bride and before I could contact the bride to make sure she understand how to use it, she had already downloaded all of her images and was sharing her gallery with her friends and family! 7,000 images viewed in 10 hours! Wanna know how I know that? Because PASS shows me how my images are being shared! Take a look!

Is that awesome or is it AWESOME?! It’s double awesome. And want to see something else that I LOVE… I love how sleek and simple the backend of PASS is. The part of PASS that us photographers use is JUST as simple as the part our client’s will use!! ALSO, the search bar is sweet and SUPER fast!


As of today, PASS is invitation only. Showiteers (people that use Showit) have an invitation or two to give out to someone. I unfortunately do not have any invitations left BUT there will be more coming soon! I’m so excited for the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of PASS!! It’s coming soon! And it’s coming for everyone! Here are some videos that will further explain why I and so many others are PUMPED about the NEW PASS!!

PASS – A new way to share your photos from Showit on Vimeo.

Katelyn James loves PASS – A New Way to Share Your Photos from Showit on Vimeo.

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  1. Jasmine Yule reply

    how can i get a passport?! i am so excited about pass. totally the way forward. i live in scotland and the industry is only just starting to build. as a photographer the resource of pass would be ammazzingg!

  2. Nikki Santerre reply

    I love the new pass! It was crazy to go into the pass group on facebook and see how many people were excited for the release and seeking an invite. I shared my first pass gallery with all my 2013 wedding clients and the brides are so excited about this new service being offered to them!

  3. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    I LOVE the new PASS!! I am so thrilled to make this part of my workflow this season! Thank you for paving the way and introducing me to such an amazing image sharing platform!

  4. Kathryn Grace reply

    FREE?!?! Yahooo! That excites me. I’m starting to do more weddings and I was trying to decide how I am going to do online galleries (smugmug, zenfolio…??) but everything is only a free trial. If I’m understanding correctly PASS is 30 free days per event, right? I will definitely have to try this out!!

  5. jamie reply

    Yes…love the new PASS both for wedding and interiors. It is amazing!! thanks for sharing all the details of it!

  6. marcy reply

    Can you send me an invite to join Pass? Sounds amazing!!!

  7. rosie reply

    Pass is amazing, we’re so happy we were able to start using it to it’s full extent this year! :)

    Thanks for sharing your love of pass!

  8. Sandy Keys reply

    This is awesome! I need an invite! Are you a showiteer? May i have an invite please! :))

  9. Caitlin reply

    Katelyn do you know if you can make the new PASS branded and pretty if you don’t have a showit site? That was one thing I didn’t like about the OLD PASS – I didn’t like that I couldn’t BRAND it to ME!

  10. Megan Bennett reply

    That’s awesome and so efficient Katelyn! How can I join in on this awesomeness? Would you mind sending me an invite?

  11. admin reply

    @caitlin The new interface is gorgeous! I wouldn’t want to change it now! I used to used pass within a plus site gallery but there is not a need for that now. I still use plus sites but just embed the pass gallery link into the homepage.

  12. Kristen Driscoll reply

    Wow, I am excited! Thanks for always updating us on the awesomeness! :)

  13. Sarah Adams reply

    Oh my goodness! This is such amazing news! I can’t wait to try pass!!!!! :D

  14. Kellyann reply

    can you send me an invite? Is that how your able to join?

  15. Kathryn Grace reply

    If you set it so that the public can download files, can you charge for them or can they do it for free?

  16. Abby reply

    LOVE the new PASS! I”m so excited I managed to snag a PASSport, but I was a total wreck in the few hours leading up to it. It’s kind of embarrassing, but I even had trouble sleeping the night before. I kept waking up thinking I’d missed the sale.

  17. jamie reply

    I am super excited about the new pass. thanks for sharing Katelyn!

  18. Caroline reply

    you know, I have no idea what any of this means. haha love you!!

  19. Melissa Coetzee reply

    I heard about those passports only after the fact :( I wonder how much they went for ? In the week I’ve been messing around with PASS, it is fun ! Haven’t seen it “passed” around too much yet though. We’ll see. I do like the look of it though. Very sleek ! And it’s fun to see where people are viewing your pics !

  20. Annetta reply

    I think I might have get on this band wagon too! It sure looks like something that I will want to use in the future.

  21. Carrie Jo reply

    Katelyn!! Oh my goodness this is SO incredibly helpful. I can’t wait for this to come out. If I sign up for Show It, does it come with access to the new pass?

    Also, THANK YOU so much for always being so willing to share what you know with others. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was when I started shooting full time 5 years ago. I made a vow then to always share what I had learned with anyone who asked, but reading your blog has really encouraged me to share it BEFORE I’ve even been asked. I’m really encouraged by you.

    P.S. Over new years I was spending time in DC and I met a guy who, when he found out I was a wedding photog, responded with “like Katelyn James?” I was so baffled by the fact that a young guy out of college who was living with a bunch of other single guys would know another wedding photog. He’s mentioned several times that we should all meet up in your neck of the woods.
    [and now that I’ve officially sounded like a creepy stalker…]
    You’re a rockstar.
    Hope our paths cross sometime in the near future.

  22. Carrie Jo reply

    And I completely forgot to mention who the guy was….
    David Thornton.

  23. Sarah McLachlan reply

    Could you share how you are integrating the new pass with your plus sites in a future post? Awesome post as always katelyn!

  24. Elizabeth Cox reply

    How do we get ahold of someone with an invitation? I’d absolutely LOVE to get in on the PASS craze & see it work some magic for my clients and me. Love your excitement for this product. It gets me excited!

  25. PASS | Kristen Lynne Photography reply

    […] first heard about PASS on Katelyn James‘ blog. She is an amazing photographer that I admire and she gives great advice to fellow […]

  26. michelle reply

    I really love your work and enjoy seeing how you use pass. If you still have any invites, could you please send me an invite? I have the basic pass and would Love to share the new version with my clients.
    THank yoU!

  27. Chloe Semones reply

    Would you mind sending me a gallery for PASS?

  28. Bianca Jade reply

    I love the new pass! Katelyn your work is amazing! would you mind sharing your preference for file size uploads. Do you use the high resolution or do you opt to upload the original file size to deliver the highest quality image possible to them? Much thanks!

  29. Dane reply

    Cute stuff! Wonderful photos. i wish you all the best of luck! :)

  30. Andrea reply

    Hey! There are sooo many websites out there to choose from and it gets very confusing as a newbie. you use several – your website/blog/showit, pass, etc. are they all linked together? I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what will work best for me. I tried prophoto and i had to ask for a refund and now i’m back to square one. i need something that is easy to use and i won’t need a web design degree to use. please help!

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