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Oh go ahead, scroll down first before you read! They’re THAT cute! This session was so fun. Cindy and Paul are a gorgeous couple that graduated from CNU last spring and will be married this spring! So exciting! I’m a little partial to their story, being that Michael and I both went through CNU together! The college years are so priceless and we talked a lot about the transition into married life.  It’s so fun to be at the same stage of life as my clients! We discussed dresses, reception ideas, etc. I cannot wait for their wedding!


Paul and Cindy were so easy to work with and love each other so genuinely. I loved being around them Saturday afternoon and getting to hear about their story.  We chose Yorktown because it’s super cute and Paul actually proposed there! We had absolutely PERFECT weather and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how their images turned out! Take a peak at a few favorites…. ok, like 35+ favorites! (seriously, I can’t choose just a few! it’s a real problem I have!)

Okay so I know the next two are basically the same picture but I seriously couldn’t decide which one I liked more! You decide!

Look at those eyes! So pretty!

Outfit change! Paul actually proposed right before they both had a presentation and so their cute business attire was so perfect!

Is it weird that this is one of my top favorites?!

Maybe it’s just me, but did you notice all the cool curved lines in this next one?! So fun!

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  1. Ryan Shaughnessy reply

    Such a great couple and awesome pics! Can’t wait to see Paul as a married man

  2. Garrett reply

    These look great! Great job KK! You definitely captured Paul and Cindy’s incredible spirit!

  3. Garrett reply

    Wow Ryan…we need to get lives…we both commented almost immediately after they were put up…I mean…KK I check the blog like every 5 seconds

  4. Anna reply

    These are great, KK!

  5. Julee reply

    Katelyn! I’m addicted to your blog, and love seeing couples who I actually know! You did such a great job capturing Cindy and Paul!

  6. britney reply

    i love these!!! they look so cute, and the locations are awesome. what a nice place to propose! and cindy is so gorgeous…great great great :)

  7. Torrie Robbins reply

    I love the last one!!! Great job!

  8. Cindy reply

    YAY! :) Katelyn! Thank you so much and I can’t believe how awesome they look! I love all the pics! You’re so awesome! :)

  9. Melissa reply

    AMAZING!!!!! Love love love Cindy and Paul. You captured them perfectly :) Great job everyone!

  10. Michele reply

    holy heaven, these are beautiful!!

  11. Lauryn reply

    these are beautiful and they are both so gorgeous! Also-I like the black and white one of the “same” picture question.

  12. Alex Kulifay reply

    these are absolutely amazing! i wanna be engaged now =]

  13. Tira J reply

    These are stunning Katelyn! Love all of them.

  14. Michael reply

    Wow good dips…we still need to practice the dips with out you laughing the whole time.

  15. Jessie reply

    Beautiful as always KK :0) Looking through these I kept picturing all the ‘engagement’ pics I took of you and Michael a couple years ago here the first time around! i still love so many of those pics! oh and michael, don’t worry ya’ll can work on dip pictures during the practice esession before you get in front of j*’s camera! :0)

  16. lauren w reply

    SO amazing, as always. I love seeing couples I know on here, because I can see how you really capture their personalities. Cindy, you are beautiful.

  17. Stephani reply

    Cindy you look beautiful in all these pictures! I am so happy for you and Paul and I wish you both the best! Congrats!

  18. Sarah Hayes reply

    these are gorgeous! and cindy was my tour guide when i came to visit CNU!

  19. Catie reply

    such a cute couple and such amazing shots

  20. caroline reply

    yay!!! the curved line on is my fav…yeah. kk you’re not wierd

  21. Jodi reply

    I was Cindy’s Middle school teacher and now her mom coaches my daughter. I can’t believe how beautiful Cindy looks in these photos! They both look so happy and perfect together. I can only imagine how amazing the wedding will be. I wish them both all the happiness in the world!!

  22. Katie reply

    I cant believe my friends are engaged and actually getting married! They are so cute. Cindy, you look gorgeous and I am so glad I have been able to get to know you since freshman year! You did an amazing job KK, makes me want new lenses even more.

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