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Let me just admit that I have been trying to get this post done ALL DAY! It’s hard to finish a post when you keep remembering shots you reallly loved and just HAVE to add! Paul and Cindy are an incredible couple who met and fell in love at CNU! My almamater …. so weird to say! When they told me that they were trying to have their ceremony in the Trible Library I was excited, but I really wondered what this was going to look like.  There has never been a wedding done on the main campus of CNU but I should have known it was going to be fabulous! Everything flowed so smoothly!


Cindy was escorted down the curving staircase by her dad and met her husband-to-be directly under the rotunda.  Family and friends circled Cindy and Paul as they committed to loving each other and being best friends for the rest of their lives. It was beautiful! Gosh, I just LOVE WEDDINGS! I love seeing families and friends celebrate together. Everyone is so joyful and excited.  One of the highlights of this wedding was having Michael second shoot for me. There was something so awesome about being able to catch his eye and smile at him during the ceremony. I loved having him there. I also loved that I had someone there to grab that monster of a camera bag that I tote around!


It was so strange to use the library as a wedding location! I’ve spent years avoiding that place but now that I’m done with school, it’s actually quite pleasant!  It’s a beautiful location and the campus of Christopher Newport University is one of the prettiest in the state…but I may be biased. Enjoy a TON of images and leave some comment love for Paul and Cindy!


Cindy’s shoes were so perfect!

Cindy you are beyond gorgeous! Loved this shot!

So classy!

Hint to future brides: Have a TON of natural light in the room that you get ready in! You’ll have a TON of pictures because I just couldn’t stop using that light!

The boys!

This was the first wedding ceremony to ever be held in the library and I guarantee there will be more! It worked out perfectly!

Just FYI, it was Michael’s idea to use the study area to grab some bridal party shots while we waited for the guests to leave! What a great second shooter!

aw, look at him!


So they were walking away to the next stop for portraits and it hit me! The light is amazing! We should just stay here! So glad we did!

Ah! That light!!! It was amazing!

Transition shots are always some of my favorites!

I spent A LOT of time in that building!

A few shots from City Center!

Super fun details!

Paul and Cindy,

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be apart of your big day! You are an amazing couple and are admired by many! Capturing your day was such a joy and an honor! Thank you! Enjoy the rest of the honeymoon!  xoxo, Katelyn

To see some more of Paul and Cindy’s images, view their slideshow by clicking here!

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  1. John Scott reply

    wow wow wow… I want to get married on CNU’s campus and also have YOU take the photos… those are amazing Katelyn… can i book you now..

    on second thought i should find a bride first…

  2. Brendan reply

    Katelyn, these shots are awesome. It’s real cool that someone got married on CNU’s campus. And Michael, solid idea using the upstairs study area.

  3. Amanda Hupp reply

    These are incredible!!!

  4. Brittany reply

    Absolutely LOVE the ceremony shot! What a cool set up in such a beautiful space! The circle around them really made it look intimate and special. Love the damask and sparkler exit too, a girl after my own heart :) I’m super excited for our shoot the week after next!!!

  5. sharon reply

    oh katelyn – you are auh-mazing!!!! what a cute couple!

  6. Janelle reply

    never saw cnu as very glamourous, but it shines through these pictures and the wedding looks gorgeous!

  7. Laura reply

    i love the wide shot of the whole wedding. the circular arrangement is so unique. and of course i’m in love with all of the details being yellow. haha

  8. Ryan Shaughnessy reply

    It was awesome watching you and Michael run around taking pictures! Yall did a great job…beautiful as always

  9. Clare reply

    Well i have officially planned my wedding this is perfection! We even have similar wedding colors! except I want mine to be black, white and green! Now, I just need that pesky ring!

  10. Victoria reply

    So gorgeous! You really made CNU look good and did a great job of avoiding the construction! LOVE LOVE the reception details! Especially the lemons in the center peices!!

  11. Camilla reply

    Gorgeous!!! Congrats Cindy and Paul :)

  12. Emily reply

    Your pictures are amazing! I’ve been waiting all week for the post! I made the wedding cake and was SO excited to see shots from the ceremony after hearing all about it!

  13. michael reply

    I am staring at the Camera because I have now clue how to use that thing?? Katelyn when are you having another work shop??? I am fine with just a glorified bag carrier :)

  14. Sarah Hayes reply

    katelyn, these are absolutely stunning. it makes me want to get married at CNU! but regardless of where i get married, you’re definitely photographing it! :]

  15. debbie reply

    haha so funny but amazing seeing a wedding where we’ve so often walked and studied and hung out!! but i absolutely love it, and katelyn you did a fantastic job! :) michael you too ;)

  16. Girish reply

    Fantastic shots. The 2 shots is amazing. Great idea that. Beautiful shots of the bride, as you rightly mentioned great amazing natural light.

    I think you would be one of the best lifestyle photographers :)

  17. Sara reply

    aw Cindy, this is so beautiful! Seems like yesterday we were laughing with you and Jackie and team hot pink. congrats! and KK, absolutely beautiful work as always…that light really was wonderful and you did a great job capturing it all :)

  18. Kristina N. reply

    I’m checking your blog from Paris!!!!! Only have time to see one post but what a great post to see, you made our alma mater look fantastic! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!!

  19. Simply Natural Photography reply

    These are…INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL LOVELY!!!!!!! Great work!

  20. Nikki Nelms reply

    AMAZING PHOTOS! What a cool idea… the tribe library was perfect for them and it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony! Congrats to Cindy and Paul but also to you Ms. Katelyn on the success you are having :)

  21. lauryn reply

    WOW. I love this wedding! And yay for Michael!!

  22. lauryn reply

    haha i just saw michael’s comment. jared carries my bags :-) but im pretty sure you can work that camera!

  23. Britne reply

    AMAZING!!! This is one of my favorite weddings! The library idea was so clever and wonderful! I love how unique this wedding was and the bride and groom are adorable!! SOOOO Great!

  24. Melissa Farmer reply

    Ahh Katelyn you did an amazing job, you were so efficient with the shoot and pictures are awesome. YAY!!

  25. Jessie reply

    Where did she get those cute favor bottle things…they are the cutest…and the lemons as decorations…who woulda thunk? So gorgeous…the library is amazing! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous as always!

  26. Jenna reply

    Katelyn…these are SO GOOD!!!!! The wedding looked beautiful and the lighting really shows off the campus! Awesome job…can’t wait to stalk more of your weddings this summer :)

  27. Lora Ayers reply

    I love the yellow polka dot shoes, and you found the perfect place to shoot them, in the flowers! :) The light was gorgeous. Love that venue, what a unique ceremony set up!!

  28. Tira J reply

    What a beautiful wedding Katelyn!!! I am so jealous of the amazing places you have to shoot out in VA! Gorgeous couple too!

  29. Nate M reply

    KK, those were incredible! Well done! You were a part of CNU history, and deservedly so!

  30. Lauren Tapscott reply

    The first time I walked into the Trible library, I said “I want to get married in here!”:) These are beautiful, Katelyn! I love the ones outside Regattas and the one outside of McMurran!

  31. Cindy reply

    Katelyn, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All the photos look awesome, you did such a great job of capturing the day! I can’t wait to see them all. :)

  32. Tricia B. reply

    Love these pictures!! You are very talented. I love the outside shots, can’t wait to see more of Cindy’s and Paul’s special day.

  33. Evelyn Oakley reply

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Cindy and Paul!

  34. andrew deitrick reply

    These capture the day very well I think…Hope you guys are doing well :)

  35. Katie reply

    Congrats Paul and Cindy! I can’t believe you are married!!! The pictures are gorgeous and everything looks so great on CNU’s campus.

  36. Lindsey Ceniviva reply

    I can not believe how beautiful these pictures are! Your love just brings the best out in each other and everyone around you and she was able to capture that in all of these photos! They are amazing and I am so happy for both of you!! Love you Cleggs!

  37. tiffany reply

    AWESOME pictures. i love the couch picture. great job, and Cindy was beautiful as always!

  38. Nikki Nelms reply

    What an amazing location for an amazing couple! You did an awesome job capturing all those perfect moments!

  39. Sarah reply

    Congrats Cindy and Paul :) the pics are gorgeous!

  40. Taylor reply

    I LOVE these!! Congrats to Paul and Cindy!! ;)

  41. Debbie Fortune reply

    These pictures are awesome and looks like you had a beautiful day Cindy.

  42. Tiarra reply

    Such great pictures! Congrats and you two look amazing! Cindy’s a gorgeous bride!!

  43. Rendy Dickinson reply

    These pictures are great!!!! Just like the wedding was so nice. You guys do a very nice job.

  44. Maggie Lewis reply

    These are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Cindy and Paul!

  45. Sami reply

    I love the picture of the ceremony inside the rotunda of the library! It is so beautiful and it captures so much!

  46. Sami reply

    I think my favorite picture is the one where Paul is holding the bouquet. So cute!

  47. Krista reply

    I love the photos! Paul and Cindy make a perfect couple!

  48. Kyle B reply

    Best. Wedding. Ever.

  49. Chris reply

    Wonderful photos of a beautiful wedding!

  50. Lauren reply

    These pictures are incredible! I really enjoyed looking at them, the candid shots are adorable!

  51. Karl Barth reply

    Amazing pictures! Cindy looked so beautiful. What a great ceremony and reception. Katelyn I love to attend a workshop too. The pictures are so inspiring for me. I just want to go out a shoot pictures right now.

  52. Lee Ann reply

    These photos are so amazing – you’ve put a whole new spin on “wedding photos.” This is art! Congrats to the Clegg’s and Katelyn.

  53. Mom Clegg reply

    Great pictures from a great day!

  54. Sarah Everard reply

    Gorgeous!! But that’s not difficult with such a gorgeous couple! The ceremony shot was fab. Loved all the piccies!

  55. Sue Hilton reply

    These wedding photos are absolutely stunning!

  56. Teresa B. reply

    What great pictures. Can’t wait to see more.

  57. Sam reply

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures when Cindy gets them because these ones are fantastic!

  58. Eileen reply

    I’m obsessed with all of these pictures! You look absolutely stunning Cindy, and congratulations to you and Paul!

  59. Sophia B reply


    These are absolutely amazing photos! Looks like it was a beautiful day!! Congrats!

  60. Brittany reply

    Sooo pretty! I wish I could have made it! The pictures turned out awesome!

  61. tina Grubbs reply

    Those pictures were beautiful it looked just like they came out of a magazine!!!!!!

  62. Deanna Trail reply

    SO BEAUTIFUL. Seriously Cindy, you were drop dead gorgeous. Great photos Katelyn.

  63. Jillian reply

    Love these pictures! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there but it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  64. shonda evans reply

    I love the pictures. Cindy, you looked absolutely beautiful on your wedding day…Of course I love the picture of your shoes since Victoria and I were the first to see them..:)
    Wishing you many years of happiness and blessings

  65. Roger “Dad” Clegg reply

    My wife is right (as usual): Great pictures for a great day!

  66. Sarah reply

    CNU’s campus has never looked so good! Such a beautiful wedding– love the dress, the colors (lemons? so perfect!!), the library, photography, etc :)

  67. Sharon LaRochelle reply

    Paul and Cindy, the wedding was beautiful and the pictures are amazing! I’m so glad Mike, the kids and I got to come. I wish you much love and happiness in the years to come. Sharon

  68. Evanne reply

    LOVE THE PICTURES!!! They and you are amazing!!!!

  69. Danesha Langley reply

    This pictures are phenomenal! I’m so happy that you chose CNU for your wedding venue!!! Everything just looks so amazing!!! :o)

  70. Andrea reply

    These are amazing Katelyn! Cindy you looked absolutely gorgeous and it was so special to get to be their on your special day! The whole wedding and reception was wonderful and these pictures are such a great way to remember that day!

  71. Matt L. reply

    Great photos.

  72. Michele reply

    Gorgeous! Beautiful photos of an amazing wedding!

  73. Paul Clegg reply

    Awesome job Katelyn, thanks for being part of our special day!

  74. Christina Head reply

    These pictures do an outstanding job of capturing the emotion of romance, joy and celebration on this special day. The different locations and lighting is amazing. Wonderful work! So glad to have seen this beautiful event in person!

  75. kyle reply

    I love the overhead photo where you can see everyone.

    Side note, I saw your on facebook your doing the wedding photos for a girl I went to high school in Stafford, small world.

  76. Gayle Watterson reply

    Katelyn you are so talented! Thank you for sharing your gift of photography with our families. You captured some very beautiful memories. Cindy and Paul you are the best looking bride and groom ever! The love you have for each other shines through each photo. What a “magical” day ;) Love you both <3

  77. Robyn reply

    beautiful pictures!!

  78. snowden reply

    congrads to u both the pictures are beautiful!

  79. Julee reply

    What a beautiful couple! Congrats Paul and Cindy :)

  80. Sam reply

    This was the best wedding eva!

  81. Julie reply

    I LOVE all of the pictures!! They turned out great and the ceremony was absolutely GORGEOUS! Congratulations again, these photos show true love at its best! :)

  82. Danielle reply

    Beautiful photographs!

  83. Danielle reply

    gorgeous!! cindy, you’re such a beautiful bride!

  84. Jordan reply

    These are so, so, so gorgeous. Love!!!

  85. Cindy reply

    Wow! Thanks for all the comments and love from everybody! Lets keep them coming so I can get one of Katelyn’s gorgeous photos on a canvas! :) Again, I love all the photos from our big day and engagement session!!

  86. Brittany Tedford reply

    GORGEOUS pictures!!!

  87. Grace reply

    ohmyword! that is so amazing. i cant fid the right words…. you were so pretty!!!

    im so happy for you cindy(:

  88. Lindsay Dickinson reply

    The wedding was amazing! I had so much fun:) Thanks for inviting me. I loved the your dress:)

  89. Lindsay Dickinson reply

    The pictures are so pretty!

  90. LaRue Dickinson reply

    Congrats Cindy and Paul these pictures are so good. What a very pretty wedding.

  91. Rendy Dickinson reply

    Just have to say again What a beautiful wedding. And a very pretty pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Rendy Dickinson reply

    sorry bride

  93. Mike Watterson reply


  94. Samantha reply

    These pictures are amazing its easy to see the happiness they bring to each other! Congrats Cindy and Paul!

  95. Amy Exner reply

    Katelyn, these are INCREDIBLE!!! I knew from going to CNU that it was a pretty nice campus, and obviously everyone knows how awesome Paul and Cindy are (especially together), but you really made both of those things really punch through in your photos!! They are MARVELOUS!!!

  96. Chelsea Kudlaty reply

    OHHHH MYYY GOSHH these are amazzingg (: (:

  97. Kristin reply

    There are so beautiful! I’ve never seen the library look so incredible. Congrats to the two of you, and there are stunning, Katelyn!

  98. Kristen reply

    Every single one of these pictures is absolutely beautiful. CNU was the perfect place to shoot! All the pictures capture the happiness of Cindy and Paul!

  99. Jennifer reply

    I absolutely love these photos. And having the wedding at CNU can only be described as INSPIRED! Congratulations!

  100. Amie reply

    It was such a joy to be a part of your wedding and help put it all together for you! You were such a beautiful bride and it was a gorgeous wedding! Katelyn’s photos are amazing!

  101. Kristen reply

    I can’t stop looking..they’re so pretty!!

  102. Erin reply

    It was a wonderful day…and now you have wonderful pictures to always remember!! Yay!

  103. Christine reply

    These pictures are beautiful! I love that they got married on campus.

  104. Michele reply

    Love all the yellow details, and the sparkler photo is amazing!

  105. Grace reply


  106. Andrea reply

    I love that you took photos at City Center. They turned out perfect! Especially with the fountains in the background.

  107. Melissa Farmer reply

    Love the photos in the library :) All the ones by the new mcmurran rank as my favorites :) Love yall!!!

  108. Sam reply

    I still love these pix!

  109. Lori reply

    The pictures are amazing!

  110. Lauren reply

    Wow, I love all the different lighting effects and the scenery is just gorgeous!! Beautiful photos! Congrats you two!

  111. Scott Berger reply

    Nice Paully. You hired a great photographer. You deserve a very big cracker for that.

  112. JJ Williams reply

    Wow, these photos are absolutely amazing. Congrats Paul and Cindy, you guys make a heck of a duo! :)

  113. Tyler reply

    Paul & Cindy you guys are so adorable! Cindy you looked beautiful! Wish I was able to celebrate with you!

  114. Sam reply

    I’m surprised you haven’t gotten 150 comments yet…..

  115. Sam reply

    Here is another commment – I still love the photos!

  116. Megan Bakel reply

    Everything looked perfect! You both look beautiful. What an AMAZING wedding a great pics!

  117. Paul Clegg reply

    I would like to say that we chose black and gold to go with the marble floor, but it was just a coincidence. Those aerial shots look great Katelyn!!!

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