Our Christmas Decorating!

  • It's Christmas Time at The Alsop's

one of those days when I feel like I haven’t gotten anything on “my list” done but yet I got SO MUCH other stuff accomplished! This afternoon was full of light fixture hanging and filling frames with prints….home projects that I have been wanting to get done for weeks! The house had a mini makeover today and I love it! Thank you daddy and Corey for sharing your snow day with us and like always, helping us with our home improvement jobs that we can’t handle on our own! …. or the jobs that we shouldn’t handle on our own….can you imagine me trying to hang light fixtures?! ha! I love you both! The house looks wonderful because of you two! So while the blog

didn’t get updated and editing didn’t happen (this IS my day off….so it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t spend all day at the desk… Michael would have fussed at me)…. I feel accomplished today!


So our living room is ALMOST complete as far as decorating goes! We have one piece of furniture that is taking 15 weeks to come in (Come ON Crate and Barrel, really?! 15 WEEKS?!).  Anyway, at the end of January we will have a round, leather ottoman in our tiny living room and that room will be done! I’m trying to be patient and WAIT to show the house on the blog until we are done decorating… but if you know me at all… you know that I’m NEVER completely done decorating! I love it and every time I enter Pier One….something classy catches my eye and I leave with something decorative that I didn’t need. It’s a sickness… it is.


Another thing you may know about me is that I have an almost creepy obsession with teal and peacocks! Soooo…. of course we were going to incorporate both into our Christmas decor! Our Christmas tree is decorated with ribbon, pearls, and peacock balls that were used at our wedding! We filled in the rest of the tree with some classic silver ornaments and teal balls from Pier One and Crate and Barrel. So even though this is only a little peak of our home, it shows that we’re in the Christmas spirit!!!! Enjoy!


Don’t judge… ALL of those frames actually have REAL pictures in them now (Wendy, you’ll be proud!:).  I’ll be sure to show the walls later on after the holidays!

All I did to add a little height on the mantle was wrap a few books in some silver wrapping paper!


Recognize that furniture piece?! Yup! It was at the front of the church for our wedding ceremony!

And here’s the exterior all lit up at night!!! Yay Christmas!! If it wasn’t weird, I would leave wreaths and spotlights on the house ALL year!

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  1. amanda reply

    amazing!! i love all your teal ornaments on your tree!! so adorable :)

  2. Rebecca Downs reply

    absolutely gorgeous, my dear — merry christmas to the cutest couple of the year ;)

  3. Brittany reply

    Love. it. all. I can’t wait to get to do this NEXT year!!! (that’s the only bad part about January, boo)

  4. Julianna reply

    Yayyy!!!! Christmas!!!!! Your house looks so great, Katelyn!!!

  5. Rebekah reply

    Merry Christmas!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Can you come and decorate my house?! Great job Katelyn and I loved how you reused your wedding decor! Can’t wait to see all the framed photos and the new sofa!!!

  6. Charlotte reply

    House looks great. You have quite the touch. Hope you have a great first Christmas together!!

  7. Elise reply

    OMG THIS IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your house looks amazing and adorable for Christmas!!!! Love the peacock tree :)

  8. Becca reply

    Cute cute cute! You have such a knack for decorating!!!!

  9. evelyn reply

    did michael climb up on that roof and put those wreaths up? you should be soo happy katelyn!

  10. Britne reply

    Love it….gosh you’re house couldn’t be any cuter.

  11. Diane reply

    How adorable…It is so sweet and so you two! BLESSINGS!

  12. Wendy reply

    Absolutely beautiful! I am proud that you put pictures in all of those frames!!

  13. Alex reply

    your house is beautiful! you are so creative and I enjoy how you make use out of previously loved items!

  14. veronica deprato reply

    Did you get those little trees made of peacock feathers at Michaels? I think that’s where I saw them…I totally thought of you when I saw them!

    You should do decorating/interior design on the side! You can use my house to practice on ;)

  15. gayle reply

    Everything looks beautiful. I love how Miss Jan’s blanket made the blog!

  16. Nicole reply

    Looks fabulous, Katelyn! I love your tree too. And all of your Christmas decorations look great! Enjoy your first Christmas together!! :)

  17. Kimberly reply

    Gorgeous! This definitely inspires me!

  18. jenn reply

    i KNEW your house and your post for christmas in regards to your house would be so much fun! i love it! what a neat way to decorate your first tree as a married couple with the theme and things from your wedding! love love love it! :)

  19. Catie reply

    KK. You make me want to have my own house so I can decorate it as adorably as your house!!!! <3

  20. Sydni Jackson reply

    i love your house!! it’s so cozy :) and you’re so creative!

  21. michaela reply

    Love your Christmas decorations and how you used things from your wedding to decorate! I’m an interior design major, and I ADORE your gallery wall and your mantel. So great!

  22. jamie delaine reply

    okay. you are so cute & so is your home!

  23. Charlotte John reply

    Katelyn you have such an adorable house. Its so cozy and I’m rather jealous of it.

  24. britney reply

    KATELYN. ur macro shoots have gotten so good. what r u doing differently!? seriously, so good. and the house looks amazzzing. i cant wait to see it in person :)

  25. Leslie reply

    holy crap kk, seeing your house made me realize that youre really married, and it kinda freaked me out.

  26. {Around the house} | Just Another Twin Momma reply

    […] The tree, of course.  I’ve fallen back in love with real trees.  For about 5 years we had fake city and there’s really just no comparison. The smell is intoxicating.  Everytime we come home from being away we all take a deep collective, contented breath of Frazier Fir.  Its the scent that will bring back a million happy childhood memories for them, like it does for me.    And the stockings were hung from the chimney with care…(Ignore our filthy, cluttered mantle) This year the Littles don’t grab at the stockings, so we have left them up.  Yes, our names spell “Mama”.  The monkeys are from Nana Linda and they are the perfect touch!Entryway decor.  The buffet will be stripped and painted…someday…for now we try to cover up this eyesore with fun holiday stuff.  I painted the snowmen and we added lights to the canvas flowers and vase.  Gives it a little kick, keeps the kiddos excited.  Plus, as it turns out, its a great nightlight for the hallway.In the south they do wreaths EVERYWHERE.  Typically they are hung from each window, eave and door and then accent spotlights are added to the front yard to light up the house at night.  Its actually a gorgeously classic decor touch.  People put up lights, too, but mostly its wreaths.  We did have not advanced to spotlights, yet.  It requires a little bit more electrical expertise than either of us have.  A guy at walmart tried to tell me how to set it all up, but it was over my head and then I got lazy.  Those outdoor spotlight bulbs are $$$!This is what we’re shooting for next year.  Simple and classic.  <<<Not our house, just an example>>>LINK […]

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