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What makes you most nervous?? For me, there is a whole list. One thing that makes me nervous and have a knot in my stomach is having to cook dinner for someone and something else that makes me feel sick is SPEAKING. Yep. I get nervous…. every time. Without fail, I ALWAYS get a knot in my stomach and start looking for the nearest bathroom just in case… EVERY time I have to prepare a talk and get in front of people. It’s crazy. I’ve done this SO. MANY. TIMES. Why can’t I just get a grip?! Because I’m human and failure is a real thing.

I’ve bombed talks. I’ve derailed from outlines. I’ve had a shaky voice. I’ve lost my place and scrambled…. and I remember EVER SINGLE FAILURE before I speak. It’s a horrible pattern. However, I have learned this week the secret to growing and slowly overcoming the nerves is just to DO IT AGAIN. and AGAIN. I spoke at Pursuit two weeks ago, then I spoke to almost 250 people at UNITED this week and then we hosted our Come Together Phoenix event last night and I noticed something…. I’m getting better. I’m not getting better at speaking … I’m getting better at the freak out. I’m getting better at not feeling sick before I get in front of people. It’s amazing what happens when you step into the danger zone over and over again…. it becomes less dangerous… less scary… less overwhelming.  So here’s to the reward of repetition. If you’re in a season where you’re freaking out… it may not be as dramatic as looking for the nearest bathroom but if you’re ready to overcome a certain fear in your life, my best advice is, in the words of NIKE, just do it. Go for it…. because each time will be easier and each time will make you grow!!

Last night’s Come Together Event was a blast. Over 50 photographers from Utah to New Mexico drove in to gather together in Scottsdale for an evening of education, laughs… and PIZZA. We saw old friends, met new friends and spent the evening sharing some of our favorite aspects of our business. I think my favorite part of the event was being with a more intimate group and getting to share some stories that I’ve never shared outside of our workshops. I also loved getting to do this alongside some of our dearest friends. We joke that Jordan and Amy just “get us” but they truly do in every sense of the phrase. They enjoy sharing life and education with people in the same way that we do and it’s an absolute joy to do it TOGETHER.  I can’t promise ANYTHING… our schedules are crazy… but in the future, if we were to host another Come Together event, let us know what cities should be possibilities!!!! Happy Thursday!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Linda reply

    You should come to Boston!! :D

  2. Cinnamon reply

    I think it would be weird if you didn’t feel a little nervous. ;-) Hope to make one of these someday!

  3. Kendra reply

    I would like to put a vote in for Indiana! Or somewhere close to that. :)

  4. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    When I was in high school, I was Chaplain on student body council, which meant I literally OPENED the chapel service for the entire high school and middle school every Tuesday and sometimes I even shared the message!! The first time I stood up there I thought I was going to die. I wondered how anyone could ever get any sleep at night knowing they had to speak publicly the next day!! But after so many times of getting up in front of hundreds of faces, I actually got used to it! And it felt no more scarier than speaking to a small group of 5! It really does get easier with each time – and I still have the memories of times I completely bombed a talk – but I don’t let them feed my fear, I use them to feed into my confidence that I’m better now and I’ve learned so much from all the experiences I’ve had up to this point.

    I’ve always raved about how you are a natural public speaker – you’ve always been so impressive to me! I know I’ve only heard you speak about a dozen times now, but I’ve never thought “yikes…” or “oh goodness she’s nervous” or “why did she say that?!” but instead always walked away thinking you were a natural born leader who brings energy, passion, lightheartedness, and inspiration to her stage, wherever that is. You keep your audience engaged and that’s the hardest part!! Anyway I’ll stop rambling :) But yes, it really does get less nervewracking each time and you’ve already got so much natural talent going for you! :):) I can’t wait for your session (and Michael’s!!) at Creative @ Heart!!

  5. Elizabeth reply

    I ask myself why am I letting my nerves make me eyeball the bathroom so often! Especially right before I head out for the day’s wedding! And yet, every time, once I’m there – I’m completely fine. It’s comforting to know you too get nerves like this! Clearly, I just need to shoot more and more and more weddings and I’ll overcome this!! :)

    Also…. Two words. KANSAS CITY.
    Yaaassss!!! :) :) :)

  6. Kristina W. reply

    Yay! Glad your Phoenix trip was such a success!

  7. hannah elise reply


  8. Ashley reply

    This seriously was one of the greatest events ever!! :) Thanks again so much for spending time with us

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