Thanksgiving Festivas 2009

  • Thanksgiving Festivas 2009

I love college for so many reasons. One being that absolutely ANY holiday can be turned into a reason to have a costume party.  I felt like we were JUST frantically searching thrift stores for halloween costumes!

This past Saturday, some of our guy friends hosted the first ever Thanksgiving Festivus! Don’t ask me where that name came from but the festivities included homemade food, sweet outfits and a campus wide hunt for a turkey! Crazy. It was great and even though I could be there for a small bit of the fun, it made me thankful for friends, being young, good food and amazing memories.

Thanks guys at Casa Nueva for being awesome hosts!

Enjoy a few pics of the evening!

ps. sooo.. I was just informed that the name is from Seinfeld… never would have known. Thanks Steph:)

My fiance evidently makes amazing pumpkin bread! I just added the swirls!

The campus wide turkey hunt was Pilgrims vs. Indians. So fun!

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  1. Leslie reply


  2. Leslie reply

    lkskhlfahwdagfhsjafj OMG IM ON THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

  3. Leslie reply


  4. j gar reply

    well leslie’s tryin to be the 1st one to comment on the blog, so I think i’ll let her have it. but 2nd’s not too bad. we both made the blog for the 1st time, but i’m pretty sure i had 2 pictures and she only had 1, sorry bonesaw. She’s literally freakin out right now while i’m typing this, finally it worked, so she didn’t get pissed at me since I’m typing one of Mandy’s patented paragraphs. But good culling again special k, you make me prouder and prouder everyday.

    p.s. for future reference, and your professional sake, the apostrophe goes before the 09 and not after. just a friendly reminder. good use of the word festivus nonetheless.

  5. Mandy reply

    These look so great! I love the colors!!! I’m so glad you got to be there…go indians! :)

  6. j gar reply

    stephen also pointed out you spelled festivUs wrong, and you didn’t put an s in thankSgiving. good thing your good at takin pictures, because grammar isn’t your strongest suit. now i have comments to match leslie. i’m pretty sure 3 is right around the corner. hopefully it’s shorther than these 2, i can’t make any promises though.

    p.s. my picture of of you and brit is way better than brit’s picture of you and michael. just sayin. prince drew looks epic.

  7. admin reply

    Special thanks to all of my spell checkers! you know “J Gar” you could tell me my mistakes instead of ANNOUNCING them! hahaha

  8. Stephen reply

    Britney getting some serious face time I see, but that is of course, because you are so beautiful. Can we have another all Britney photo shoot.

  9. j gar reply

    here comes 3. is there anyway that you change the name “admin” to “K Jam?” I feel like it would be more appropriate to both your picture-taking style as well as your personality in general. Thanks for the consideration! p.s. this one’s shorter, but barely

  10. britney reply

    ahh grace is going to die when she sees she is on the blog! i shall send her the link…this was so fun! and j gar yours is better bc u had the light behiiind you. i should have made them stand in the road. and stephen. uhh thanks…i think.

  11. emy reply

    katelyn this is hilarious!! i love it! everybody looks so legit…. except you and michael. what the what?!?!

  12. deebs reply

    this is fabulous!!!! but kk, where’s YOUR costume? hmmmm?

  13. Katie reply

    love the pics- especially the ones of you in the middle of Prince Drew– I so miss that area. Have a great holiday

  14. Katie reply

    you was a typo.

  15. caroline reply

    haha! of course you have a teal feather.
    your friends love you a lot…..k jam

  16. katie g reply

    what a great day :)!

  17. Michael and Carina reply

    You guys are so cute.

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