A Cape May Vow Renewal

  • Mike + Kaitlin

People always say that they are going to hire us to shoot their vow renewal! A lot of people are joking… because really, how many people actually have the opportunity to have a REAL vow renewal?! Not many. For many, life is too busy and their desire to renew and recommit their marriage vows with the love of their life gets pushed to the sidelines. Work, kids and crazy schedules are legitimate excuses… but they weren’t big enough excuses for Mike and Kaitlin. They wanted this and so they made it happen! It wasn’t that they wanted a fun party, they wanted a WEDDING… a wedding and a celebration that they didn’t have before. Kaitlin is a successful photographer in Cape May and after 3 years of photographing beautiful weddings, it was finally her turn! It was her turn to be photographed getting into her dress, her turn to share a first look with her husband of 5 years and her turn to have romantic portraits taken with her husband.

Last week Kaitlin shared the one image she has of their wedding day five years ago. It was full of joy and happiness and while a picture can say 1,000 words, when you’re a photographer, one picture isn’t enough. Kaitlin wanted to promise to love her husband all over again and she wanted to have beautiful proof of this intimate ceremony. It has been a dream of hers to actually have the wedding she has always wanted and last Friday, it happened!!!! And it was beautiful… SHE was beautiful. This was a dream come true for Kaitlin and we felt SO honored to be a part of this special day. In a world where some marriages fall apart so easily, it was so encouraging to see two people re-dedicate their love for one another… not only in front of their families… but in front of their two little boys. That’s so powerful. It makes me teary just thinking about it! What an awesome example for their kiddos and for everyone who attended!

It’s hard to believe that this day has come and gone already.  I can still remember getting Kaitlin’s email in ALL CAPS asking if we would be a part of this celebration! I’m so thankful that our schedules aligned because it was such a privilege to photograph this. Michael and I instantly felt like a part of this sweet family from the moment Kaitlin tackled me when I walked into the hotel suite. I’ve been SO excited to share this sweet day with all of you and now it’s finally time for the big reveal! Enjoy Michael and Kaitlin’s wedding Take Two!!! And if this day wasn’t already fun enough, we got to work with Jeremy and Ashley of “We are the Mitchell’s”!! LOVE those two!!! Cannot WAIT to see their highlight film!

I have been looking forward to photographing this gown for months! I loved it!

Michael is a cop and I loved how Kaitlin tied this into certain aspects of the day! 

Sweet gifts from Kaitlin’s brides… and in case you didn’t already know, Kaitlin is a fabulous wedding photographer in NJ! 

This girl was BEYOND excited!!!!

Love this! I think it’s safe to say these two have something special! Such a sweet relationship!

Oh good gracious girl!!!!!

Loved all of her peachy pinks and rose gold!!

Oh ok…. STUNNING!! 

One of my FAVORITES! You should have seen me take this… I was actually holding the veil this time AND shooting! I looked like a hot mess but hey, it was worth it! 

Get it girl!!!

First look time!!! I’m just assuming here but I think he liked what he saw!!!

He was shocked and she was in tears:)

LOVE these!!!

First time seeing her boys… so precious! 

Loving this!!!

I think my Michael would have taken these two home if I would have let him!

I will forever be in love with the willows!!!

Love this plantation home!!!

SO cute!!

Loved this sweet part of the ceremony where all married couples stood up and took time to remember just how much they love one another. :)


Easily a favorite!!!

So cute!


How cute is this?!!

And this may be my FAVORITE detail!! A super creative Donut display for her cop! This was a surprise for Michael! 

Too pretty to eat!!!

Another surprise for Mike was this cigar and whisky bar!! Kaitlin girl, you are just amazing!

Surprise ice cream cookies!!!

Ceremony | Willow Creek Winery
Reception | Willow Creek Winery
Florists | Petals Floral Design
Groom | Mens Warehouse
Shoes | Capparos Elate Pump
DJ | SCE Event Group
Videographer | Jeremy Mitchell Cinema
Coordinator | Rebecca Yankowski
Hair & Makeup | Creations by Mia
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas
Hotel | The Reeds at Shelter Haven  
Catering | The Southern Mansion
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Urška Majer reply

    Gorgeous! LOve the donut corner!

  2. Wayfaring Wanderer reply

    I knew this would be gorgeous with Kaitlin putting it together because she has such great style, but *this* is AWESOMAZING and you captured it magnificently!

    So in love with all of these!

  3. Kat reply


  4. Lauren Hooker reply

    Wow, Katelyn! This is up there with my favorites. What a beautiful celebration and of course, beautiful photography. A great Katelyn/Kaitlin collaboration :)

  5. Rebecca Yankowski reply

    These pictures came out unbelievable! Kaitlin looks as gorgeous as she did that day and you captured all the love and happiness that was shared perfectly!

  6. Anna Burke reply

    Absolutely stunning! I’ve been following all of her sneak peeks for this glorious occasion, and so fun to see it all come to life!!!

  7. Shannon reply

    Gahhhh as a fellow pink/glitter lover I love everything about this wedding! That dress. To die for! Kaitlin, you looked beautiful!

  8. Shauna Ploeger reply

    One of my favorites from you so far! What a lovely idea and sentiment. Just beautiful!

  9. Rebekah Carter reply

    Wow, I don’t even know them but I have tears in my eyes seeing all of these amazing pictures. What an awesome idea.

  10. kaitlin reply

    To you both, katelyn and Michael, i have no words. its still comes out ahhhhhhhhhh! god bless you both for sharing your talents with so many….your gifts so generously and open heartedly. but god bless you both for giving me a gift i could never ever repay you for. no monetary value can be attached to such a priceless gift. i can not wait to wallpaper my home with these images and thank jesus everyday for the path that led me to you and for his blessing to make this day a dream come true. literally! i love you both. i thank you both. this was the second best day of my life with my husband and to have our babies there…well again, there are no words for that! oxxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoo

    to everyone commenting…thank you so much for the love. for following this journey of mine. for embracing our love story and our own dreams coming true. we appreciate your kind words…and yes, i am a fan of my donut wall and pink dress as well! ahahahhhahaha

  11. Nicole Klym reply

    I’m obsessed with so many of these details! She put this together so well, and you captured it perfectly. It looked like an amazing day!

  12. Mary Marantz reply

    Ahhh Love!! Kaitlin you looked SO beautiful girl!!

  13. JennyRain reply

    Have LOVED watching this entire journey with you guys…I’ve been so excited to see the pictures from Kaitlin’s wedding … they are just swoon worthy! love love!

  14. Meg Long reply

    AHH These are amazing!!! I can’t begin to pick a favorite. Kaitlin you really know how to throw a party! The details are insanely amazing, and you looked absolutely STUNNING. The love between you and Mike is so obvious and beautiful. And your boys are TOO CUTE! Katelyn you captured the day perfectly…everything is just gorgeous!

  15. Kristina W. reply

    These details are incredible! so glad that Mike and Kaitlin could have their dream wedding! It looks amazing!

  16. Susanne Ashby reply

    Wowza! These turned out amazing and I totally got teary eyes over some of the pics! LOVE these so much!

  17. Krissy Breece reply

    Simply gorgeous!!! Everything looked absolutely amazing!!

  18. Krissy Breece reply

    Simply gorgeous! Everything looked amazing!!

  19. Kathryn Grace reply

    THIS. is amazing. SO GORGEOUS!!!!

  20. Meredith Sledge reply

    UGHH! You shoot the most creative and awesome people!!!! Love all the details!! And those portraits are incredible!

  21. Ivona Dixon reply

    This is so cute I can’t even handle it. I have tears running down my cleavage!

  22. Jennifer Krieg reply

    So Gorgeous!!! these images are WOW breathtaking!!! Lovely wedding!!

  23. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I have a new favorite wedding! Kaitlin is drop dead gorgeous and her husband and boys…wow! :) Amazing photos!

  24. Sharon reply

    Ahh!!! KJ ~ absolutely amazing images!! You captured everything just perfectly!! You actually referred me to KNP and I am soo thankful for that … She was my amazing photographer for my May wedding and I love her so much! Kaitlin … You look stunning, everything was just beautiful!! :)

  25. Anna Padilla reply

    WOW, those details are amazing! Congrats to the happy couple, again!

  26. Stephanie Messick reply

    OMGSH these details … photos … AMAZING!

  27. Katie reply

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! Amazing job Katelyn, and CONGRATULATIONS Kaitlyin!!

  28. Lindsay reply

    These pictures are so lovely — the really capture the warmth and love of this wedding.

  29. elizabeth reply

    Gorgeous pictures, Katelyn!!

  30. Jennifer reply

    Where is her amazing dress from?!? It’s beautiful!

  31. Lydia reply

    Kaitlin, you are simply stunning! And you picked the perfect photographer to capture your beautiful day!

  32. Jennifer reply

    I adore these pictures. I have been eyeing that dress since this post first came out. Do we know who makes that gorgeous dress or where the bride purchased it?

    Thank you in advance!

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