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the only one that feels like this.  Maybe EVERYONE else in the world is actually DOING something with their Pinterest account. Or maybe the worldwide phenomenon that is called “Pinterest” is GREAT for inspiration but after a while… it just becomes sad. It’s sad because I’ve never made a recipe, I’ve never sewed those DIY pillows and I haven’t even attempted to organize my kitchen “In 3 simple steps”.  I get on Pinterest and I immediately feel a RUSH of excitement!! So many pretty things ALL at one time… and all in one place! … It’s a girls DREAM! ….

But it can also be a confidence killer. I’m not being super emotional… I’m just posting about this because I’ve heard SO many brides talk about this topic. Pinterest can be overwhelming for a bride with NO direction. If you feel lost or undecided about a THEME or a “Look” for your big day, the last place that is going to help you decide is PINTEREST!  As soon as you log on, you’ll have 50 different ideas in your face and that’s just on the first page! Now I’m not saying that I’m NOT a fan of Pinterest anymore… because I am! I LOVE the inspiration that I gain from that site!! …. But I also have decided to limit my PINNING! This site can easily take up hours of time and it can steal your feeling of “accomplishment” when you spend 2 hours pinning and yet have NEVER actually accomplished any of the ideas that you have saved!! Here are some tips for PINTEREST MANAGEMENT!



1. Set a limit. Decide how much is too much time to waste on Pinterest each day! For me, I get on about every other day and it’s normally NOT during office hours.


2. If you’re pinning for a wedding, make VERY specific boards for your wedding ideas when you’re FIRST STARTING. For example: Bridesmaid Dresses, Color Inspiration, Tablescapes, Ceiling Decor, Fun photo ideas, etc.  When you have a MASSIVE “Wedding” board that you pin everything to, it becomes very confusing!


3. If you’re a bride that is 5-7 months away from your wedding, you should be able to really narrow down your wedding boards. Delete ideas that don’t fit with your overall theme! If you’ve decided on navy, stripes, mustard yellow, mercury vases, clean florals with a POP of  color here and there…. then you can DELETE all of your BURLAP, MASON JAR and LACE ideas. When you keep TONS of mixed matched ideas together, you will quickly begin to think “How will this tie in together?!” and that’s when the panic sets in!


4. Choose to remember that PINTEREST is not REALITY.  It’s easy to look at all of those beautiful pins and think “my wedding will never look like this!”…. and you’re right! It won’t!… Because Pinterest is full of the BEST images from  THOUSANDS of beautiful weddings… and so you’re looking at the BEST of the BEST. Of course your wedding isn’t going to look exactly like your pinterest boards…and it shouldn’t! … That leads me to my 5th tip!


5. Choose a few parts of your day to be creative on your own. Whether it’s favors, centerpieces, ties, boutonnieres, jewelry….take one aspect of your day and don’t rely on Pinterest for all of your inspiration! TRUST your ideas!! When in doubt, ask your MOH what she thinks!


6. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, find ONE tiny project and make it HAPPEN! You won’t believe how much fun it is to make one of those amazing Pinterest ideas come to life!! Here’s an example of mine! :



I was getting tired of NEVER being creative at home (we’re done decorating our little house and I miss it!!).  So several months ago I took a REALLY simple Pinterest idea and made it come to life!! It cost about $10 and it’s super useful!!! My eye makeup utensils now have a home! And let me answer the questions I can already hear being asked:



– Yes, these are sitting on my toilet

– Yes, I like to only by makeup and bath/body products that match my VERY purple bathroom.

– Yes, I said that I don’t love purple previously and that’s true but for some reason I love our bathroom!

– Yes, I need to dust… desperately!! I miss my fairy! 

– Bokeh says hello and he was wondering why we were hanging out the in bathroom this morning!! (He’s a Bichpoo:)

– Ps. Want to see how UGLY our bathroom used to be?! CLICK HERE!

This is Bokeh’s new hairdo!  My momma and I groomed him and saved us  $60…. but we obviously missed a piece on the right side of his head!!! haha oops! 


xoxo, Katelyn
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