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have been one of my most excited brides thus far! This girl could not WAIT to be married.  After their engagement session we were constantly texting about the wedding and I could tell that she was so ready for April 16th to be here! Mike is her best friend and they have dreamed of being married for so long. Two days before their wedding day, Em texted me about the forecast and it didn’t look good. I told her I had cute umbrellas and not to worry but deep down I was thinking “ohhh dear”.  They weren’t just calling for light showers, there were severe weather warnings issued for our area! Ah! Emily kept her cool and because they decided to do a first look, we were able to shoot TONS of portraits before the rain,

wind and hail came!  Yes…. I said hail! It was one crazy storm! However, Emily and Mike still celebrated with friends an family who adore them and it was wonderful.  The were married and really, what else matters?! They were surrounded with people who love them and they have some awesome portraits! In my book, that’s a perfect wedding day! I loved being a part of this wedding and capturing moments that Emily and Mike are going to cherish forever. As I said goodbye to Emily at the end of the reception, I explained that her wedding was beautiful and she hugged me and said”All I wanted was to marry Mike and have you take our pictures”……….Wow.  That makes me tear up just thinking about it! Emily you have no idea how much it means to me that you wanted be there to be.  It was such a privilege….a huge privilege. I loved meeting your families and celebrating alongside of you two!! Enjoy your wonderful honeymoon and come home soon because you have a TON of images to look through!!!! Yay!!

Loved her dress! It caught the light really well!

Ok, OBVIOUSLY I liked her dress… I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it!

Em!!!!! Ah!!!!!

I’m obsessed with this one for some reason…..

Emily you are simply gorgeous.

First looks! I can’t get enough of them….. such a special moment for the bride and groom! And I think Emily and Mike would BOTH agree that it calms all the nerves!

You can’t do this at the end of the aisle…..just saying:) Love this.

Mike! Looking goooood!!

I was about to explain that I wish you could meet Emily and see how fun she is… but I think you can see it through her pictures just fine!

I think I said “So um, you guys up for going in the woods??” and Emily was already climbing in the weeds. Love her.

Emily….you realize you were just simply walking here?! Natural beauty girl!

Anyone wondering how in the world they have SO many portraits?! 1. They’re awesome. 2. They did a First Look!


ooohhh these are my favorites!

After portraits we went back to the house to grab the bridal party and I got some shots of this sweet girl too!

Old barn doors at their ceremony location! However, because of the weather, we went the safe route and did their ceremony in the barn! But we still took pictures! How cool are those?!


I’m pretty sure I need those little blue plates!

Their wedding day was very relaxed and laid back, this picnic basket of utensils was perfect!

Instead of a candy bar, Emily and Mike had a “Snack Bar” of their favorite snacks for guests to munch on before the reception!


Like I said earlier…. there were tornado warnings during the ceremony… but that didn’t stop us from taking some MORE portraits after the ceremony!

oh! Love wind!


Emily you’re the best!!





VENUE: Family Friend’s Farm and Apple Blossom Plantation

BRIDE’S DRESS: Allure, From Bridal Elegance



ENTERTAINMENT: Bluenote Entertainment

CATERING: Carters Pig Pen Barbeque

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  1. sharon elizabeth photography reply

    ohhh katelyn!!! i’m so happy we’re doing a first look. AHH! AND – if you didn’t know already your ‘signature’ look is shooting through bushes! hehe xoxo — what a cute bride and groom too!!! love her haircut!

  2. Annetta reply

    What a lovely set of photos. I love the richness of colour that you capture. I agree with Sharon about shooting through the trees. Wish I had them here.

  3. Isabel reply

    LOVE when couples share a first look! Emily and Mike’s wedding day looked gorgeous!

  4. Lea reply


  5. caroline reply

    LOVE!!!!!! and i absolutely love love her bouquet! and im liking the colors :) were the groomsman colors matching the grooms? you’re awesome!!

  6. Erin Cefalu reply

    Love love love the ring shots! As I scrolled through all of these I couldn’t help but think how much of an inspiration you are! And for that…I thank you! :]

  7. Michael reply

    These are so much fun, I can’t tell there was a tornado haha. Glad they did a first look! Great Job!!

  8. Kristina N. reply

    These pictures just exude happiness!!! Congratulations Mike and Emily!

  9. Ashley reply

    another gorgeous album! You do such an amazing job!!

  10. Sabrina reply

    Oh my goodness… these are gorgeous. All of them. How do you get so lucky with all of these incredible locations??

  11. Faith Bowyer reply

    Amazing!!! These portraits are just stunning, and their wedding is beautiful : )

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