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UNITED, I offered a little breakout class for an hour and a 1/2 called “The Posing Evolution”… well, that’s what it was supposed to be called…. it went on the schedule as “Flow Posing”. Katelyn James’ “Flow Posing” class was later nicknamed “Flo-Po” by my dear friend Jeremy Kester. That nickname has now stuck and those that attended the class and are blogging images are now officially referring to it as “KJ’s Flo-Po”. Ha! That will NOT become the permanent name for this class! I’ve already printed the pamphlets! So what is the “Posing Evolution” you might ask? Well, I’m not sharing ALL of my secrets

on the blog because you need to watch me do this. It just can’t be explained through a blog post! There is too much to it! The basic idea is that as photographers, we need to be extremely confident in our posing and our creativity. We should be SO confident that we can keep a couple in ONE spot and shoot a full session….and you probably think I’m crazy for saying that, but I really think it’s true! So here are my images of the ever so lovely Jeremy and Ashley!! Love them!!! So thankful they were able to model for us! Pay attention to their feet… for the majority of these, they hardly ever move:) We need to learn these time savers!! They can make a big difference on the wedding day!

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  1. Erin Schrad reply

    Well, you can tell I’m up early!! Beautiful images as always, K. I love “Flo-Po”!

    Looking good, Ash! (You guys are everywhere in my newsfeed!!) Lots of nice Anniversary photos!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Beautiful!! I love the nickname Flo-Po :)

  3. Emilia Jane reply

    Love these two so much! I wish there was a video of your class though, I was so bummed to miss.

  4. Ashlyn reply

    Love the name!! :) wow, this sounds like SUCH a good class!

  5. Kristin reply

    Fabulous! And Jeremy and Ashley are adorable as always.

  6. Mandy Naylor reply

    If we need to “watch” you , I think that calls for CreativeLive !!

  7. jaine {brklyn view photography} reply

    Love it! Supere excited for “flo po” in Las Vegas! Can’t wait to meet you & Michael soon!

  8. Amanda Hedgepeth reply

    Flo-Po me at my coaching session girlfriend!!!!!! i am ready to become more confident in posing!

  9. Lauren reply

    Now it’s going to be PO-Ev ;)
    I love how you say “We should be SO confident that we can keep a couple in ONE spot and shoot a full session” I have never thought this way, I am going to move forward with this mind set! Beautiful images, as always!!

  10. Erika peveto reply

    I just emailed you back this a.m. About a posing blog! Haha!
    Will there ever be an online Skype coaching session? Or a video on Flo-po? :) I think there are a ton of us that would like to see one :)

  11. Lauren reply

    Theses are so gorgeous and sophisticated!

  12. molly stillman reply

    these are SO gorgeous! i love what you can do with posing and making images look TOTALLY different in the same location.

  13. Lacey Rabalais reply

    Thanks for sharing. I’m guessing that your class was FABULOUS. Wishing I would have been able to go to United. You should teach this at the P31 Conference this Fall. Just an idea. :)

  14. Annetta reply

    Beautiful Katelyn. I love it that I know how you get these kinds of photos.

  15. Caroline reply

    cute! so fun! way to go KJ Flo-Po!

  16. Melissa Kate reply

    So beautiful! Love Flo-Po!!

  17. ashley barnett reply

    Yay these are SO fun! We LOVE them! Thank you for letting us be a part of it!! :)

  18. Annamarie reply

    Love these!! Ashley you are stunning!

  19. kATIE JACKSON reply

    Love the versatility that you can get out of this one location! Great poses as usual! Tell me more about this workshop…..

  20. Melissa Coetzee reply

    It was a great class ! And I think you should totally keep the name ! LOL

  21. Deborah Zoe reply

    So bummed to have missed United and your class!! These are gorg:)

  22. Jen Jar reply

    I love me some FLO PO! Katelyn you rock :)

  23. Christy Tyler reply

    How stunning are they?! ridiculous! Love these! Beautiful as always! :)

  24. Ella reply

    and when poses do not look like poses, it is just the way it should be :O))

  25. stephanie reply

    LOVE! The shots are awesome and so is the couple!! :)

  26. ashley link reply

    this is amazing!!! you definitely have to be great at your craft to stay in the same spot! great job, lady!!! :)

  27. Michale reply

    Love this!! I am kicking myself for not making united and it is definitely a must next year. When will you be teaching this again?

  28. KRISTIN PARTIN reply

    these are aca-amazing. (SORRY…PITCH PERFECT REFERENCE)

  29. Kerri hamm reply

    this is brilliant katelyn!! Maybe we can do a little of this at my coaching session next month?! Can’t wait to meet you! :)

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  31. asher reply

    Love these images! the light is amazing!!

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