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This isn’t going to be a long post… why you may ask? Well, because it’s very simple to explain… you can do SO MUCH MORE in the locations that you’re shooting in! You really can. The issue isn’t that you need more locations, it’s that you don’t know which pose to do next! This post is one that is hopefully going to inspire you to push yourself and really MAXIMIZE every single location that you’re shooting in!!

Michael and I headed down to Austin for the amazing Blink Conference this past weekend and we absolutely loved our time there! I did a keynote presentation and some mentoring and then I ALSO led a very quick styled shoot! These models were amazing AND they’re actually getting married soon!!! So after I gathered my group of photographers around, I started teaching! The crazy thing is, it was 1:00 pm so the light was harsh meaning that we had to stay in ONE SPOT!!!

Well, we may have been in ONE location… but I shot dozens and dozens of portraits and poses and I’m going to post them today so that you can be inspired next time you’re shooting in a confined space!! :) Enjoy!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amelia Protiva reply

    These are the cutest! What an adorable couple!! I loved tuning in to your (Michael’s) Periscope while you were working. Killing it as always! ❤️

  2. Amanda McAllister reply

    Katelyn, thank you so much for posting this! I struggle with posing often, and this is just what I needed to see to inspire me today!

  3. Nicole Salter reply

    Wow. Once again. You are proof that one should never be ABLE to get stuck ;) Love you girl!

  4. elizabeth reply

    Incredible! And these were shot at 1:00?! So good.

  5. Elina reply

    I love this! I watched the periscope while you were shooting these and absolutely loved it!

  6. Erin reply

    This is so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing! I sometimes go blank when I’m trying to come up with poses, so I’ll be printing these off for study! Katelyn, posing can be difficult enough, but EXPRESSION is my real challenge! Any guidance there? I’ve kinda scoured your blog looking for posts, and came across “Pulling Laughter From Your Clients,” which is very helpful for lively couples and shots, but a sequel would be great! Do you use those techniques with every couple in every pose? What else would you suggest?

  7. Cassie reply

    Thanks for sharing! The hardest part I have is not making them look so “posed”. How do you get them to look like they’re interacting without looking like they know a camera is there? Any suggestions?

  8. ashley reply

    This is amazing!!! You rock!!! :)

  9. Brittany reply

    Ahhh! So cute! This is one of our wedding couples for next summer here in Maine. I can’t wait to hear you speak at MPPA in March too. Such a small world

  10. Joanna M reply

    This is so helpful. I had a wedding last year where we only had 30 minutes for bridal party & bride groom portraits. This let me get all the shots I needed in no time at all. Ended up being one of my favourite weddings!! Thanks :)

  11. Lisa reply

    I love this. Thank you for sharing.

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