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After my sister’s wedding in Lexington, VA, Michael and I packed up our second round of suitcases and headed to the airport to fly to Florida. Call us crazy… but this was the BEST weekend for my sister to get married! They were married on a Friday which meant that we had a full day to travel and recover before shooting another wedding on Sunday. It worked out perfectly! Michael and were able to get 8 hours of sleep Saturday night and by Sunday, we were ready to roll again! We drank plenty of water and headed into Sarasota to start photographing Drew and Becca’s big day!! The humidity in Florida was still a little bit of a shocker… my poor hair. However, it wasn’t too terribly hot and the rain held off for us almost ALL day…. we had the perfect conditions for a gorgeous wedding day!

When Michael and I arrived to the Powel Crosley Estate , we were in awe. This place was gorgeous!! The home was built in 1929 and the architecture was just amazing! It’s a good thing we stick to timelines because I could have shot portraits here for HOURS!

Drew and Becca shared a first look by the beach and then we headed to the venue. After a first look, that day just seems to fly by. Before we know it, the bridal party  is showing up for their portraits and then we’re preparing for the ceremony!! It’s really hard for me to believe that this wedding is over!! I’ve been looking forward to it for over a YEAR now!! Even though there is a part of me that’s sad that it’s over…. the images didn’t disappoint! Drew and Becca have so many gorgeous portraits to remember their day by and I can’t wait to share my favorites!!

To the newlyweds, thank you SO much for trusting us with your wedding day! You have no idea how much that means to us. We were so honored to be there and we absolutely loved getting to know your family and closest friends. What an incredible, God honoring wedding day!! I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed when I heard the musicians start playing “Oceans” during your ceremony since that’s what I sang at my sister’s ceremony a few days prior!! So fun! Everything about your wedding day was so beautiful and I just want you both to know that we love you guys and we’re extremely jealous of your 30+ day honeymoon in Brazil!!! WHAT?! Enjoy it!!! And enjoy reliving your wedding day through your blog post!!!! xoxoxo

These ladies love her so much!!

The girl’s “First Look”! :)

Sister hugs are the best:)

Annnd this is a new favorite!!


Thumbs up! He loves it!!

They are such great “Nuzzlers”!!!

I LOVE these next two because they were shot simultaneously! Michael took the black and white and I took the exterior shot! #teamwork :)

So proud!! Love this shot from Michael!!!

See what I mean? I could have shot here all. day. long.

Another favorite!! This is totally THEIR pose!! They own it!

What a great looking bridal party!!

Oh my gosh.. too much “cool” for one picture!

Sweet daddy/daughter moment:)

Beautiful storm skies!

Definitely one of my favorite portraits!!

Drew made word search in their program! 

Their pastor charged the groom before the bride entered… 

Love the curved pathway!


Hugs and congratulations!!

Now I LOVED this idea… because the Bride and Groom did a first look, they had time to do family formals and then eat dinner together privately during the end of cocktail hour! Then while their guest ate, they made their way around to all of the tables to say hello! So smart!

Loved these!!

Let the party begin!!

View their Engagement Session Here! 
Ceremony & Reception | The Powel Crosley Estate
Florists | Hope Gaines
Dress | Zola Kellar
Bridesmaids | Victoria’s Bridal
Groomsmen | Men’s Warehouse
DJ |  DJ Phillip Pasek
Videographer | Grace Colley
Coordinator | Fredda Pohl
Hair & Makeup | Mariah Callahan
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas
Catering | Nellie’s Catering  
Photobooth |  Snapshoot Photo Booth
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kathryn Grace reply

    The colors are solo pretty!!

  2. Lanye reply

    I love everything about this wedding! The colors, the light, the couple…everything is just gorgeous!

  3. Taylor Ward reply

    This is like my dream venue!! Beautiful wedding and you did an incredible job capturing it!!!

  4. Anna Burke reply

    Beautiful!!!! And it looks like a fun one to follow Emy & Joe’s :)

  5. Kristina W. reply

    I love their wedding venue! Such a stylish classy place! Such a beautifully captured wedding, Katelyn!

  6. laura beth stricker reply

    Amazing! The end.

  7. Becca reply

    I cannot wait to look at these again and again and again!! We love them!!

  8. Linda m Linder reply

    This is the most magnificent wedding and photos I have seen!! Absolutely beautuful! The two of you look like models!! I wish you a lifetime of much love and happiness!!! Have a wonderful honeymoon!!! Be a, I look forward to meeting your husband I. The future!!!
    Much love,,

  9. becca reply

    One of the PRETTIEST weddings y’all have done!! Great photos!!!

  10. Denise Kurg & Maurice kurg reply

    We are sorry we could not come but the pictures are stunning! You both look very beautiful.
    May you hav all your dreams.
    Much love Maurice & Denise

  11. Bob&Iris reply

    Perfect setup for a storybook wedding! the pictures capturing the romance & love of the gorgeous couple! we loved it all. simply amazing!!!

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