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Michael and I are enjoying a nice break from weddings right now. We love waking up on Saturdays and not rushing to a wedding! It’s awesome! We feel like NORMAL people! …. However, I know it won’t be long until I’m ready for some gorgeous weddings to come back into my life! Rest ultimately prepares you for work! Looking forward to our 2015 Wedding season, I have a few things that I know that I need to find. I’m hoping that some of you out there (since a lot of wedding photographers check this blog!) will be able to give us some advice!

I’m going to list out a few things that I know I need for the 2015 Wedding season and if you have ANY suggestions, let me know!!! I love hearing about what works for other people in the industry!!!

For the 2015 Wedding Season I Need:

– A New camera bag! Mine has bit the dust! It needs to hold 4 lenses and one backup camera body. I’d prefer for it to be either camel colored, mint/teal or grey leather! With a long strap! 

– New shooting dresses! These need to be modest, preferably with short sleeves, comfy, navy or black, and pockets are an added bonus! (ps. It would be nice to keep them under $80).

– New shooting shoes! My AGI’s from last year were awesome but they had a HARD life! I need either some bronze/pewter flats or a black pair! I’ve ordered Tieks and so we’ll see if I like them or not!! 

Any suggestions?! I’d love to hear them!! Help us prepare for 2015!!!! KJ Brides we can’t wait for your big days!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Erika mills reply

    I’m out on shoes and camera bags BUT have you looked at Loft for dresses? I just started buying their clothes and love them! They always have great coupons and deals too!

  2. Mary Beth reply

    I second Loft. It’s pretty much my favorite–

  3. Dilia Cohen reply

    Dresses: Definitely visit some of the outlets. Right now there are so many sales. I just got dresses from J.Crew for 50% off and Banana Republic has great options as well.
    Shoes: I usually go with the wedge heel because I have found that my feet hurt so much more when I wear flats. But the wedges I wear are pretty low – Anne Klein Sport.

  4. Nicole Salter reply

    I’m excited to try out my camel coloured 2 Sues Kelly Moore but I know you’ve tried KMs before so assuming you’re not into them? I’ll be checking back at this for others recommendations on dresses & shoes too!!

  5. Lauren Swann reply

    I always have my eye out for Anthropologie’s sale rack! They usual have super cute neutral dresses and almost always have pockets!!!

  6. Allison reply

    Can you blog about the tips you get?! I’m sure a lot of photogs are in the market for the same things! xoxo

  7. Brianna reply

    Another Kelly Moore for sure!! I love my Ona though, I carry my think tank and my leather Brixton on wedding days, one lens on camera, 3 in my Brixton, and that’d leave room for a body! But I feel a Kelly Moore would be more flexible for your needs, all other brands just don’t hold up! I’m not impressed with some of the copycat bags coming out right now. I frequent Anthro for my dresses and I am following for shoes recommendations lol right now I go between my Tory Burch Caroline flats and my TB Millers sandals (only in San Diego can I get away with fancy flip flops lol)

  8. Tiffany Heidenthal reply

    You’re going to love your Tieks! I got some for Christmas and the bottoms are perfectly cushioned for long days. The backs rubbed my heels at first but I’m wearing them for everyday a bit to work that out. Arch supports REALLY help if you’ve never tried them! I use the Kelly Moore hobo bag and love it. I keep everything else in a roller bag.

  9. Danielle Blocker reply

    Hands down, top fave, Banana Republic! Loft is a close second for dresses.

  10. Jess reply

    I saw the PERFECT pair of flats today that totally reminded me of you! The color on the site looks sorta funny, but they are the exact shade of pale mint as your website! They have your name written all over them girl. xoxox

  11. Ashley Duke reply

    I absolutely LOVE my kelly moore bag! I got the biggest one (i forget the name)…but it comes in carmel and its gorgoues! =)
    I would highly recommend going to Williamsburg to the outlets and shop LOFT, its amazing!! Everything is 40%-80% off depending on when you go!! But i’ve grown to love their clothes over the past year!! Im planning to make a trip one day this spring to also search for dresses for weddings =) its always nice to freshen up the closet before a new wedding season! =)
    And, no advice on shoes…i would love a pair of tikes but honestly can’t afford that! So i sadly stick to the NY&C and Old navy flats! And they work well enough! Also, NY&C has cute dresses as well! =)
    GOOD LUCK! let me know if you want to plan a girls shopping day this spring!! IM DOWN!! =)

  12. Melissa Pepin reply

    I JUST bought an ONA messaged and its the most fabulous bag ever. I will love on this sweet bag for the next 5 or 6 years at LEAST I know it. SUPER sturdy Italian leather, its beautiful and functional and super spacious. I just adore it!

  13. Natalie Gibbs reply

    I’ve got some ideas for you:
    I ordered a custom camera bag from Mari at Moose and Pine about 5 years ago, and it’s still holding strong. She made it to my specifications quickly and beautifully. It’s grey herringbone and I love it. I have had some friends order from her since then and they’ve been please as well:

    I don’t usually shoot in dresses, but Garnet Hill has a pretty “Juliet” dress and a ponte knit dress that might work well.

    And for shoes, I’d die with Merrell barefoot flats. They aren’t making quite as many varieties right now but you can find some on Amazon still. I’ve heard good things about J. Crews (expensive) leather ballet flats, too.

  14. Tamara reply

    The house of Flynn has awesome roomy bags!

  15. Brittany reply

    Camera bag- I would highly recommend looking at Scigliano Designs. She’s a designer specializing in custom leather bags. She’s affordable and her work is amazing !!!!

  16. Korie Lynn reply

    I feel you on modest comfy dresses! Loft is the best! Right now everything is 40% off plus if you use the code LOVESPRING1 you’ll get $25 off once you put $50 in your cart! It’s a steal right now! And look, navy modest shirt dress for the win! I went in person to get it and it’s pretty perfect for shooting…and has pockets! (you’ll have to add some earrings or something if you order this to make the promo code work, but it’s like new dress aaaaand earrings for $35. Wiiiiining! ;) )

    • Laura Barnes reply

      Yay! I’m so glad you posted about this dress. I’ve been eyeing it online, but I don’t have a Loft nearby. I couldn’t make up my mind about it, but after reading your comment I went ahead and purchased it! : ) xo

  17. Stephanie Keck reply

    I am at a loss for what to say about the camera bag. We cheat and have an assistant schlep all our gear around. Lol. But! My favorite places for dresses are H&M, Peebles, Ann Taylor, and even ThredUp! We’re hard on our dresses so if I can get one in practically new condition for cheap, I’m all for it! And I LOVE Toms for shoes. Ridiculously comfy, and they give kids in need a pair of shoes every time you buy from them. Happy shopping!

  18. Courtney reply

    Funny, I’m in the market for all of the same, except I found an awesome dress at in the fall. Their pointe skater dress in navy has been awesome. But once the summer heat hits I’ll need another dress. I thought I found and awesome pair of borne shoes last fall too but the support didn’t last past a few weddings. I’m excited to see what folks suggest and what you decide!

  19. Jess reply

  20. Hunter reply

    Let us know how you like your Tieks! I bought a pair a few months ago after reading all the rave reviews, and they pinch the top of my toe so bad that it leaves a big indention. They’re great to wear out to dinner, but I couldn’t imagine wearing them all day long! I have super skinny feet though so I’m guessing that’s my problem.
    Hopefully they’ll work great for you!

  21. Brian Clary reply

    I love the ThinkTank retrospective bags…maybe not as stylish as some would like, but they are so convenient!

  22. jenny smith reply

    – Sketchers: May sound like tennis shoes but they are black slip on cozy yumminess. Like walking on air.
    – Clarks: Black Mary Jane style. Also really good support.

  23. Dawn reply

    I have had amazing luck buying shooting dresses at Marshal’s. I think my most expensive dress was $50. My favorite is a Cynthia Rowley that was $40 and has pockets which is must for me.

  24. Sydni Jackson reply

    I have some JCrew flats that have held up really well for the past few years. They are waterproof in the rain, very comfy, and still look just as pretty today as they did when I bought them. So I second the JCrew rec – if you’re near Lynchburg anytime soon, make a point to go to the warehouse!! You could get some great flats (and dresses!!!!!) there.

  25. Breanna McKendrick reply

    Have you tried looking at

    If you don’t know about this website, then you are missing something BIG!

    xoxo, Breanna

  26. Evonne Wong of U Me Us Studios reply

    OMG, I wear AGI’s for weddings too! They are sooooooo comfortable! But a few weeks ago, I found a pair of Burberry’s ballet flats at Nordstrom Rack for 62% off! I was a happy camper! That’s usually where I shop for my wedding shoes. As far as shooting dresses go, I find all of our Calvin Klein dresses at Ross Dress For Less! They are usually gray or black for $49.99 or sometimes less. It’s even a better deal than the Calvin Klein outlet! :) Happy shopping!

  27. Misty reply

    Just ordered a pair of Tieks and wore them for their first wedding last Saturday! They’re amazing, but now I want like every color!!!

  28. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    I’ve been finding so many dresses at Charming Charlie’s lately that are SO comfy. And they are cheap!! Like $20-35 cheap! But the material is so nice, I promise!!! They hold up REALLY well for what they cost! Worth a try! :)

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