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It was over six years ago when I first started realizing that I couldn’t do it all. I was living in a constant state of panic and stress. I loved that I was booking weddings but I would kick myself every time I did a double header because that meant that I wouldn’t get to do anything with my friends or family the next week. Editing was sucking my life away from me! This pattern of stress started setting in before I was even married and one day and I was petrified that my editing would consume my new life with Michael.

I shared that I was worried about how many hours I was working and how long editing was taking me with Jasmine Star and she said this “How much would you pay to have a life with Michael?” I had always said that outsourcing was too much of an investment but the truth is, my time is more valuable than several hundred dollars per wedding. So I started praying for change. I tried the big companies and I was never happy with their results. I always felt like I had to re-edit everything and I didn’t have a personal relationship with my editor…. because each time I sent my work in, I had a different person!!

So what did I do? You’re not going to believe me but I promise you, this is what happened. I was overwhelmed one night because I was trying to launch our coaching program, workshops, book 2013 weddings AND manage 30 weddings for 2012 and I just prayed for help!!! I was desperate and I didn’t even know what I needed… I just knew that I couldn’t edit 30 weddings AND run all of the other aspects of our business AND have a life! The very next day, Marissa emailed me. She explained that she was a military wife and had a sweet little girl. She had been a photographer for years but because of their lifestyle, she was realizing that she would have the life she wanted if she could be an editor as well as a part-time photographer! I decided to give it a shot and my life has never been the same since!!!!

Every time I receive a wedding back from Marissa, I tell her “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!”…. And I’ve been saying that for over 4 years now! I don’t know what I would do without her!!

Now, for those in our Consistency Course, I have a disclaimer for you…. yes, I have a photo editor. You’re probably thinking “Well of course Katelyn can edit quickly, she has HELP!”. Well, you need to know this… I edit for the blog and I cull myself. So, I have to get my butt in gear and crank out my blog posts just like everyone else! The only difference is, the rest of my edits are done by Marissa! You should also know that my turn around time has stayed the same EVERY single time that Marissa has had a baby and went on maternity leave. So my systems work…. I just have 5 businesses under “Katelyn James Photography” and I need to be able to have a LIFE! So Marissa has been my saving grace!!!!!

What I’ve realized over the years is that there is a shortage of people who are offering private editing and I think if more people understood how amazing Marissa’s lifestyle is and how she’s impacting so many lives in the industry, they would consider becoming an editor themselves! Marisa has an amazing career as an editor. She’s so connected to the industry and yet she never has to miss a Saturday with her family!!! Her job is IDEAL for stay at home mom’s, photographers who want to cut back but still need the same income level and photographers who want to transition into something new but don’t want to leave this industry that they LOVE!!! If ANY of this resonates with you, you need to read Marissa’s new EBOOK! She created a FREE resource for you and for the first time EVER, she’s sharing about how this career shift has given her the DREAM LIFESTYLE that she’s always wanted!!!!

I’m so excited for you all to meet this amazing woman who has literally changed my life! Michael and I couldn’t run our business without her!!!!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Liz reply

    Can you clarify what does she do exactly? The way I read it is you cull and then she makes the pictures pretty or clean it up.

    • Caitlin reply

      Liz, Katelyn culls and then edits the favorites which she blogs and then she sends the catalog to her editor who edits the rest of the photos to match her favorites. Search for her podcast interview with Sprouting Photographer. She talks through her entire post wedding process there and it’s super helpful!

    • Katelyn James reply

      Yes!! Thanks for clarifying Caitlin!! :)

    • Liz reply

      thank you so much for the response!!! and I will check out the podcast.

  2. Christin reply

    I have been praying for this!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Kristina W. reply

    Hooray for Marissa!!! How exciting to meet the team member you’ve been keeping secret for son long!

  4. Melody reply

    Thank you for sharing this! I love photography but I love edititig too. It’s such a catch 22 for me.

  5. Emma reply

    Marissa is so awesome! She deserves every bit of this success. (And her family is the cutest!)

  6. Abby Grace reply

    Marissa is the BEST!! I’m so excited for my first full wedding season with her!

  7. Jess Kornacki reply

    Awesome, I am so glad that you were both able to find a solution that was so beneficial to you!

  8. Lauren Kaczmarski reply

    Hi Katelyn, I’m taking the plunge and trying out a private editor of my own! So excited to gain back valuable time with my husband and young kids. Question for you: any advice on putting together a simple contract between the editor and myself? I want to protect myself from getting images stolen or published online without my consent. I also don’t want the editor to post the photos online to her own site. I totally trust the gal I’m going to work with – I just know that it’s better to get things in writing! And an expensive lawyer isn’t really in my budget right now. Any resources you could recommend?

    • Katelyn James reply

      Hi Lauren! That’s so exciting, I’m sure you’ll love having an editor! I don’t have a contract but that’s a great idea! I would contact Marissa or the law tog, Rachel Brenk, … She’s a lawyer and photographer who sells contracts! ! :)

  9. Rebecca reply

    How do I go about hiring her to edit for me? Do you have her contact information?

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