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I think a study should be done on why some days are so incredibly productive while others just aren’t! Why are there some days where I feel like I’m running 100 mph and never accomplishing anything and then some days when I go to bed feeling like I conquered the world? It just doesn’t make sense. I wish I could find a happy medium between the two!


Today was one of those 100mph days! Michael and left the house at 7:30 AM and drove to Richmond and registered at Crate and Barrel! (Can I just say that walking around with that little scanner was the most amazing shopping experience ever!? It was SO much fun!) Then we hit the infamous Pierce’s BBQ in Williamsburg for lunch, stopped by the outlets to run some errands  and then headed back to Newport News only to turn around and drive to Smithfield for a fun evening shoot with Jessie Smith! Though it might seem a little slow around here, there are new projects and ideas going on behind the scenes and it’s very exciting! We’re at the beginning stages of a new idea and I can’t wait to show you the end result later on this spring!


However, as I progress in one area of my life, I fall behind in the other. School. Ugh. The next week will be full of late nights at the library, working on the never ending and forever haunting senior seminar research paper. I have a goal to finish a large portion of it before Friday! Fingers crossed!  So please excuse the lack of pretty pictures and gorgeous couples the next few days or so but get excited because there is a new wedding right around the corner!


Thanks to my wonderfully talented fiance (I cannot WAIT for him to be my second shooter full time!) I have a few action shots from today!


PS! If you haven’t already, help Michael and I out and vote for us in the Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest! Whoo hoo!

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  1. Anna reply

    So, I’m just wondering if you left Crate and Barrel and felt like you needed to go back and register for 5,000 more things after looking at their overly thorough checklist??? :)

  2. Kristina N. reply

    Good luck with this week! Just 5 more days until spring break, you can make it! <3

  3. feuza reply

    Just voted! great behind the scene shots and that is so cool he is shooting with you

  4. em reply

    your so cute!!And i like your outfit a lot… can i borrow it? K, thanks. Love you

  5. caroline reply

    i think you’re REALLY cute :)

  6. caroline reply

    scrolly bar!!!

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