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supposed to describe an extraordinary week filled with people I love, new friends, amazing sessions, incredible worship and GREAT food all in one blog post?? It’s simply impossible. There is no way I could possibly share everything that I learned and experienced at the Pursuit 31 Conference here on this blog.  I guess that means those of you who are curious will just have to come NEXT YEAR and find our for yourselves!! Seriously though, you should go. Yes, this is a christian women’s conference but if you’re someone who would describe yourself as “I’m not really sure I know where I stand with all the “God” stuff”… you should come….

or maybe you would fit more into the “I’ve been in church my whole life but I just feel DEAD right now” category. I don’t care where you are, you should come. Why? Because God do really amazing things this year and I know He’s going to show up next year as well.  P31 was just a christian women’s facebook group started by my sweet friend Karen Stott…. and it exploded…. I mean that LITERALLY. It was like “BAAM”!! Over 2,500 women are associated with that group and the numbers are growing. Why is this such a BIG hit? Because I think this industry is FILLED with women that are desiring more. We desire friendships and relationships and community… .. but more importantly, we understand that there has to be something greater out there for us. Jobs, shoots, bookings, blog stats…. none of that will ever completely and totally satisfy us.


There is something greater waiting for us and that something is Jesus.  He gives us purpose, he gives GRACE and he’s the creator of our passion for photography.  My business is His… and it always has been. This can all be taken away in an instant and I recognize that more and more each and every day. I look to Him for purpose and value and self-worth… no where else… because anywhere else will only let me down in the long run.  This is what I was reminded of during my time at P31… it may seem like pretty heavy stuff and it is. Finding purpose and meaning for your life is definitely a hard, emotional journey…. but we all need to go through it.  There’s so much we’re not latching onto and if we would… we would be set free from so much BAGGAGE that’s hindering our success and our happiness!! Oh I could go on and ON! Basically, this conference was a week of renewal for me. My perspectives changed, my heart changed and I left a better woman of God than when I arrived.  God is good…. and super faithful. I’m so thankful for this week. To all the speakers, I love you ladies!! What a huge blessing you are to me! And Karen, girl I’m so amazing by you and to all the attendees, I’m SO honored that I was able to share a week learning and growing alongside of you!!!!!!! Happy weekend everybody!!

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