• Four Ways Google+ Drastically Improves Search Engine Optimization

Friends, the older I get, the more I realize that there is SO much that I don’t know about business and marketing. It’s FUN for me to keep learning and enhancing my business but it takes a lot of hard work and determination to move forward…. especially when things are working ok! One area that I have needed to work on in my business is my SEO knowledge and understanding Google+! I went to the Creative at Heart conference and was SO blown away my Krista Jones’ talk that I knew that I needed her help.

We chatted last week and after hearing only a few minutes of her advice, I thought “EVERYONE needs to know this stuff!!”. So here we are! I now have a Google+ Business page and you all get to learn from one the best about why this is a VITAL step for your SEO presence!!! We’re still implementing these changes ourselves and we can’t wait to see the results! Enjoy! Take it away Krista!! ……

From Krista:

If you’re like me, keeping up with social media can be a struggle. With a set number of hours in the work week there are days when it feels like I’m spending more time promoting my work and connecting with others than actually working. So you may not be incredibly excited to hear that in addition to Instagramming, posting on Facebook, Tweeting and Pinning, you really should start using Google+.

I’ve been reluctant to use Google+ because it felt like one more thing to try to keep track of; however, as of 2014 Google+ was the third top ranking factor for search results. This means that Google+ activity ranks even higher than factors such as Facebook shares, backlinks, and site speed. And unlike other forms of social media, Google+ can actually connect with your site (this blog post shows you how).

Creating and maintaining a new social network can be overwhelming, but with these easy tips for getting started, you’ll have your Google+ page sending traffic your way in no time.

1. Create a Google+ Business Page

Gmail users generally have a personal Google+ page, but I recommend creating a Google+ business page. There are two different types of business pages you can create:

The first type is a local listing page. This is what I use because it means that my listing comes up higher when people are looking for a photographer near my home or business address. Creating a local listing takes a little longer because Google will mail a card to your business address to verify that you are in fact based there, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. These pages come up higher than almost every other listing and they link directly to your Google+ page.

2. Fill in the descriptions

Once you’ve created a page, make sure you take the time to fill in every section – especially the description portion. I try to keep mine keyword friendly and mention specific locations.

3. Post Content

When you share content on your Google+ page, make sure it includes descriptive keywords. Don’t go overboard because Google+ is a social network so you still want the content to be readable, but I try to make sure I’m including locations, venues and popular search terms like “rustic” or “farm table.”

Give posts a title and use asterisks to make it bold, add hashtags and make sure you select the option to share a link (as opposed to pasting a url below the other content). Photos will automatically generate from your post link – even if you didn’t select the option to specifically upload a photo.

If you have something really worth sharing, you can even select the option to email the post to specific circles – although if you want to keep your followers, I would use this very sparingly.

4. Be Social!

Follow others and encourage them to follow you by adding your Google+ link to your email footer and website. Join communities, +1 posts, add comments and encourage clients to review you. A recent study from Quick Sprout showed that adding 100 followers to a Google+ business page improved overall search rankings by 14.63% – which is huge! It’s actually more than 2x the amount of overall improved rankings that 50 Facebook “likes” and 70 Facebook “shares” could get you.

One thing to keep in mind is that Google+ business pages do have a limit to the number of people you can follow in a 24 hour period. It may take a little more time to build a following on Google+, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Thank you Krista!

How helpful was that?! She has so much more amazing information to share so be sure to follow along! You’re going to LOVE her Palm Shop! 

And if you want to help each other out, here’s our Google+ page! You can follow along TODAY! But this is a two way street, if you have one as well, leave a comment with a link to your Google+  page and we’ll follow along as well!! Just give us a day or two since we’re traveling home tonight!! :)

Thank you Krista!! Happy Wednesday everyone!!

For more helpful Google+ tips, visit this Zion & Zion post!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Shalese reply

    It’s so funny you posted this because I’ve just started utilizing my Google+ page this week! Thank you so much for posting some tips — I’m officially following along with your page :)

  2. Stephanie Messick reply

    After hearing her talk at the Creative at Heart Conference, I made it a priority this winter to sign up with Google +! This post explains it in more depth … so thank you Katelyn and Krista!!!

  3. Krista A. Jones reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this post Katelyn! :)

  4. Emily Crall reply

    Love this post! I have had a Google+ account for a while and, boo, forgot about it completely. I’ll be working on it now though!

  5. Cinnamon reply

    Ohhh we need MORE of good info like this!! I’m so confused by the whole google + system, mostly because of my multiple emails. I have a personal gmail and a work gmail and google + account to go with each PLUS a business google + that is attached to my personal email. It makes my head spin. I never know who is in which circle or which page I am on. Argh!! I need an in depth tutorial or someone to explain it in person I think! HA! So glad this is something you are talking about, b/c if anyone can master it and teach us…its you!! YAY!!!

  6. jane ford reply

    Thanks to both of you! This is excellent advice!

  7. Erika Mills reply

    I so needed this! I started my page awhile ago and 2015 was my year to actually devote time to it! Thanks Katelyn and Krista!

  8. Bethanne reply

    I feel like Google+ is still so new and so it’s hard to know how to use it effectively for our businesses! This was a great post, thank you!

    My Google+ link is

  9. ryan manthey reply

    thank you so much for the great info! the link to the local listings page is not working…

  10. Gracie reply

    I’m so glad people are jumping on the Google+ bandwagon. I’ve had it for over a year, but it’s so hard to connect with people since most don’t use it. Because of that, I don’t find myself using it as much as I could. I’m so excited to make more connections!

  11. Kari reply

    These are great tips! Using Google+ over the last three months has made my blog finally come up on the first search page when people type in Sweet Tea Sweetie (my blog name).

  12. Mary Maier reply

    Great post! I’d also add to ask for reviews occasionally on Google+ since your star rating on Google+ shows up directly in search results sometimes!
    Here’s my page!

  13. Annetta reply

    I’ve had a page for a long time, I just don’t do anything with it. But this post has given me the incentive to give it a try. Following you and here is mine.

  14. Brianna reply

    Love it!! I just verified my google plus page as local for this reason, hooray! I also sent this post to friends :) my page is

  15. Maria reply

    I’ve been working on my Google+ for awhile, so I’m excited to see other people hopping on board!

    Find me here :)

  16. Tamara Gibson reply


  17. Jessica Ranae Photography reply

    Love these tips! Thank you!

  18. Meghan reply

    Thanks so much for this post!

  19. Nicole Miller reply

    Thanks so much for this post! SOOO helpful:)

  20. Martin reply

    Thanks. That’s very useful information. I will definitely use G+ more.

  21. Alex reply

    Thank you, Krista and Katelyn for posting this! G+ is definitely the most mysterious and intimidating of all the social media platforms for me!

  22. Tiffany Heidenthal reply

    I’ve been trying to up my Google+ game for a while now… it’s just so lonely over there! Feels like talking to a wall! I’d love a follow!

  23. Sophia reply

    Wow! I had no idea! I made a google+ page maybe last year and haven’t been active on it for months. I didn’t think it was doing anything for SEO so it’s been sitting there dormant all this time! Now I’m going to get back to it! Thank you so much for sharing! Our google page is:

  24. Ashley Durham reply

    Great article!! I still don’t really “get” Google+ – it’s really not that user friendly, especially on mobile! :( But, I’m working on it!! :)

  25. Kara reply >> thanks so much for the “kick in the pants” to get back on Google+! I used to be active with it, but have dropped the ball – now I’m back! :)

  26. Bri reply

    Thanks for all of this awesome info ladies!! I’ve had a Google+ page but I keep falling off the bandwagon! Great reasons to keep up with it :)

    My Google+ link is:

  27. Elizabeth reply

    Thank you for sharing! This is so helpful!

  28. Family photography reply

    That,s Great work ! thank,s Krista and Katelyn for sharing this information. Before i had no idea about This.

  29. Meagan reply

    Gosh I’ve been avoiding G+ for so long – thanks for the kick in the pants & the how-to to tackle this.

    My newly created G+ page is –

  30. Libby reply

    Thank you for helping me to understand Google + and why I need it. I’d love for you to follow me – thank you!

  31. Caitlin Alexander reply

    SO grateful for this post! I needed the encouragement to just get this thing done… my page is finally up and running!!

  32. Brandie reply

    Thanks for the info!

  33. Jason and Amy reply

  34. maggie reply

    Hey girls! This is awesome… but I now have two pages. I had my google+ page personal one first. Now that I’m an LLC and have made my wedding photog business my full-time job, I have a google+ page (got the mailed card, verified, etc). My problem now is people are adding me/following my personal way more than my business. Is there a way to merge, or to allow both to link to each other in a better way then just adding it as text on page??
    Thanks for any help!!

  35. Kerensa reply

    Hey, I loved this post and went to go get started and found this article that google+ is breaking apart into photos and streams and will no longer be a social network…what are your thoughts?

  36. Amanda Brendle reply

    Great post! I just started getting into Google+ as a result of some of the work I do in my daytime job… right on point! I need to be better about remembering to post to G+ – Facebook just consumes me!

  37. Jana Marie reply

    Hi Katelyn, Thanks for sharing! Super helpful. I’ve always been like “not another website to maintain…” This gave me the push. I built my Google+ but wanted to share you my link to follow, and dont know how to change my url to be custom. Right now its about a million numbers. Do you know how to do this?

    Thanks for your help [smiles]

  38. Amy Stone reply

    Yay love this post so much! I have been wondering about google + really needed the extra push to do it. So here I go all in :)
    Thank you so much for the help :) Love you guys!

  39. Shannon Hager reply

    Great post! I am so happy I finally know how to make something bold when I post, thank you!

  40. Kira reply

    This is wonderful, thank you for the info! I am officially following you on every platform :) I just started my Google + page so it’s encouraging to hear that it is actually important!! I’d love if you became my 4th follower haha

  41. Jana reply

    Katelyn – when making a google+ page, what if you don’t have an office space and don’t want to list your home address for personal reasons? What’s the best way to get around that? Thank you!

  42. Nikki reply

    Thanks so much for all the great info :)

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    This is helpful. Thanks for outlining it all!

  45. Emily Meeks reply

    I’m new to google+ and researching the HOW…thank you for the great info! Hopefully my link will work :)

  46. Emily Meeks reply

    Wrong link ^^^…

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    Hi, thank you for sharing this lovely marketing tips for photographers.

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    The eBook is downloading now. Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you for this amazing post!
    It’s true abut SEO and Thank you for info about Google plus, I think this + 1 way in serach english results sometimes your website might be lost in google results, but google + page can be shown on top

  52. Luke Hayden reply

    Just found this article. I’m sure some things have changed in regards to SEO since this post, but I’m looking forward to having a read.

  53. Ledzinski reply

    SEO is so… hard to learn… but one thing i know – content is the king:)

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    This article may have been written a while ago but is still so useful especially the information on content.

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