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GUESS WHAT… I haven’t edited a full wedding in YEARS. That’s why there are so many other things happening in our business! You can’t GROW if you are AT CAPACITY!! So why am I telling you this?! Because my PRIVATE EDITOR has done something absolutely incredible!! She has created a way to 1. EDUCATE and TRAIN other editors AND 2. She is about to launch a DIRECTORY for these editors to get connected with their photographers!! There is SUCH a need for this in our industry! I wish EVERYONE could have a bulk editing experience like us and now they CAN! EDIT SOURCE is launching soon and you don’t want to miss it! Those who look into this and make this leap are going to experience SO much freedom and growth in their business!!! Here is some more info for you! :

Edit Source is a website designed to connect photographers with private photo editors. It is easy for photographers to get bogged down editing, which limits their family time and leaves little room to grow their businesses. Outsourcing solves the problem of time and outsourcing directly to a private photo editor creates a 1-on-1 relationship that establishes consistency in meeting a photographer’s style. Edit Source helps photographers find a private editor through simple filters and listings that are free to browse and use to connect with their editor. Match your style and start a consistent relationship that gives you time to grow your business like never before at Edit Source!

QUIT EDITING and get your LIFE BACK with Edit-Source! 



If you think getting rid of the burden of your bulk editing is amazing, wait until you hear about THIS! We are speaking at a FREE ONLINE CONFERENCE next week with all of these incredible speakers! Hearing these amazing friends teach and speak in-person requires registration fees and travel expenses!! This free conference only requires that you’re online when it’s LIVE and you get to learn for FREE!! My greatest advice to growing photographers is to TAKE ADVANTAGE of FREE EDUCATION! It’s CRAZY not to! So join us next week by registering at the link below!

Ps. I’m speaking the 19th about “Getting Your Post-Wedding Workflow Dialed In!”!!! Don’t miss it!



You may have heard me talk about a conference that has been a game-changer for me and that conference is the Making Things Happen conference hosted by Lara Casey and an amazing team of other speakers! It’s literally unlike anything I have ever attended and the visions that I came up with just LAST YEAR during my time at this conference are happening ALREADY! It’s crazy!! If you need something to kick your butt into gear to make your big ideas come to life, this is it! This conference has happened over 40 TIMES because of the impact it has on the lives of its’ attendees! So join us in OCTOBER! NEXT MONTH! There are less than 8 SEATS LEFT and I actually have a CODE for $1000 OFF!! What?!

Use the code: MTHKATELYN to signup and get your $1000 off!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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