• A Historic Church Hill Engagement Session

After meeting these two, it’s official. We not only have the most beautiful couples, we also have the most thoughtful ones as well! Ray and Caitlin voluntarily drove down from northern Virginia for their downtown engagement session. They don’t live in Richmond and they didn’t go to school in Richmond… they just wanted a gorgeous location and they knew it was easier for me. Sweethearts! It was so wonderful to shoot in our hometown last week and not travel to DC since we had a double header wedding weekend coming up.

Ray and Caitlin couldn’t be cuter… or more photogenic. Caitlin has a laugh and a demeanor that makes you love her as soon as you meet her and Ray is so wonderful and easy going! We walked around the historic homes of Church hill and I learned all about them and their wedding plans. It’s going to be beautiful!!

As I walked back to their car after shooting the ring and they had changed, I noticed that Ray wasn’t driving just an ordinary car. He has a beautiful Mustang and photographers, if you want to make a groom happy, take a few pictures of his car AND his girl! I’m not one to do many car shots but I just loved these and I know Ray is going to love them too!

As you scroll through these pictures, get excited to see these two on their wedding because they are going to look even more amazing… if that’s even possible! So thankful for our past couples who are good friends with Ray and Caitlin and led them to us!! Yay Michael and Laura and Nate and Catherine!!  This is going to be such a fun wedding! Enjoy!

Oh these two! So cute!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Laura reply

    CAITLIN!!!!! & KATELYN!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZINGGGGGGG.. Caitlin (& Ray).. y’all are SO gorgeous.. and make the most stunning couple evsss!!! And Katelyn these pictures are amazing.. so perfect for my favorite couple ever.. I love you guys so much.. can’t wait for OCTOBER!!!!

  2. Laura Hernandez reply

    Stunning Katelyn! Absolutely STUNNING!

  3. Emily reply

    What a great session! I love their smiles, but their eyes say it all in the serious poses. Those really go right to your soul! <3

  4. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    Oh my gosh the light in EVERY picture here is just beautiful. I love every single one. Can’t even pick a favorite (but the mustang shot is pretty cool).

  5. Candace reply

    AMAZING! that light! The couple! incredible session!

  6. Melissa Farmer reply

    Ray and Caitlin this was beautiful! I’m so happy you chose Richmond, its the greatest place for engagements :) Congrats friend!

  7. Meredith Sledge reply

    Holy moly! This is one of my fave shoots you’ve ever done, Katelyn! Beautiful!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    Oh goodness, the glowiness in these photos is amazing! So beautiful!

  9. Susan Kelly reply

    Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of my daughter, Caitlin and her fiancée, Ray. I like your personal comments about them, too, and I agree that they are a very special couple.

  10. Rebekah Carter reply

    Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! They are going to have amazing wedding pictures, especially with you as their photographer.

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