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as Shaun and Arielle pulled up, I saw the fluff moving in the back seat. They got out of the car and I gave them a hug…. and then Willow hopped out! She’s the cutest miniature golden doodle you’ll ever meet!! We have a soft place in our hearts for poodle mixes since we’re obsessed with our own! They’re smart, loyal , well behaved and last but not least…. they’re photogenic! :) Willow wasn’t the only one who was photogenic, her parent’s were also!! Shaun and Arielle started their session just trusting that I knew what I was doing when it came to poses and by the end of their shoot, they were posing on their own!

They were such pros!!  Even Michael commented “Wow, you guys are fast!!”. We walked down the streets of Church Hill and I just loved getting to know these two! They’re getting married around this time next fall and I can’t wait! I secretly love photographing redheads in the fall because their hair color looks amazing with the fall leaves!! (You’ll see what I mean a little further down the post!) It was beautiful in Church Hill! The leaves were changing and the streets were empty! Perfect conditions for shooting an engagement session! I’m so thankful that these two (or three!) made the drive down for this shoot! It was so much fun to shoot in our hometown and I can’t wait to show you SEVERAL of my favorites! It’s hard to narrow down favorites when you’re working with a couple like this!!! :) Enjoy!!

Sweet Willow! See how good she is?! 

Richmond’s cobblestone streets will never get old! 


Her dress, her hair…. it was so perfect for a fall engagement shoot!

Love this!

Arielle you’re gorgeous! 

Just wait until you see these two as a bride and groom… I can’t wait! 

Another favorite!

Willow! You’re too cute!!!

Love this! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Natalie reply

    A new favorite, Katelyn! LOVE this!

  2. Amanda reply

    THAT PUP!!!! So cute! And I love her name!! Oh, Gorgeous couple too! :)

  3. Deborah Zoe reply

    Love, love love!!:)

  4. Lauren Swann reply

    Oh I love this! This is a new favorite for sure!

  5. Mary Marantz reply

    that last one!! SO cute!!!

  6. Heather reply

    So pretty!!! I just love the dock one that Willow is looking at the camera! Another adorable photogenic pup!!!

  7. tangie reply

    Love, love, love these! (Especially the ones with their dog!)

  8. Meredith Sledge reply

    These are SO good!! Definitely some new favorites!!! AND THEIR DOG. Love!

  9. annetta reply

    Awesome job, Katelyn!

  10. Kristina W. reply

    Ohmygoodness, Willow is adorable! Oh and so is the couple. ;)

  11. Annamarie reply

    awhh the puppy! So cute! Love these, Katelyn!!

  12. Alea reply

    this photoshoot is SO amazing! beautiful!!

  13. Claudia reply

    I wish all my clients will bring their dog to their shoot…..super cute dog

  14. Janine Enold reply

    Oh the colors! I love fall!

  15. Casi reply

    I cannot get over the colors, the pup, the fashion (oh boy!!) and the love that is portrayed in these images. Definitely one of my favorite posts for sure!!!

  16. Ashley Duke reply

    Haha!! I absolutely love the last picture!!! too cute!

  17. joe reply

    ohh yeah you nasty girl!

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