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or not….this is my first official senior session with a guy! Guys just don’t care about their senior pictures and I totally understand that…. well, kinda. Girls look forward to this all throughout high school. I remember going for my senior portraits and taking like 6 outfits that I had been preparing for MONTHS. (I took senior pics VERY seriously)  The sad thing is, I look back at my senior portraits and they don’t show ME at all. They’re very posed and most of them were done inside a studio with “2006” block letters spread out on the floor. Yea. Now there is nothing wrong with that! However….. it’s definitely not

what I would prefer nowadays! Senior portraits should be fun and relaxed and this was exactly what Kyle’s session was like.  I can’t speak for him, but I think he would agree that taking senior portraits at his second home (the golf course) made the process a lot less painful! Kyle lives on the golf course and even after we were finishing up his session and there was only a little bit of light left, he headed back out to shoot a few more holes.


I don’t understand golf. My brother plays and I try to be interested.  Evidently it must be fun and Kyle must be pretty awesome at it because he’s going to play for Randolph Macon next year! Kyle is one of our senior guys at church and Michael and I are both sad that he’s graduating! That is going to be the hardest thing for us this summer. We’re not ready to see all of these awesome seniors leave for school. We want more time with them!! So Kyle, you’re going to be pretty close and we better see you every now and then! Michael and I enjoyed riding on the golfcart, finding sketchy dirt roads for pictures and trying to get you to do a “model face” without laughing! But even more than that, we loved getting to be a part of this next step in your life. We’re so excited for you!!!!!

Now THAT’S a good model face!

Kyle, if you have poison ivy because of this shot, I apologize…. but these were worth it!


ps. These were taken last Wednesday evening….only a few miles from Oilville where the tornado hit! Yikes!! The clouds that were rolling in gave us some nice diffused light though!

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  1. Michael reply

    KYLE YOU ARE A STUD!!! Glad I got to hang out with ya’ll during part of this session…even though it was hard to pay attention and not hit golf balls. Hope your mom is proud we took the hat off for some. haha Love you Man!!!

  2. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    These are SOO cool! Great job!!

  3. Maggie Fortson reply

    These are your first?! Awesome! He seemed fun to work with :)

  4. Lori Fuller reply

    What great shots Katelyn! You are wonderful!
    Hard to believe he is heading off to college. Love you son, Mom

  5. Kristina N. reply

    Kyle is so handsome! Congratulations on graduation, Kyle!

  6. Sarajane Case reply

    I love the 12th one down! Also, I love how you made something positive out of a tornado! Great job.

  7. Pat Hile reply

    Kyle you are so…. GQ..I can’t say it any better than that !!!!! I want one…..jus sayn

  8. Lexi reply

    What awesome senior photos! Love them all!! Love the bright colors and locations.

  9. Melissa reply

    I sure do have a nice looking nephew!

  10. Julianna reply

    How fun! Senior portraits are great, especially the ones taken by you! I love all of the greenery! Congratulations Kyle!

  11. Alex reply

    The ones from the side of the building on are my favorites. Love the side profile from serious model face to attractive laughter…feel like I know him already! Question: Which one is he sending off to Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle?

  12. Girish reply

    Great shot these. Very nice. Specially the last one, cool PoV

  13. sharon elizabeth photography reply

    awwww. if only i was 18 again and not about to get married! what a cutie pie! =)

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