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My college adventure at CNU, I knew that I loved the campus and the people but I had no idea how much I would come to love Rosemary Trible. Rosemary is President Trible’s wife and she has such a huge heart for the young women on CNU’s campus. Over my four years there, we formed a wonderful friendship and I was lucky enough to photograph her 60th birthday. That seems like it was just yesterday!  The Tribles have done so much for us the last four years and it was a privilege to photograph their grandson Lochlan last weekend! Let me just tell you, he’s a cutie!! Barrett and Mary Katherine live close by in



Richmond and we met up for a family session last Sunday. I had never met Lochlan, I had only heard about how wonderful he was from his Grandma Rosy!  He’s a happy baby and I’m so thankful for that because this session was HOT! Not only was it hot, the bugs were out in full force that evening! However, Lochlan held it together and we were able to capture his little personality at this stage of life. He’s trying to walk on his own and it was very obvious that he was trying his best to be independent! It was an honor to spend an afternoon with this wonderful family and I’m excited to share a few favorites with you! Enjoy!



Love that face!

Beautiful family.

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  1. Jennifer Krieg reply

    What a gorgeous lil man! You can see the happiness of this family right through your fantastic images.

  2. Ashley Terry reply

    Adorable! You can feel the happiness just jumping out of these images.

  3. Stephanie reply


  4. Judy Hall reply

    Beautiful pictures…what a blessed little boy. Fun to see the “walking” video. Enjoy!

  5. sherri lynn reply

    What a cutie! I love the ones on the bench.

  6. Kristina W. reply

    What a cutie he is! What great family portraits!

  7. Rebekah Nougaret reply

    <3!!!! Adorable!!!! What a handsome lil man!!!! Mommy and Daddy have so much love for their son :-)

  8. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    How cute!

  9. Sara reply

    Oh gosh, Rosemary is going to display these everywhere!! great job!!!

  10. Girish reply

    Great pictures. Very cute baby. I love the various moods that you have captured. Nice pictures in and around the the grasss.

  11. Annetta reply

    What a beautiful family session!! I love the one of the baby on the park bench.

  12. brooke craig reply

    OMG- my college roommate. I moved back to Virginia as well and am living at the beach. You look AMAZING! I can not get this smirk off my face…..I am so proud and happy for you!
    Smiles, Brooke

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