• SHARE Group Cook-IN!

have been a little busy the last few months and as much as I hate to say it, our SHARE group hasn’t met as often as they should have! The Richmond SHARE group is just a localized group of photographers that all use Showit in some way and we’re friends! The funny (and somewhat sad) thing is that most of our group isn’t from Richmond and they drive several HOURS to get together because there is such a lack of friendly community in the industry where they are located. So our “Richmond” share group could really be called the “Central Virginia” share group! We had friends from all over come to hangout last Wednesday!

Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Newport News, Fredericksburg, etc! It was such a fun group and I loved meeting new friends and visiting with old ones!! I’m very thankful for the photographers in this industry that want to be friends with one another instead of just seeing one another as “competitors”.  It makes the industry a much happier, less-lonely place!! So thank you ALL for coming out… especially the ones that drove long distances and those brave souls that brought the kiddos! The rain meant that our “cookout” became a “cook-in” but that’s ok because I’m totally fine with hanging out in the new house! :) I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!! xoxo

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  1. Ashley Peterson reply

    Bokeh got some serious air time in some of those pics! LOL… i am sure he had blast seeing everyone! i Love your get-Togethers… you really should do another soon ;) xoxox

  2. Katie reply

    This was so much fun!!! Thanks again for having us!! You guys are the best hosts!

  3. Meredith Sledge reply

    So fun!! I wish I could have come!! Next time!!

  4. Tori Watson reply

    poor michael is never in our group photos. haha. but thank you again so much for having all of us over! (even those of us who came an hour late….ahem) LOVE all of you and so grateful for your friendship!

  5. Jen Jar reply

    I had SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun as always! Thanks Katelyn and Michael for having us crazy kids over your new GORGEOUS home! Love you guys :)

  6. Allison reply

    Looks like fun! I loved recognizing so many great photogs in these photos :)

  7. Ivona Dixon reply

    We had such a fun time getting to meet everyone! And woah!, I never realized my “crossed-eyes” looked so scary! Ha!

  8. Christy Tyler reply

    I love SHARE groups so much!!! We need to have a Chicago & Central Virginia meet-up some day! ;-) I think our two groups would get along famously! ;)

  9. mirasol p. lopez reply

    you look fun.:) it’s really a good idea to have a good relationship with other photographers. more power to your group.;)

  10. Caroline reply

    aw, so fun!!

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