• Meet Kelsey

first start by explaining that as much as I wish this wasn’t true… I’m still not a portrait photographer. Because of the demands of weddings and engagements, I have stopped shooting portraits… except for my family and close friends.  I wish I could do it ALL but my schedule just won’t let me! (And my husband would actually like to see me every now and then! haha).  I’m still shooting senior portraits for the kids in our youth group because really, they feel like our family. We’ve been in Short Pump well over a year and a 1/2  but I think Michael would agree that it feels like we’ve known these families forever. Kelsey was one of the first high school girls

that I met when I started hanging out on Tuesday night girl’s night! She was so sweet and welcoming …. and she was a GIRLY GIRL!! I know Kelsey would agree that she is about as girly as it gets!! Between the hair bows, sparkles, and giggles… she’s ALL GIRL! … And I love her for it! Kelsey is an incredible girl that I have come to ADORE over the last year and a half. Her happiness and her joy is contagious and her passion is limitless! I honestly believe she’s going to TAKE OVER the hospitality industry one day! Kelsey loves to serve other people and she has “event planner” written all over her! I can’t WAIT to see what this girl accomplishes in college!!  As much as I will miss her excitement at Tuesday night dinner and the constant Justin Bieber tour updates…. I’m so excited for her to start a new life on her own!! This is one amazing girl and I’m so thankful that she’s a part of my life. I loved my time with her in downtown and I can’t wait to show you some favorites! Enjoy!! Love ya Kels!

Ohhhh girlllll! you’re gorgeous!

LOVE these next two! 

Kels you’re so cute!!

This makes me want some BRIGHT BLUE eyes!

Whoever owns this… thank you.

Love the one on the right!! She’s such a natural!



If you know Kelsey…. you know this is so her! I LOVE these next few!

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  1. Ashley Jock reply

    Love these!!!! Soooo beautiful!!!!!

  2. molly reply

    OHMYGOSH. these are so beautiful! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those two photos from the side – and her accessories are amazing. amazing job!!

  3. Mallory reply

    Kelsey, these are absolutely gorgeous! Who knew you were so photogenic?! Ahh, I love you and I LOVE these!

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply


  5. Julia Jackson reply

    Kels!!!! ahhhh you’re so gorgeous!!!:) i love all of these! I’m so excited, haha! great job Katelyn:D

  6. Shauna Ploeger reply

    These are so pretty!

  7. Merriann Clark reply

    What a beautiful, beautiful granddaughter I have. These are terrific!

  8. Danielle reply

    oh my gosh Kelsey!!!! i love these! you look AMAZING(: love you girl!

  9. Victoria reply

    These are fantastic! model much?! And WHERE did she get that gorgeous cold-leaf necklace??

  10. Kari Jeanne reply

    Love the ones in the field with purple flowers :) Such vibrant fun beautiful images!!

  11. Carl reply

    My daughter is gorgeous! Thanks Katelyn!

  12. lori yohe reply

    well you’re definitely not NOT a portrait photographer because you wouldn’t be awesome at it. all these are gorgeous!

  13. renee reply

    wow I love them all – you look like a model!!!

  14. Mia Bjerring reply

    These are all so gorgeous!! Beautiful!

  15. Samantha June reply

    WOW! I LOVE every single picture in here! Gorgeous images, beautiful girl!

  16. Jeremy reply

    gorgeous! as always. I love that you still do senior pics for church kids…it shows that even though you are busy you care about them :)

  17. sarah reply

    These pics of Kelsey are amazing! She is such a beautiful girl inside and out. Great pics.

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