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is a sick day. I have a cold and while it’s no fun, I’m SO thankful that it’s happening now and not on a wedding day!! It’s actually the perfect day to have a cold because I’m spending all day in my office editing, emailing and filing paperwork! Doesn’t that sound like so much FUN?! To most people, the answer to that question would be “No”. However, it’s fun for me because I get excited about sharing new images of new couples on the blog!! Darrell and Meredith will be getting married this spring… Like, REALLY soon! So you’ll have a change to see them again in a few weeks.

I’m so thankful we worked out a time to get together! Our schedules are so crazy. They have busy careers and both live in Atlanta and I’m entering into my busy season! It’s tough to make schedules align but made it work and last Friday we spent the evening together in Downtown Richmond for their engagement shoot. Meredith got out of the car wearing the perfect shade of teal AND she was a redhead. I hadn’t said one word to her and yet I loved her immediately!!

If I were asked to describe these two, I would say they are a genuine, fun loving couple who are best friends.  That’s a given. Just watching them interact during their shoot made it so obvious that these two are meant to spend a lifetime together. Michael and I are so excited to be a part of their celebration in a couple of weeks!! Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited for their WEDDING post! Coming soon!

Meredith you’re beautiful!! 

Loved this little location!

Look at those EYES!!!

Darrell, you did well! Such a beauty!!


Love this! 

Richmond, we love you.

Again, the eyes… they’re amazing!

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  1. Sarah Adams reply

    Just love these!! Her red hair, blue eyes, and teal dress are just the perfect combo! And then add the most fabulous photog taking their engagement shots? Beyond perfection. Love the vine covered wall. So great!

  2. Shiela reply

    Beautiful Pictures! the location is perfect. I agree, the bride-to-be’s eyes are amazing. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos. God bless you both :)

  3. molly stillman reply

    LOOOOOOOOOOOVEE!! i used to live in Church Hill – love that place.

  4. Melissa reply

    Katelyn—Gorgeous as always! Was wondering if maybe you would consider a blog about shooting subjects with eye glasses (or if you have in the past). I love how you managed to have zero glare in his glasses. Great job!

  5. Meredith Sledge reply

    I loooove the ones in front of that ivy wall! WOW! And her combination of dark jeans and red shoes is fabulous! Love it!

  6. Anna K. reply

    Love these photos and I especially love her striped shirt :)

  7. Kaitlyn Phipps reply

    ahhhh! she is so pretty and has killer style. these are beautiful katelyn!

  8. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Love her rings, her eyes, the location…beautiful!

  9. Kristina W. reply

    Aw, what a cute couple!

  10. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    gah love her red hair!!! and last picture on the left = fav!

  11. Amber Barnes reply

    Spending much in photography really counts so much. Through this, every precious moment can be truly captured. And that would be priceless. Thanks for sharing these great engagement photos!

  12. Ashlyn reply

    These are so sweet! With her hair and her teal dress, You have your dream client :) can’t wait to see them again!

  13. Caroline reply

    awww, they love each other a lot :)

  14. Fotograf Chorzów reply

    Very nice shots…Really good looking couple

  15. Annetta reply

    Pretty, Katelyn! Envious of your green grass. Sure adds a pop of colour to the photos.

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