• Bryan + Shirley

week I had been driving past the remnants of snow on the streets and sidewalks. I just love how beautiful the snow makes the city. It covers the dirt and turns normal side streets into dream photo destinations. I was so excited that Bryan and Shirley’s shoot was this past Friday because the snow stuck around just long enough to be the perfect background for their images! Bryan had emailed me MANY months ago to setup a time for this shoot. He wanted to do this for his new wife and he wanted it to be perfect! …. And it was. :)

They didn’t have a chance to have their dream wedding portraits taken on their wedding day and so they met me in Richmond for a “Just Married” shoot. I loved meeting this sweet couple! You could tell that Shirley was so excited to be back in her gorgeous gown! We walked around Churchill and shot some beautiful portraits while people passed by and told Shirley how stunning she looked! The light was gorgeous and I can’t wait to share a few favorites!! Enjoy!

Oh I just love this!! The lamp post reminds me of Narnia!!

Oh Shirley, you’re stunning. 

LOVE that left image!!

A favorite for sure!!

Another favorite!!

This light!! I could have stayed here all day… but they were standing in snow :) 

xoxo, Katelyn
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