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couples pick venues that are convenient and within budget but aren’t completely “their style”. That’s just how it happens sometimes. However, every now and then we have a couple that is a PERFECT match for their venue! Brad and Katie are one of those couples. They met us BRIGHT and early for a sunrise shoot at their wedding venue a few days ago. Riverside on the Potomac is a gorgeous venue outside of Leesburg, Virginia and we love it! The barn, the view, the historic house and cabins… it’s amazing! After getting to know these two and learning about what they love and who they are,

I realize that Riverside was the PERFECT venue for them! Brad proposed to Katie in the back of his pickup truck with his guitar in hand. This was the same truck that he asked her to be his girlfriend in and so of course this truck needed to be included in their engagement session! He brought the guitar and everything!! I was so impressed!! The weather was a just a little chilly and windy while we were shooting but Brad and Katie were such great sports and they killed it! The last time we shot at Riverside on the Potomac, it was raining. So, this was such a nice change to have beautiful sunshine!!! Enjoy this beautiful fall engagement shoot and don’t miss the pickup truck at the end!!! Congrats to Katie and Brad!!!

Katie you are beautiful!!

Such a sweet couple! Love these shots in the barn! We started with hay and ended with hay! 

I’ll never get tired of these fall leaves! 

THIS is my favorite!!


Love this! I can’t wait to photograph you two on your wedding day!


Gorgeous Katie! 

Love it! 

How cute is this?! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kathryn Grace reply

    So fabulous! That TRUCK!!! *swoon*

  2. Michael Alsop reply

    Brad and Katie, you guys are so awesome for toughing out the wind and the cold!!! Thanks for allowing Katelyn and I to be a part of your big day!!!

  3. Melissa Philippines reply

    Love the pictures. They are beautiful.

  4. Tiffany McClure reply

    This is so perfect!! You can really see their personality through the photos! Love the colors in this session too :)

  5. Justine reply

    so beautiful! and so sweet…

  6. petals and promises llc reply

    Wow Riverside on the Potomac is even prettier in the fall….!!!!

  7. annetta reply

    Love country shoots. Great job Katelyn!

  8. Anna reply

    OMG!! I can’t believe I missed this!!! I am so THRILLED that YOU are Katie’s wedding photographer!!! LOL She is my spin instructor and she is AMAZING!!! I cannot WAIT to see the wedding photos! Congrats Katie! You could not have selected a more amazing wedding photographer and PERFECT for your country wedding! Your engagement photos are amazing! I am so happy for you! I wish you nothing but the very best :)

  9. Tatyana reply

    The truck & the guitar – dying!

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