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thinking about what I wanted to write about in this post for a few days now. It’s hard to put into a few words how awesome this couple is and how I have come to know Anna over the years!! Anna attended one of our workshops several years ago when she was first starting her business. She was so talented and yet she had no idea how AMAZING she really was. :) I specifically remember her asking me before dinner the night of the workshop, “Katelyn, be honest… do you really think that I can do this?! Full time?!”. After asking a few questions about finances and her goals…. it was a no-brainer. She was more than ready to take this business on full time and so that’s what she did!

She went home and she made it happen!! She totally had what it takes and now she’s running an incredibly successful wedding photography business in Georgia. Her work is so beautiful and so when she asked me if I would be able to do an anniversary shoot for the two of them while we were both at the Pursuit 31 Conference together, I agreed….. but I was nervous! I don’t know why!! For goodness sake, I’ve taken a few pictures in my lifetime… I think I know what I’m doing by now!! :) As soon as I started photographing these two, I snapped out of my nervous-ness and I was loving life! I mean look at them, they’re beautiful!! And so in love. It was a dream shoot!! Between Anna’s dress, Daniel’s sharp suit and the tree-lined driveway, I was in heaven! I actually shot in that location a bit longer than I probably should have but you’ll see why in a second…. it was just amazing!!

So I’ve known Anna for several years but I’ve gotten to see her multiple times this year and it has been such a treat!! I really wish I was better with my words so that I could paint a really clear picture of how kind, gentle and genuine Anna is. I just adore her! She’s the epitome of a sweet, southern belle! Anna has such a calming presence about her and when you talk to her, you know she’s really listening. Daniel is one lucky guy and after meeting him for the first time, I think it’s safe to say that Anna is lucky too. They make such a gorgeous couple and it was quite an honor to photograph this season of their life together!! Enjoy some of my MANY favorites from their shoot and Happy Monday!!!!!!!

Oh how I love southern driveways!!

They brought their sweet Bella along and she was so good! We need to take bokeh to more obedience classes!

Oh Anna… seriously?!

Anna has THE MOST GORGEOUS smile!!

Love these!!

Daniel, it’s like you just KNOW how to do this… like you’re married to a photographer or something! :) 

Love this one!


Yep! I love them! One of my favorites!!

Work it Daniel!! He has the best “model face”!!

We made it up to this ridge JUST in time for a little “glow”! 

I want a picture like this with Michael!!!

Loved taking a few headshots for Anna! She makes it so easy!!

Get it girl!!!!!

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  1. Annamarie reply

    These are PERFECT!!! Literally, my favorite shoot you’ve ever done! Anna, you look so beautiful in every photo!!!

  2. Danielle rinker reply

    Katelyn-what lens did you shoot with for this? Beautiful!

  3. Rachel reply

    Oh my goodness! These two are just the sweetest! love them and so glad they got to do these photos with you!

  4. Anna K. reply

    Katelyn I’ve already been through these several times!!! Ahh!!! We LOVE them and we’re so thankful that you made the time to do these!

  5. Katie reply

    ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy moly these are incredible. You are so GORGEOUS and your ADORABLE family is just the most precious! I adore you guys so much! So good Katelyn!

  6. Natalie reply

    The ridge… the ridge… oh my goodness! THAT RIDGE! Spectacular! Anna, you look so incredibly beautiful!

  7. Lauren Swann reply

    Oh, Anna!!! You are STUNNING!! These are absolutely perfect, Katelyn!! Love you both!! Xoxo!!

  8. Laura matthews reply

    I can’t even! So incredibly gorgeous!!!

  9. Sabrina reply

    Oh. My. Goodness. These are AMAZING!!! Katelyn, you captured the two of them so perfectly and your words about Anna were perfection. She is so beautiful in every aspect of the word and your photos of her and Daniel are amazing!!

  10. Nikki Santerre reply

    KATELYN!!! These are so amazing! ANNA!!!! Oh my gosh, you are so gorgeous and look so joyful in these! How will you ever choose which one to put on canvas??!! LOVE all of them!

  11. Deborah Zoe reply

    What sweet words to say about Anna! I’ve never met her before but I love what you had to write:) these are beautiful!!! Makes me want to do another anniversary session;):)!!

  12. Rachel May reply

    Love love love!!

  13. Evie Perez reply

    omg, i love these!!! anna you and daniel look great!!! love these katelyn

  14. crystal blackldege reply

    WOW! Anna is simply gorgeous, and these photos look like a painting! thank you for sharing! I have southern envy now! ;)

  15. Elle reply

    These are gorgeous!! You look beautiful Anna!!

  16. Lanie Kay reply

    These are so beautiful! Anna is so amazingly Beautiful inside and out and then you add Daniel and Bella and it’s pure perfection! So honored to know anna and glad that I got to meet Daniel and Bella as they were headed to this session!

  17. Brittani Croft reply

    Anna…Daniel…Katelyn…Wow, all of you! These are SO beautiful and so Anna and Daniel…just so much joy, and such a beautiful couple. And of course I love that Bella was included! :) It makes me so happy to see two wonderful people so in love and so happy. I know they will treasure these images for a lifetime! :)

  18. Megan Kelsey reply

    Your work is so stunning, Katelyn! I’m always so inspired! It’s like a breath of fresh air because it’s always consistently bright and joyful. Love!

  19. Rebekah Carter reply

    Wow, what a gorgeous location with a gorgeous couple!

  20. Anna K. reply

    Also for anyone that is interested in the dress, you can find it at

  21. Katie Barber reply

    Usually my favorite shoots are weddings, but this is just so good!!! So many amazing pictures! The second one might be an all time favorite.

  22. Terri Baskin reply

    These are absolutely beautiful!!! Gosh, those locations, their outfits, their love…everything works!!!

  23. Anna Liz reply


  24. Bob & Betty Klapp reply

    Anna, we just love these photos, every last one. You both look great. Sending our love to you and Daniel. Love from, uncle Bob and aunt Betty. Xxxx

  25. Alicia Lacey reply

    Pretty much obsessed with every single one of these!! I’ve already looked at it three times and it’s not even my session… haha!! Beautiful!

  26. Ashley Duke reply

    Absolutely gorgeous Anna!!! I love them all!!! As always they are stunning Katelyn!! XOXO

  27. Sydni Jackson reply

    I agree with annamarie – PERRRRRFECT!!!

  28. Kathryn Grace reply

    This session is perfection!

  29. Sami Orndorff reply

    This session is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it so much!!

  30. Tatyana reply

    The tree lined street is amazing!

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