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Oh this shoot! What a dream! It’s always a little risky shooting in the dead of winter. Mac and Katelyn were up for the challenge! It was a gorgeous day… and a shocking 38 degrees! We chose to focus on the fact that it could have been freezing AND rainy and it wasn’t! It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Michael and I drove out to Mac’s parent’s country home just outside of Charlottesville. As soon as we pulled up, we were in awe of this location. Michael and I LOVE real estate. We love seeing beautiful properties and so this was such a treat! Mac’s family’s property holds a special place in their lives. It’s where they go to relax.

It’s where friends come to hangout and last but not least, it’s where Mac proposed. The proposal happened on the outdoor patio next to the fire. This area overlooks the backyard and the river that runs through the bottom of the property. In the distance, there are mountain views across the entire horizon. It’s stunning.

As we walked and talked and tried to stay warm, we got to know these two a little bit. We also got to know SOPHIE! I left wanting a little Westie of my own! Sophie is adorable and she just ran around exploring while we took pictures in the fields, on the rocks and on “Christmas Tree Hill”.  Christmas Tree Hill is there Mac’s family has planted past Christmas trees and it’s one of the best views on the property! I could have shot here for hours!

Despite the cold, this was a wonderful shoot! Not only did we get to spend time with Mac and Katelyn, we also had the opportunity to meet both sets of parents. I always love it when this happens because we will have several familiar faces on their wedding day. Their wedding is this summer and it’s NOT going to be 38 degrees! So if we had fun in freezing temperatures, imagine how amazing it’s going to be in summer time!!

Enjoy the first engagement shoot of 2015 everyone!!!!

That area to the right of them? That’s a natural swimming hole that it is over 10 feet deep! SO awesome!! 

This was one of the first pictures I took… and I knew it was going to be a beautiful shoot! :)

One of my favorites!

Sweet Sophie! 

This light was so amazing! 

Mac used an heirloom diamond to create Katelyn’s ring and it’s stunning! 

This VIEW!!!!

Isn’t it stunning?! 

One of my favorites! 

Wow guys! Such models! 

And we ended at the proposal location!!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Morgan Higgins reply

    Katelyn your work always inspires and teaches me a little something…thanks for your sweet spirit and your incredible talent…we are all thankful that you share your heart and your gift with the world!

    Stunning work as always!!

  2. Lauren Swann reply

    So cute!! Love their outfits and that fun swimming hole!

  3. Annetta reply

    very pretty, Katelyn!

  4. Karena DIxon reply

    Super cute session! Love the pop of that blanket.

  5. Brooke reply

    Beautiful session, Katelyn!! It doesn’t even look cold! :)

  6. Jessica Green reply

    I love these Katelyn! They’re so amazing and that light is gorgeous!! :)

  7. Parents of the Bride reply

    Katelyn & Mac, your pictures are beautiful and amazing! We are so proud of you, and love you very much!

  8. Lacoya H. reply

    Gah! That light!!! So amazing and such a cute couple. Love it, as always! XO

  9. Ashley reply

    What a gorgeous session! Love their little westie! So sweet!

  10. Rebekah reply

    Wow, what gorgeous locations! Who says winter can’t be beautiful? I love the shot of the dog crossing the little “bridge.”

  11. Megan Kelsey reply

    That frozen river is just too cool.

    Ha! Get it? LOL

  12. Currie reply

    Beautiful beautiful! I love this shoot! I’m also a little biased; my parents were also a Hampden-Sydney/Longwood couple!

  13. Angie McPherson reply

    My goodness this light is beautiful! What a sweet couple and awesome location! Love these :)

  14. ashley link reply

    Oh Em Gee! A longwood/Hampden Sydney couple?!?!?! This is awesome! I may or may not be able to relate! Can’t wait to see this wedding!:)

  15. Hunter reply

    Love this shoot! The picture of them looking at each other with the sun coming through that big tree took my breath away.

  16. Michele Ashley reply

    The ring shots here are gorgeous. Love the ring in the fold of the blanket., especially, makes this shoot warm and homey. Always beautiful work.

  17. Mirasol m. Lopez reply


  18. Tatyana reply

    Love when couples incorporate their dogs, and mainly that I get to play with them :)

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