• Promo Film Shoot | Part I

know, Josh Gooden and I have been working on a project since early spring and I just announced that my PROMO VIDEO was done! Yessss!! (You can view it here too!)I still get so excited when I think about how LONG I have wanted to get this accomplished. It feels good to check that off the “Branding to-do” list! When I was preparing for this I knew exactly who to ask to be my models. Ali, Manny, Buddy and Jill are all amazing friends of ours from college and they are also clients. Their weddings were two of my all time favorites and all four of them are so natural in front of the camera.

Jill and Bud were filmed first and when they showed up to the house Jill  said “Now the pressure is on YOU!”….. Ah! She was right…. it wasn’t like I was just shooting a fun little session in Downtown Richmond, I was being FILMED. The nerves set in. What if my hair gets frizzy, what if I trip (which I do often…more on that later this week), what if I totally blank on fun poses…. AH!  Luckily, I pulled it together and Buddy and Jill were fabulous. Ok, and I don’t think you understand just how amazing they are…. they drove all the way to RICHMOND on a Tuesday and made time for this shoot…. TWO WEEKS BEFORE THEIR WEDDING! That’s insane. I remember someone asking to go to dinner with Michael and I two weeks before MY wedding and I was like “Um, I don’t think so, I have birdcages to assemble!!!”.  They were so giving of their time and I can’t thank them enough. Someone mentioned on facebook that these two are my “Poster Couple” Ha!  That would appear to be true. After their ENGAGEMENT posts, Jill’s BRIDALS, their WEDDING posts and now this post….you probably feel like you’re best friends with The Powers! (Love saying that).  Right now this farmer and his wife are raising chickens and starting their new life together. Jill is also an amazing photog and I’m so excited that she’s only and hour and a 1/2 away!


Enjoy these and another HUGE thank you to Josh for making this an amazing experience!

And here’s a little behind the scenes shot….. if you only knew what goes into film work… it’s insane to watch Josh set up all his equipment!

I’m obsessed with this one for some reason! Love everything about it. Jill, I want your hair.

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  1. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    What a beautiful couple (and photos! :)!!

  2. Jodi reply

    Aw yay! Loved the promo film Josh did for you! Isn’t he so much fun to work with?!?!

  3. tori gillit reply

    Love all the behind the scenes looks in the promo vid. And you’re right. This couple knows how to work it!! Awesome job, Katelyn :) (Oh, and LOVE the location!)

  4. katie yuen reply

    what a great courtyard/brick wall!!!! i really do feel like i know the Powers, i LOVE looking at all of the photos you’ve taken of them!! beautiful job on the pictures and the video katelyn!

  5. Girish reply

    Great pictures.
    Can you get to see the video :)

  6. Kristina N. reply

    Fun to see the “behind the scenes” look!

  7. Jamie reply

    These are beautiful – great lighting, great posing and I love the brick background!

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