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It’s mid October! Can you believe it?! I’m just trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I’m only 5 weddings away from the end of my busy wedding season! How did that happen?! I feel like it was just April and I was just getting started! Jameson and Lauren’s wedding day has seemed SO far off for such a long time, it was almost surreal to be shooting it!! Ever since their engagement session, I have been thinking about this wedding and all that Lauren was planning. She shared some ideas with me and I knew it was going to be beautiful but I had NO idea how AWESOME their theme would be!! Jameson and Lauren LOVE the water.

Jameson works on a boat and the sea is his life. Lauren shares this love for marine biology and everything about their wedding reflected that! Let me just give you some examples… Jameson’s wedding band has the coordinates of their ceremony location engraved in the outside of the band…their centerpieces included stacks of old National Geographic magazines, vintage globes and nautical pieces…. and their cupcake toppers? Little whales! CUTE!!! Jill and I were having a blast!! Jameson and Lauren’s shared interest not only made for an incredible wedding theme but it also makes them a perfect pair. Lauren’s sister toasted the happy couple and mentioned that she knew from the first time Lauren mentioned Jameson that he would end up being “the one”… and she was right!! It is so obvious that these two are best friends and as I photographed their wedding day, I was so thankful to be working with such an amazing couple once again.


Lauren and Jameson, what an incredible day!!! THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your celebration! I hope your honeymoon is amazing!! Enjoy some of my favorite moments from your wedding day!!


Lauren and Jameson’s wedding was held on private property of a friend’s and then their reception was held on Lauren’s dad’s property in Maryland. So beautiful!!

how cool is that ring?!! 

Beautiful lace garter!!

Bridesmaids gifts!

Ok, let me explain… this is Lauren’s pet Chinchilla!!! She’s had her for 5 years! I was freaking out… I’ve never even HEARD of Chinchillas before! So cute!


She made her own bouquet… no big deal.




Ceremony time!

Don’t want to print programs? How cool is this?!

This picture may not be the most well composed or exposed but it’s so special! So glad I snapped it.

Even grandma’s flower matched perfectly!!


Sister hug!

Husband hug!


Picnic time! Lauren had some food packed for them to eat together after the ceremony. They had a few minutes to just be together and I’m LOVING that idea!

May be my favorite!

So fun!

Lauren you’re beautiful!

Prepare yourself for all of these details!

Technology is amazing. Skyping with Papa!


Dress | By: Wtoo Purchased at Bella Rosa
Veil by SiboDesigns
Reception hair bow by lintoon
Locket by FresyFig
Earrings by JCrew
Florals | DIY
Ceremony | Gray’s Beach in Marbury, MD
Reception | Oak Level in Indian Head, MD
Bride’s hair | Centennial Street Salon
Cupcakes | Lottie Dotson
Catering by: Andy Hannas & colleagues
Dresses by: Bill Levkoff Purchased at: Jingles
Bridesmaids’ jewelry by Sweet Auburn Studio
Groom/Groomsmen attire by Orvis
Shoes by Sanuk
Ties by Cyberoptix Tie Lab
Rope bracelets by Kiel James Patrick 
Invitations | Supplies from Paper Source
and Paper and More
Favors | “Gray’s Bees” honey
Honeymoon | California Coast
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Lena reply

    Wow, is Lauren looking for a career as a wedding planner? Love all the details!! So beautiful!

  2. Jill Powers reply

    AHH I LOVE THIS! What a beautiful couple and what a beautiful day! The shots on the dock are incredible!! CONGRATS Jameson and Lauren!

  3. Charlotte Jennings reply

    Ok. One of THE most amazing weddings!!! Beautiful couple; beautiful decor; beautiful photography!!!

  4. Jenny Shirley reply

    Katelyn these are brilliant. I started crying all over again, just remembering the whole day! The one of Lauren and our Dad is wonderful. Thank you SO much!!! I told L that we were going to have to have a viewing party at my dad’s house when she gets ALL of the pictures from you :)

  5. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Wow! What a charming wedding! I LOVE all the details! These two look sooo happy and in love – beautiful!!

  6. Amanda reply

    What an amazing looking wedding – love the pictures on the dock. Thank you also for linking to the engagement session – I love looking back and knowing which couple it is from their esession and then seeing their wedding.

  7. Shannon reply

    Wow, you and Jill did an amazing job! These pictures are gorgeous…

  8. jeanne giamerese reply

    I so agree with Lena… Lauren you should have a career in wedding planning!
    absolutely loved how this couple had all those special touches for their wedding! especially liked the yellow sweater, it added a extra splash of color!ALL the pictures are so amazing Katelyn! I can see why you enjoyed shooting this wedding!

  9. Meredith Sledge reply

    Wow. Beautiful, beautiful stuff Katelyn! And props to the bride for all the planning! It turned out, that’s for sure!

  10. Melissa reply

    WOW! What an amazing wedding! This would be one event to be a guest at, it looks like they made sure everyone had a fabulous time! Great photographs of the dock- and the one of the father daughter pre ceremony- priceless no matter the exposure! A job well done again Katelyn!

  11. katie yuen reply

    oh. my. goodness. i’m speechless.. that was so beautiful!

  12. Kathryn Grace reply

    Wow, what an incredible wedding! Love!

  13. Erin Schrad reply

    I LOVE this wedding! Absolutely beautiful and some unique ideas. And SO detailed!! Nothing was missed!

  14. Torrie Anderson reply

    Excellent photos (as always). This is one of the most well-done, but still feels intimate and special weddings that I have ever seen. I absolutely love all of the details! Great job Lauren!

  15. Deborah Zoe reply

    Those details!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous wedding:)!

  16. Brittani reply

    This is probably my favorite wedding you’ve EVER shot Katelyn! I love all the yellow, the amazing light, and of course all of the nautical details! What an awesome couple and wonderful job she did planning and you did shooting! Love!

  17. Anna K. reply

    Everything about this wedding is perfect! I teared up when I saw their ceremony photos!!

  18. Sara W reply

    I love all the details! So perfect and so well-done :) Her bouquet is gorgeous, too!!!

  19. Diana Lupu reply

    My most favorite wedding EVER on your blog! Incredible work sweet Katelyn!!! I’d love to know in a future blog post how in the world you are able to have the time (& light) to photograph ALL those details and amazing portraits! =)

  20. Faith reply

    Beautiful wedding!! Love it!

  21. francesca caputo reply

    I am in LOVE with this wedding. The details are amazing and the way you captured them is breathtaking. Everything looked so magical :)

  22. Jamie reply

    Looooove! Amazing details and photography! The details are to die for!

  23. Patricia Carlisle reply

    Literally one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen! The pictures are gorgeous!!! You are SO talented!

  24. Annamarie reply

    AMAZING details!! This might be a new fave KJ wedding…I love how it’s so full of charm and seems to represent the couple so well! :)..Oh Katelyn, it never ceases to amaze me how you are able to tell the story of the day so well in pictures:). You really are the best!

  25. Brittany Claud reply

    oh my goodness!!! I love everything about this…all of the details are SO awesome! You captured everything perfectly as always!!

  26. Ali Lovegrove reply

    WOW wow wow! This wedding is just sensational! SO many details! What a great theme, everything is so beautiful. Love it! xx

  27. Elizabeth reply

    I LOVE the b&w where you comment it may not be the best exposed or composed….but it is those moments that will take them back to their special day….like my website says we capture your moments and that is exactly what you did….beautiful couple and photos!

  28. Abby Grace reply

    I LOVE that she wore a bow in her hair! It’s such a cute accessory! All of these details are incredible.

  29. Anna Burke reply

    WOW! This wedding is INCREDIBLE! I have many, many favorites, but this may top this list… Great work again, my friend!

  30. hochzeitslicht reply

    The most beautiful wedding I have seen this season! <3 <3 <3

  31. Candi Jerkins reply

    THESE ARE STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept thinking that I was finished and then there were more. LOVE every detail and every image.

  32. Jolynn reply

    What an amazing, sweet, detail filled wedding! I’m LOVING it!! <3

  33. Lindy reply

    WOW! now those are some fabulous details. And I’m loving the yellow! — & those photos on the dock are amazing.

  34. Holly reply


  35. Erin reply

    What an adorable wedding! I LOVE the details and the images are gorgeous!

  36. Angela Snyder reply

    OMG this is the most THOUGH OUT and AWESOME wedding theme I have EVER SEEN!!!!! Congrats to the couple!

  37. Christina reply

    Hello – I’m recently engaged and LOVE your invitations. Can you tell me to where you ordered them? Thanks in advance!

  38. Marc reply

    Great wedding, is just sensational. I love it.

  39. Laylan reply

    I love everything about this wedding! Where did the bride get that cardigan? I am looking for one just like it for my september wedding. Thanks!

  40. GlamourEffekt reply

    very nice series. really pretty pictures i must say, with great details.

  41. Sammy reply

    Where is Oak Level located? The pics are beautiful. My daughter will most likely be using Gray’s Beach for the ceremony and possibly the reception.

  42. M. Steinberg-Özkara reply

    so many lovely pictures. i feel like i was with you. a great wedding voverage:-)

  43. Vitali Skidan reply

    Great Work! I love this style and the details ;)

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