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My boyfriend Michael is currently a part of Crossroads Worldwide Ministries‘ Discipleship House where he lives with 10 other amazing people.  He shares his life with them and they all serve the community in different capacities and through different internships.  This program is incredible, not just because it gives the opportunity to experience ministry first hand but because it forms awesome, life long relationships.


Ryan is Michael’s roommate and I met him and Brittany last spring when they had just started dating! It was so exciting when Michael told me he had proposed and even more exciting when he asked if I could do engagement pics for them! We walked all over downtown Greenville, SC and had a blast.  I would move there solely to take pictures! That little city is BEAUTIFUL!


I loved getting to spend an evening with Ryan and Brit and seeing them interact.  They truly are best friends.  If I had all the time in the world I would tell their proposal story and you would be amazed! Ryan is ridiculous and loves her in extraordinary ways. Though I’m not able to do their wedding, I am THRILLED that I was able to capture their love for each other through this session! Please enjoy my MANY favorites! (I really think I have a problem with excessive posting… I’ll work on that.)

I LOVE this one! It’s probably in my top 5!

Brittany you’re going to be a gorgeous bride!

These next two were taken inside a unique little restaurant where Ryan had their families and friends meet them for dinner after he proposed!

These are a couple of letters Ryan sent to Brittany that he sealed with a real wax stamp of her initals!!

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  1. brittany reply

    Wow! Katelyn you are amazing! those are sooooo good, I love them! Thank you so much for taking pictures of us, I am so excited to show these to people.

  2. Katie Beale reply

    I think the fact that he’s wearing Chacos just makes these all the better… beautiful as always :)

  3. Amanda reply

    Hey! I’m Ryan’s little sister and I’m officially claiming Brittany too!!! I love the pics! You have an incredible talent and I’m glad you were able to take these pics for Brittany and Ryan! ahhhh I’m going to show them to everyone too!!!

  4. Amanda reply

    Katelyn!!! I looove your pictures. Seriously, halfway through looking at them i started tearing up coz they are so beautiful.

    and i dont even know brittany and ryan but congratulations you two! you look like a wonderful couple!!

  5. Julianna reply

    Katelyn, these are absolutely adorable!And the location choices were so perfect. Great job!

  6. Danielle Jenks reply


    You did an amazing job! I knew Brittany back when we were just little kids. Brittany, congrats on your engagment!! Your pictures look amazing!! I KNOW you are going to have a blast planning your wedding. You look so happy and in love and I am just so excited for you! Wishing you and your fiance the best of luck in the future!!

    with love,

    Danielle Jenks Cottrell

  7. Danielle reply

    Absolutely gorgeous, genuine photos that ooze emotion. I’ll definitely be bookmarking your site.

  8. Nicole reply

    I work with Ryan, and when he told me that him and Brit took pictures he was so excited and he could’nt wait for us to see them. I see why the are beautiful, absolutley gorgeous!! I have not seen pictures taken like this before. You truly captured the love these two have for each other.

  9. Ryan reply

    Katelyn, thank you so much! These pictures are incredible. I love that you can capture with a camera what I see every time with my eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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