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winter months for a photographer can be dreadful at times. It’s cold, and dark and for people like me who love COLOR, it can seem somewhat lifeless. I love winter but when it comes to photography, it’s not my favorite season. Well, I’m happy to announce that those days are over for 2013! Sure, it’s still chilly and the temperature for VA has not been normal for late March however, the grass is beginning to turn green and slowly but surely, spring is starting to show through!! I noticed this last weekend while I was shooting Mike and Kristin’s eshoot on the Southside of Richmond. This was my first 2013

engagement where the weather was decent and I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be outdoors and feel GOOD just in a light jacket! We walked around the country club and stopped in every nook and cranny we could find that would give us beautiful light. These two were pros from the beginning! I tell all couples on my engagement shoots that it takes about 20-25 minutes to really warm up to the camera.  Mike and Kristin were warmed up from the start!! I absolutely LOVED meeting these two and I’m so thankful they decided to make their engagement session unique to them! Golf is a big part of their life! Mike has the skill, Kristin is his cheerleader:) So it was perfect to shoot on a course!!

Luckily, you won’t have to wait TOO long for their wedding images! Mike and Kristin will be married this Spring and I cannot WAIT to be a part of that celebration! It will be here sooner than we think! Until then, here are some of my favorites from their e-shoot!! Enjoy!


Seriously? Aren’t they cute?! I can’t wait for the wedding! 

Kristin you’re gorgeous!!

Such a beautiful ring!! 

You guys make this so easy!

Loved their outfit change! 

A favorite! 


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. elizabeth reply

    so cute! i love these. A couple that golfs together stays together….these are gorgeous pics of a gorgeous couple….nice, katelyn!

  2. Megan Chase reply

    Love these! Her green pants are fabulous! There are no words for the golf shoots… Amazing!

  3. Amanda Hedgepeth reply

    stop!!!!!!! they are WAY too cute! I love when couples incorporate something personal and adorable the way they did with golf– they are going to have a beautiful wedding!

  4. Elizabeth reply

    Love these!!! So cute!

  5. Anna K. reply

    Katelyn these are so fun! and that light?!? Gorgeous!

  6. Becca reply

    I LOVE the golfing pictures! So unique!

  7. Amana reply

    These did not look like they were taken in winter. You wouldn’t know until you look at the trees, lol ;-) Beautiful session!! This couple is so adorable. Look at the way he looks at her!

  8. ali W reply

    haha love the golf ones – and their matching TPC shirts are so cute!

  9. Molly Stillman reply

    i am seriously obsessed with this shoot. such a fun, creative, BEAUTIFUL shoot!!!

  10. Nikki Santerre reply

    You made shooting in that harsh light on the golf course look so easy! And the way her eyes POP in these images…GORGEOUS, Katelyn! :)

  11. ashley link reply

    so glowy! LOVE IT!!! and so ready for warm weather! haha.

  12. Michael and Carina reply

    Perfect use of light, natural poses, just great! Love the golf theme!!

  13. Caroline reply

    cutiiiieeeesss!!! love the putter shots!

  14. Regan reply

    These are SERIOUSLY amazing!! Every single one of them!! Love love love. What beautiful light! Who would have thought a golf course could be so stunning! :)

  15. Carrie logan reply

    they are precious!!!! love these BEAUTIFUL images!! what a fun couple… so sweet :) i love the golf ones too… they make me happy ;)

  16. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I love how they incorporated their love for golfing into the shoot! I love those pictures with the evergreen behind them. Beautiful!

  17. Sarah Adams reply

    Love this E-shoot! Such a cute couple. Katelyn, Your ring shots are THE BEST. So gorgeous.

  18. Rachael reply

    Katelyn! These are gorgeous. The light is so golden, you can’t even tell it’s the end of winter/beginning of spring! I need to know where she got her white top…. too cute!

  19. Abby reply

    These are so so cute! I love that they used a golf theme for part of their session- so sweet!

  20. Kathryn Grace reply

    Beautiful! Just yummy light. ;-) Love her blouse!

  21. Meredith Sledge reply

    I love the ones on the gold course!! Love the warmth!

  22. Ashlyn reply

    These are adorable. Oh my word, my heart is melting over the absolute cuteness of the couple, the light, the outfits, & they’re love. Gah.

  23. Christa reply

    I love the shots where he’s helping her putt! So adorable :)

  24. Fotograf Chorzów reply

    Really beautiful photography

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