Decorating Our 1st Home!

  • Wedding Wednesday

….I’m trying to! I really am! Daddy, you may not believe this but I am trying to think of ways to decorate the new house without buying a TON of new stuff! Decorating is my weakness. After high school graduation I spent almost ALL of my graduation money on dorm room decor….and my freshman dorm looked SWEET!  It just cost a small fortune. Well, now that Michael and I are home owners, I want to decorate again…. but we don’t have a small fortune to spend. We have a mortgage to pay. So! I am trying my hardest to figure out how I can design and decorate using stuff I bought during college. Obviously this isn’t going to work for every single

room but it may just work for the kitchen!  A few friends have seen the house and  almost all of them have asked… “So… uh, is EVERY room going to be TEAL?!”  The answer to that popular question is “NO”.  I promised Michael I wouldn’t.  However, there will be two rooms that have a hint of Teal in them…. ok maybe more than a hint! My studio upstairs will most definitely be rocking the teal, nothing else will do! The other room that will hopefully incorporate some teal is the kitchen.


Again, I’m trying to SAVE money and use things we already have and gifts that we have been given! Teal just makes sense! So here it is! This is quick little Kitchen inspiration that I put together to give you an idea of the theme.  But I actually don’t really know what to call the theme of the kitchen.  It’s going to be modern with a hint of black and teal retro-ish and a hint of silver. Wasn’t that such a clear, concise explanation?!  I’m still trying to figure it out but it really helped to throw some of our stuff together to see what it looked like! I think it can work! Do you?! What do you think?

I felt like an idiot when I was searching through these letters at Homegoods (BEST STORE EVER!)… I was looking for a “J”! … I need an “A” now!

Thanks to my fabulous bride, friend and wedding coordinator, ANNA! … She gave me these teal dishes and I LOVE them!

Ps. If you’re decorating or designing a room in your home, be sure to add any ideas you like to your DesignBook!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Tira J reply

    Awesome start on your home decorating journey! I am sure whatever you do, it’s going to be amazing. True fact…when I am out and see teal, I do think of Katelyn James and her addicted to this color!

  2. Brittany reply

    I. <3. damask.

  3. emily9988 reply

    Katelyn! I love the decorations. Reminds me of a cute 1950’s style kitchen with the teal, silver, and black :) so adorable! Hope you’re loving Richmond!

  4. Amber Houston reply

    I love how you used one of the shootsac covers!

  5. Anna Burke reply

    YAY! Your teal dishes :) Love them! And you… and I have your albums to give back to you :)

  6. Sydni Gould reply

    don’t ever let anyone tell you not to use teal – they are wrong! teal is the prettiest color, so it should deserve as much notice as possible! go for it!

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