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start looking forward to this wedding?! …. After I received my first email from Brittany! I loved this girl. She was engaged for well over a year and so it seemed like FOREVER until her wedding! We emailed about details, she sent me a picture of the dress and I knew from the very beginning that I was going to absolutely LOVE working with her. She’s my ideal client. She was SO excited to get married, she loved DETAILS and she cares so much about her pictures! When I showed up to the fabulous Jefferson Hotel where the girls were getting ready I immediately loved her bridesmaids! I felt like one of them.  All I needed was a black dress and I would have fit right in.  They’re the sweetest!

They were all so welcoming and SO excited for Matt and Brittany!  Matt and Brit dated for years and years and I know first hand that when you date someone for so long, becoming their spouse is SO exciting. I had called Michael my Boyfriend for nearly a decade and now I can introduce him as my HUSBAND! It’s wonderful. Matt and Brittany had a beautiful ceremony and afterwards I heard Brittany call for her “Husband” on more than one occasion… you just like saying it! “Husssssband”. After the ceremony we headed to the Science Museum of Virginia for their reception and let me just say… it was absolutely spectacular. The whole building glowed in pinks and blues and purples. The rotating globe outside of the museum had their monogram display and it was perfect. Everything was perfect. Brittany girlfriend, you did well! You planned such an amazing celebration and it was such an honor to be a part of it! What a fabulous wedding to start off the new year with!!! Matt and Brittany, enjoy the snow in NYC and enjoy your images!!!!


Brittany’s dress was absolutely amazing! The color of it is called “Oyster” and it was perfect for a winter wedding!

Loved this shot on the right so much that I showed it to her as she was getting her dress on! I couldn’t help it! I get so excited!!


I always post too many ring shots… I can’t choose!!

Oh First Looks, how I love you!


Get it girl!

My husband shot this next one and I’m SO proud of him… one of my favorites!

Remember… it’s 19 DEGREES outside! Matt and Brit are my heroes.

Brit has the best smile AND the best serious face…. how do I get so lucky?!!

This may be a new Bridal party favorite for me! You should have seen me taken this… I was laying in the road, freezing and yelling instructions… so embarrassing.

Sweetest girls ever!! Love them!

One beautiful couple! 

So we were just about out of sunlight when we arrived at the church but Brit is amazing and said she didn’t mind going outdoors again! So we shot some beautiful bridal portraits while we shivered in the cold!

Love it.

Brittany is crafty and I love it!

Just had to show you this little guy! Oh my goodness!


How awesome is THAT?!

She’s a detail queen! That’s why we’re friends:)

Candy bar! Woohoo!


Reception Location: The Science Museum of Virginia

Catering: Mosaic

Bride’s Fur : Etsy : Candace Designs

DJ : Alan Boyle

Brittany’s Gown: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids Gowns: Bridal Elegance

Cake: Cakes by Graham

Lighting: On Stage Gear LLC

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  1. Ashley Ewell reply

    LOVE ALL OF THESE!! I’m shrieking in my office, out of excitement of course! I got chills looking at them! Such beautiful ceremony and reception and you captured it all! Katelyn, you are amazing and super cute!

  2. Cati reply

    LOVE the sparklers! Can I get married all over again to that?

  3. Allison reply

    Wow!!!! All I can say is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful wedding!!!

  4. amanda hedgepeth reply

    Stunning, amazing, breathtaking! They seem like the SWEETEST pair, PUN intended on the candy bar! but really, these shots were gorgeous :)

  5. Jennifer Jar reply

    Ahhh!!! Such a pretty wedding! Beautiful dress and beautiful details!

  6. Meredith reply

    Brittany you look STUNNING! Congrats and I hope NYC was fun!

  7. Veronica reply

    That little guy is adorable!

  8. Christine Jehu reply

    Katelyn these are amazing!!! Such a beautiful and fun wedding – you captured it perfectly! :)

  9. isabel reply

    Gorgeous! Brittany simply rocked the camera :) And that candy bar = SWOON!

  10. Alex reply

    First off, I want those columns, they are beautiful. And Brittany is simply stunning in that dress…she’s got the look down. You captured the perfect moment of Brittany and Matt cutting the cake, it makes me smile…and a little hungry! Another fantastic wedding captured.

    Speaking of Etsy…I just bought a journal off their site. I would have never found it if it weren’t for your little reminders that they exist! Katelyn thank you for sharing your secrets with us =]

  11. Brittany Fennell reply

    EEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SPEECHLESS!!! (well, not really, I’m squealing!) Katelyn, these are GORGEOUS! I absolutely cannot wait to have some of these hanging in our home. Having you there as a part of it all was the best decision I’ve EVER made in my life (other than ya know, Matt…;) )! A MILLION and one thank yous for capturing our day PERFECTLY!!!!!!!! MUAH!

  12. Suzanne reply

    WOW! Where to start.. One of the MOST gorgeous dresses I’ve ever seen on this blog. Gorgeous. Everything was soooo perfect. My fave was the cutting of the cake picture! Gorgeous bride. Great job Katelyn!

  13. Marie reply

    The wedding was like a dream. It’s so nice to see 2 people so happy together & it really showed. The pictures are great can’t wait to see more!

  14. Kelley Finnegan reply

    The reception is especially beautiful! I really love the lighting…so unique and fun :) Great attention to detail!! And as always, beautiful photos!

  15. Heather Corporan reply

    LOVE these !

  16. debbie dean reply

    LOOOVE the picture of the rings in with the candy!!! and rest of the wedding as well ;) amazing once again, katelyn! :) :) :)

  17. Sabrina reply

    Oh. Em. Gee. At first, my favorite was the reflection of the dress in the mirror. Then, I saw the ones of her putting her dress on. Then I saw the one of them at the foot of the stairs looking over your shoulder. Then I saw the ring shots. Then by the time I got to the reception pictures, I realized I was drooling on my keyboard. So fabulous, Katelyn! What a fun bride and wedding!!

  18. debbie reply

    GORGEOUS! I love all the architecture! It complements you guys so much :)

  19. Lauren (Matsko) reply

    Brittany! I haven’t seen you since high school, but it looks like you are doing so very well! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I live with Meredith (small world) and she keeps raving about how beautiful you looked and what an awesome job Katelyn does… so I just had to take a look!! Congratulations :)

  20. Aimee reply

    These pictures are fabulous!! Absolutely beautiful wedding and love love the little crafty details!

  21. Terri reply

    The Black and Whites are my favorites, but what can I say? I’m artsy like that. It looks like it all came together just the way you wanted!

  22. Tammy reply

    Fabulous wedding, BEAUTIFUL pictures that captured fun and love and most of all a GORGEOUS Bride and Groom. These photos will be lifetime treasures to share forever. The Helms’ hope you had a wonderful time in NYC and we miss you!

  23. Jennifer M reply

    now that i’ve finally stopped shreiking and have wiped the tears from my eyes, i can finally comment and say how incredible these pictures turned out. i relieved every single memory of this day while looking at them. i can’t wait to see the rest when brittany gets them and i can’t thank you enough katelyn for being so much fun and for perfectly capturing one of my best friend’s weddings! you are incredible! :)

  24. Christina B reply

    yay! you’re finally married! Brittany- i remember when you told me and Debbie that you were dating “that guy from the kitchen”; such a long time ago! i’m so happy for you both. beautiful photographs of such a wonderful couple. stunning work, Katelyn!

  25. Heather Schwarz and Josh Prible reply

    Congratulations, Brittany and Matt!!!! Your pictures are SOOOOOO beautiful. Josh and I are very happy for you both and we wish you all the blessings in the world!! <3

  26. Molly reply

    Gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful wedding and beautiful couple!

  27. Peggy Wisenbaker reply

    We wanted so much to be there on your special day. Now we feel like we have! Beautiful day. Beautiful setting. Beautiful wedding. Beautiful Couple. We are so happy for you!! Much love is sent your way……

  28. Cindy Lawrence reply

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful bride, and beautiful venue!

  29. Courtney Schwoebel reply

    Wasn’t my sister just the most beautiful bride ever?! Katelyn, these photos are just absolutely incredible. My other sister and I were sitting on my bed yesterday looking at all of these and just gushing over how amazing the photos were and how beautiful Brittany is. (And of course, how handsome our new brother-in-law is.) Thank you for doing such an AMAZING job for Brittany! Hopefully, I will get one of these to put in a picture frame in my room!

  30. Sarah reply

    Gorgeous! I love these pictures Brittany. Everything looks so classy and elegant.

  31. Tim P reply

    I love the Schwoebels! Brides maid’s are looking good! and Brittany is looking great! One of my favorite is Brit coming down the stairs all excited for the first look

  32. Jessica reply

    You are gorgeous Brittany!!! Your wedding was absolutely fabulous! And these pictures show it! :)

  33. maria reply

    You did strike it rich on this one. They look like a great couple to photography. Great venue etc…. Love the pics.

  34. Susan reply

    What beautiful pictures. Though I can’t imagine otherwise, with a beautiful subject. Most gorgeous eyes. It looks like everything was perfect. So happy for you guys.

  35. Barbara reply

    Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  36. Taylor Fishburne reply

    Wow! what a beautiful wedding! Everything looks absolutely amazing! so happy for you both! Congradulations to you both!

  37. Cory reply

    Amazing pictures. The best wedding i’ve ever been to, and the pictures show that. Katelyn you have an amazing talent.

  38. Chrissy Ortiz reply

    Everything was absolutely gorgeous!!! Brittany I’m glad my cousin found someone who makes him as happy as you do. I truely hope that you both continue to stay just as happy for the rest of your lives. Welcome to our family.

  39. Megan Kline reply

    I am so jealous! One: AMAZING dress!!! And 2. You guys are the cutest couple ever! Even your serious picture are amazing … My vote for the 14×16 picture is the one of you guys in front of the Jefferson (wide spanned) and kissing…so gorgeous! You made me cry at the wedding :) And you guys found the PERFECT photographer!! She is awesome, I wish I could afford her! lol We love you guys and are so glad we had a place in your wedding (well more Cory) I was happy that I was invited! Happy Marriage you two! :)

  40. Chris Weidel reply

    Absolutely love the pictures, Brittany! What a beautiful wedding!

  41. Duke reply

    Photo’s look awesome!

  42. Katie Duke reply

    Wow. They are gorgeous

  43. jenifer minatra reply

    This might be the most beautiful wedding album I’ve ever seen. Great job, Katelyn and Congrats Brittany and Matt!!!

  44. allison koontz reply

    i love, love, love these pics!! and super love the bride!!! yay!!! so fun!! xoxo

  45. nicole reply

    beautiful pics! I wish I knew about you when I got married (: Brittany you looked stunning (:

  46. Jeni reply

    What amazing and beautiful pictures!

  47. Jamie reply

    So glad I got see all of this in person….but these pictures do such a great job of capturing the beauty of the bride, groom, and the whole evening. Amazing photography with beautiful subjects! :)

  48. Katherine reply

    These pics are great, you def. had an eye for the bride’s style in the tone and lighting of the pics. Brittany you were a beautiful bride!! Congrats again!!

  49. Stephen reply

    pictures are awesome!

  50. Jenny reply

    Everything was sooo pretty!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  51. Abby reply

    everything is beautiful!!! some of the sweetest pics of the newlyweds, I love them all!! I couldn’t wait to see them – so happy for britt and matt :) katelyn you’re awesome!

  52. Amy Yanosik reply

    The pics are great! Beautiful wedding! Are there anymore pics? Family pics???

  53. Karen Stott reply

    Freaking fabulous girly! LOVE all of those details. Yummy.

  54. Lindsey reply

    These are beautiful!!!!!!! I love all of your details and ideas:) CONGRATS!

  55. Ashley Schwoebel reply

    ah!!! I cried like a baby when I first looked through these. They are absolutely AMAZING! and Britt looks GORGEOUS in all of them:). Thank you for making her wedding so special!!! You’re awesome.:)

    p.s. I’m next;). haha.

  56. Jody reply

    Absolutely beautiful! I was lucky enough to share in the amazing evening and Katelyn did an incredible job of capturing it all!

  57. Diane reply

    Most beautiful wedding…perfection to every detail..Thanks Brittany and Matt for including us on this day

  58. Donna Petrosky reply

    Wedding looked absolutely beautiful….So very sorry we couldn’t be there….Would really liked to have seen more pictures of the families!!!!!! Hey Janeen….what is with the hand on your hip???

  59. Laura Grubb reply

    JMitch told me to look at all your photos Brittany – they are all gorgeous. You had such a pretty wedding!!! Congrats!

  60. Aunt Mary Elizabeth reply

    Really beautiful photos! Great photography! A great way to share the wedding. Especially with those of us that couldn’t be there. Love Aunt ME

  61. Brittany reply

    These are gorgeous pictures–to help you remember a gorgegous wedding!!!! We were so glad to celebrate your special day with you!

  62. caroline reply

    WOW!!!! how cool!!

  63. LInda reply

    so stunning!!! I can’t decide which pic is my favorite! katelyn is amazing! Can’t wait to see more!

  64. Bill and Angie reply

    WOW…Awesome Pics…you guys look great together and very happy..wish we could have been there on your special day!

  65. MikeC reply

    I met these two when they first started dating, and these pictures truly do show how much of a storybook romance they have. Thank you for capturing it on film for the world to see!

  66. Cheryl Hart reply

    The pictures are beautiful – everything looks perfect!

  67. Matthew Fennell reply

    I’m the luckiest guy on earth. Every time i look at these photos I cant help but smile because that beautiful bride in these photos is my bride. Thanks Katelyn and Michael for being awesome and putting up with our complaints of the cold.

  68. Leslie Phares reply

    Beautiful pictures! Some of the best I’ve ever seen!!!

  69. Beverly Fuller reply

    Wow great job. Congrats to Brittany and Matt

  70. Emily reply

    So beautiful! xoxox

  71. Shelly reply

    Straight from a fairytale! :o) These pictures are So beautiful!!! Congrats Brittany!!!

  72. Donna Petrosky reply

    I senta message on January 29 and it is still not posted!

  73. Adam reply

    I was all up in this wedding, thanks for letting stand around.

  74. Jason reply

    Great pictures! Congrats to the both of you and best wishes!

  75. Bob reply

    What a beautiful wedding!

  76. Karin reply

    Ooooh I love the bridal party shot! Yay for brave people that will go out in the cold. : ) Beautiful job!

  77. Jessica reply

    the pictures are fantastic, and you looked STUNNING Brittany! congratulations

  78. Sarah Breeden reply

    Oh, Mrs. Fennell! You looked fabulous, beautiful, AMAZING! Loved the pictures, hope you had a wonderful day!

  79. Amy Yanosik reply

    I posted a comment on Saturday January 29…..I don’t see it?????

  80. Aunt Nedra reply

    Both of you looked sooooo happy! Everybody and everything looked wonderful – Great pictures!

  81. Meghan reply

    Awesome pictures! Very well done! The wedding looked amazing!

  82. Katie Barber reply

    i’ve been following your blog forever, and matt is one of my brother’s closest friends so this post was even more special for me to see! matt and brittany look amazing, and the photos are incredible as usual! i just love your work!

  83. Michele and Jackie reply

    Congrats to Matt and Brittany! May you be happy -ever-after in your marriage! Much happiness to you both and thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures with us!

  84. dawn grey reply

    Matt and Brittany, I worked with Matt’s mom, Marie in the dental world, and she shared the wedding pictures with me,and honestly can say these are some of the most beautiful wedding pictures, I will pass on the photographers info to family. Best Wishes, Dawn Grey

  85. Amanda reply

    I love winter weddings – so sparkly! Love it!

  86. Tammy Price reply

    Absolutely beautiful wedding. They both look so very happy and such a wonderful looking couple. The pictures are just awesome!

  87. jennike reply

    beautiful brittany!! gorgeous wedding! love all the details :) congratulations!!

  88. Molly reply

    congrats to Brittany and Matt! what a beautiful wedding!! and the pictures are absolutely amazing! i may have to look into booking you for my own wedding :)

  89. Lindsay reply

    Brittany you look so pretty! The pictures are great, I expected nothing less of Katelyn! Congratulations!

  90. Beth Dechent reply

    Beautiful wedding & reception, Brittany & Matt. It was one of the sweetest, beautiful, elegant, fun……the BEST! that I’ve attended. And I’ve attended many as I am the harpist at most of them. I have seen a lot of vendors. The ones you chose were so very professional. I will certainly recommend them, especially Katelyn James, to my “future” brides. Thanks for sharing your day with all of us!

  91. Kayleigh Llewellyn reply

    I love the pictures if your wedding party! You looked so beautiful Brittany! :) So happy for you and Matt both! :)

  92. Lauren reply

    These pictures are AMAZING!!! I need to hire Katelyn in the future!

  93. Katie K reply

    Beautiful pictures!

  94. Jaime Siska reply

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!! I’m soon happy for you two!!!

  95. Nikki Stumpf reply

    Brittany- So gorgeous!! Your dress is phenomenal! And many kudos to Katelyn… the photos are amazing!

  96. Megan Bouton reply

    GORGEOUS!! Brittany- your dress is BEAUTIFUL and the photos are amazing! What a perfect winter wedding. You did an awesome job! How will you ever pick which one(s) to hang in your house!?

  97. Meredith Jennings Rooney reply

    Beautiful wedding! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fennell!

  98. Joanna N. reply

    Love all the pictures!! They are gorgeous! I really loved your “Mrs. Fennell” dress hanger. Super Cute. Congratulations! :)

  99. Chris reply

    Congrats! You guys looked great!

  100. Dad reply

    Very proud of both of you and think you have a stunning pictorial of your wedding day thanks to pre-planning and Katelyn’s beautiful, creative work! Congrats!!

  101. Emily Fennell reply

    Love the pictures! The rings in the candy jar are so cute :-)

  102. Lori Petin reply

    These are the most amazing wedding pictures that I have ever seen!! Congratulations Matt and Brittany!

  103. merle james reply

    this is THE most beautiful wedding! amazing! elegant…creative….simple…graceful……magical! My question is where is my groom? Thanks for helping me dream again….

  104. Kathy Byrd reply

    I’m so happy for you guys, the pictures are fabulous. Great job :)

  105. Jansen Fennell reply

    These are amazing… I’m so happy for you guys

  106. melissa c. reply

    long time coming i’m so proud of the both of you.

  107. Sue Height reply

    Love your pics, so beautiful, many years of happiness. Congrats.

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  111. Stella reply

    You know her favorite part of the wedding was the cake and the food.

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