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Today I’m sharing some beautiful family portraits that we took of our friends in Scotland! We dedicated one night to portraits, and we had to move FAST because there were so many of us, and because there were MIDGIES everywhere! (Scottish mosquitos that are vicious!!) However, despite the rush, the cold, and the bug bites, I think it’s safe to say that the views and the colors and the final product made up for all of that!! It was gorgeous! We now have our family portraits on display in our foyer, and I’m obsessed with them!!!!

So I wanted to share some of my favorites! These portraits were taken in the highlands of Scotland… right outside of the little town of Ardgour! Our good friend, Jill, has family from this quaint little piece of paradise! I cannot imagine living in a place that is so unbelievably gorgeous 24\7!!! Enjoy my favorites of Ryan and Annamarie, and Buddy, Jill, and Knox!!! I’m going to include some of my favorites of us too!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Cayde OBrien reply

    I LOVE these. such great shots of the little ones. Thank you for sharing your images and talent. You are an inspiration!

  2. Tori Watson reply

    knox is just TOO MUCH! can’t even handle all that cuteness! all of these of all three beautiful families are just the best. love and miss all of you! <3

  3. Christine Bradshaw reply

    You all are the cutest, sweetest darn couple!!

  4. Karen reply

    Knox is too adorable for words! I do hope you’ve already arrange a marriage between he and Everly!!! :D

  5. json formatter reply

    Amazing photos! You look so beautiful!

  6. Nataly Malcon reply

    It`s amazing! Very beautiful photos! Awesome!

  7. Elena reply

    Wonderful photos! And the location you have chosen for this photo shoot is also marvelous.

  8. Sean reply

    Those are some fantastic shots!

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    Nice pictures thanks for sharing such a nice post with us

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  12. Mandy Ford reply

    These might just be my favorite photos you’ve ever taken! I can’t get over the baby with the flowers in his hand. So sweet.

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