• Sean + Melissa | Part I

There was a lot of hurrying and scurrying going on the Room 403 of the Hotel Monaco last Saturday.  Dresses were being steamed and hair was being sprayed.  Melissa seemed to be preparing everyone else but herself! I walked in, introduced myself and was greeted with a huge hug.  I say this all the time, but I’m always somewhat nervous about meeting the couple the day of their wedding! I booked this wedding last minute, not knowing Sean or Melissa at all! So I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were an incredibly genuine and fun-loving couple.


I spent some quality time with the guys in the morning and then made my way up to the bridal suite to meet Melissa.  As she made final adjustments on her hair and gown someone asked, “Melissa, what do you need? Can I get you anything??”.   Melissa just looked up, glowing, and said “I just need my groom, just him, that’s all I need”.  I melted, along with everyone else in the room.  We then left and headed downstairs for Sean and Melissa to share their First Look.  What an incredible start to their wedding day. It was such an honor to be there! Enjoy Part one and get excited for Part two coming later this week!

This moment between Melissa and her mom makes me smile. I love my job.

Are you tired of shoe shots yet?! Sorry. I can’t help it! As soon as I saw Melissa’s shoes I went detail crazy! Loved them!

Meet Delaney, Sean’s daughter. She’s a little angel that would say the cutest things. After Melissa put her dress on, Delaney exclaimed, “Melissa you are stunning!”. So cute!

Photographer in the making!

Such a model! Sean’s “Serious” pose was incredible! How bout’ that chair?!

The “First Look”!!! If you haven’t heard my rant about how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G “First Look’s” are and how much time they save on the wedding day, we need to chat! The moment he turned around and saw Melissa, he started beaming. I love capturing these moments! They are truly PRICELESS!

Don’t you love the way he looks at her? Melissa, he’s crazy about you girl! Loved this shot!

The light, the colors, the subjects… everything was perfection right here!

In case you didn’t see their sneak peek, look how awesome their shoes were! They make photographers verrry happy!

Be sure to stay tuned for part two to hear more of their story and view more images from their amazing wedding!

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  1. Brittany reply

    These are amazing, Katelyn! I can’t wait til 1.22!! :)

  2. Mandy reply

    YAY! I love these a lot! I like the lines in the viney brick pictures…and the colors! Also, the little girl is sooo cute! :)Yay red shoes too! You are soo great at what you do! Love you!

  3. Brent Pilgrim reply

    This couple looks incredible! You’re doing something right if this was the first meet for you guys, and I love it! You’re now on my daily blog reads link. Thanks for your comments on my blog, everyone needs some quiet time ;)

  4. Rachel Clarke reply

    Gorgeous! ;)

  5. em reply

    Soooooooo good KK!!!!! you are so talented.

  6. Cati reply

    LOVED the shoes and the “photographer-in-the-making” shots! :) You have a gift from God! These pictures make my day!

  7. Jessica Fike reply

    Katelyn, these are beautiful! Some of the best pictures I’ve seen from you! AWESOME!

  8. Melody reply

    These are great! Love the shoes….your style is so fresh!!!

  9. Julianna reply

    AHH!!! I loved them! THe bride’s shoes were so cute! And I loved the grooms’ and the groomsmen’s as well! Great job Katelyn!

  10. Stephen reply

    Katelyn! Amazing! Your the undisputed king of the world, well Newport News, no the State of Virginia, the world – soon enough. Just be sure your business model can keep with world wide dominance.

  11. katie g reply

    yay for oldtown !!! :)
    beautiful pictures
    what a happpy couple

  12. Lauren reply

    What is the first look? I’ve never heard of this before…

  13. Sus reply

    Katelyn– easily one of my favorite wedding Wednesdays! Can’t put my finger on why– I just love this couple, all the shots are gorgeous, and maybe it’s the COLORS in all of them. AWESOME!!!

  14. Leah reply

    LOVE the one with the dress and the shoes!

  15. Terri reply

    Just love the guys walking up the street, with their Chuck Taylors…such personality….

    Love how the photographer totally captured the feeling of the individuals…very free spirited….

    Nice job!

  16. Katie V reply

    I absolutely love Melissa’s dress! These pictures are so beautiful!

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  18. caroline reply

    yep. you’re really good :)

  19. Jennifer Campero reply

    Thanks for sharing Melissa! The pictures are amazing and what a beautiful bride you made:)

  20. David Bankston reply

    Just amazing photos. Very Best wishes to you both.

  21. Mark reply


  22. Richard reply

    great shots of the guys, so often overlooked in the album. Very charming all the way around.

  23. Kris Teutsch reply

    Great photos, luv the inclusion of the children.

  24. Steve Gilmer reply

    Beautiful! Looks like it was a fabulous time! Congratulations

  25. phil reply

    WOW!! I absolutely love the shoes that the guys wore! When I saw the shots of the suits — I thought this was going traditional. Then, BAM!! Out comes the Converses!! Perfect.

  26. Melissa Ranslem reply

    I LOVE the shoes on the bed picture! and number 1270 is so cute! GREAT JOB!!! I love al of the pictures!

  27. shelly reply

    amazing photos!

  28. Patrick reply

    Wow, Katelyn, I’m new to your work but you really did a fantastic job catching the beauty, joy and emotions of Sean & Mel. Job well done!

  29. Gary reply

    Amazing photos Katelyn! Somehow you even made a old guy like me look good (as good as can be expected). ;-)

  30. Johneen reply

    Wow! What a beautiful wedding! Everyone looks amazing and I LOVE THE SHOES – both bride and groom!!! Love you both!

  31. Martha Combs reply

    Congrats and Best Wishes Sean and Melissa! Life just gets better and better! Your pictures are fantastic!

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