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  • Michael's Solo Adventure

was during our CRAZIEST season of the year. Michael asked me about when we could do some senior portraits for a close friend of ours we literally couldn’t find a date when I was free. WE really wanted to try to make this happen but with a schedule like ours, it seems nearly impossible to find a time when I was free and available for a last minute shoot. So, after searching the calendar high and low, I said something I never thought I would say…. I told Michael I thought he should just do this shoot on his own. What?! Was that the crazy control freak LETTING GO of control?! Did I really just say that?!!!

I did! …. and you know what, it was a brilliant idea! Michael isn’t the one that graduated college with a passion for being creative. He never had a desire to learn photography… but he has a desire to love and serve people and so he learned. He has been learning how to shoot for years now and he’s GOOD! I’m so thankful that creativity runs in his family because it has proven to be a huge asset in our business! Sometimes his composition is better than mine!! I’ll have to do a post of “The Best Of Michael’s Shots” for 2014!! That would be so much fun!

For now, I’m going to share with you what I did immediately following the conversation about Michael shooting a session without me. Michael went to email our friend Charlie about picking a date for the shoot and I sat in the living room and created the quickest cheat sheet known to man!! It was fast, simple and listed out the basics so clearly. It was perfect for Michael and he actually said he used it during the shoot! Now I don’t think it’s anything fancy because I put it together on a whim… but I thought that MAYBE someone who is constantly shooting portraits for senior boys would find this helpful! So, if you need a copy of this, it is a FREE DOWNLOAD in The Collection!!  Enjoy and don’t judge… I made it in like 4 mins!! :)



So, not only did I want to share the cheat sheet, I also wanted to share some of Michael’s BEST shots from his first solo shoot!! I’m so incredibly proud of him!!!!! Looking good Charlie!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Lauren Swann reply

    Go Michael!!! You’re a rockstar!!

  2. Katie reply

    WOOO MICHAEL!!!!! You rocked it out! Love your cheat sheet katelyn!

  3. Nicole reply

    wow Michael!!! Good for you! Hope I can say Max can do this one day!

  4. Ashley reply

    Great job Michael!

  5. Stuart reply

    Wow! Great job Michael, these are so good…

  6. Kalina Duck reply

    Great Job Michael!!! You both a great team!!!

  7. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    these are awesome! great job Michael!

  8. Richard reply

    Looks like there is a new high school seniors photographer in town..

  9. Kristina W. reply

    Great job Michael!!!! :) Love the cheat sheat too.

  10. ashley link reply


  11. Caroline Logan reply

    KILL-IN-IT michael!! So good!

  12. Wynona reply

    wow! Awesome job! time to show this to my hubby. ;)

  13. Bethany Mitchell reply

    Yay Michael!!! Katelyn, I know what you mean about that feeling of letting go. I feel the same way when it comes to my husband. He is my second shooter. You did awesome- way to go!!

  14. Laura Jackson reply

    These photos look more like they are for Charlie’s first album cover than Sr Pics. Awesome job!

  15. Sharon W reply

    this kid looks totally comfortable in all his pics. So obviously Michael did all the right things!!! They are really good!

  16. Annetta reply

    Great job Michael!!

  17. Shaina Koren reply

    These are awesome and I adore your quick cheat sheet that you rapidly prepared. 100% something I would do as well! Love it you guys!

  18. Brenda James reply

    Great job Michael!!!!!

  19. Rici reply

    Well done Michael! So cool!!!

  20. Shawna reply

    This is perfect. I bought myself a Canon Rebel T3i and am now the family “photographer.” My mom asked if I would take some senior photos of my brother.
    I think those photos came out fantastic! I hope mine are anywhere near that good.

  21. Sandy Hansen reply

    I don’t see where I can download this?

  22. julianne reply

    nice shots im about to start photo shoots for my high school and i was wondering how old did he start and how old is he

  23. Tristen reply

    These pictures are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Chelsea Cook reply

    How do I download the cheat sheet? I don’t see a link. I know this post is old but it looks helpful!


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