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seems surreal.  Wasn’t it like yesterday when I was sitting in Em’s room, making fun of her for having a zillion baby calendars everywhere? I’m exaggerating, she had like two of them. Em loves babies, motherhood, being pregnant, etc. She loves it all. In college, I was the one who just wanted to be done so that I could really run my business. Em wanted to be done because her dream was to get married and start a family. And that’s exactly what she did. Seth and Emily were married last August and are having a baby in only a matter of WEEKS!! This is CRAZY. We’re trying to squeeze in as many girl nights as possible before this little one arrives and makes

his/her big debut! I’m thrilled for them.  They are starting a new phase of life that is completely overwhelming to me. I feel like I’m just in awe.  I’m constantly stating the obvious and exclaiming things like “EMILY, You’re having a BABY!” …….. Well duh, Katelyn.  I’m just so excited!! Time is flying by! Am I really old enough to have one of my best friends having a BABY?! I’m so glad she’s doing this first. I expect her to be a pro by the time Michael and I start thinking about having kids so that I can get some hand-me-downs and a ton of advice!:)



Em, you’re beautiful. I always knew you would be absolutely adorable when you became pregnant one day. However, as I scrolled through these images, it has never been more obvious that this is what you were made for. You’re stunning. I’m so thankful that I’m around so that I can be a part of this baby’s life. Michael and I are praying for you two as you become parents for the first time!!! Enjoy some of my favorites and thank you for being super photogenic and making this my fastest portrait session EVER! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes!

Emily….this is amazing. You’re gorgeous. 

So we only had about 20 minutes of natural light left when we started their mini-session. These two have had some practice in front of the camera! You can see for yourself, HERE and HERE! So they rocked it and I’m so thankful we were able to get some money shots even as the light was fading so quickly!

Dear Lord, when this is me one day…can I PLEASE look this good?! Thanks.

Love it.

And not to be a debbie-downer, but I should probably start announcing that I will not be shooting portraits anymore. Portrait sessions will only be for family and friends. I wish I could continue to shoot everything under the sun but realistically, that’s just impossible. Weddings are my passion and so I’ll be focusing more on engagements/weddings in the future! More on this later! Hope you enjoyed this session!! Congrats to Seth and Em!!

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  1. britney reply

    OH MY GOSH!!! emy i love the last shot! holy moly that thing has gotten BIG! ahhh can’t wait to me it! remember, i am “crazy aunt brit.” start telling the bump that now please ;)

  2. Amelia “Amy” Showalter reply

    Katelyn, what an amazing session! I adore the colors and setting! #priceless

  3. Megan Garrison reply

    Lovely, Katelyn! What a shame you won’t be doing portraits- you rock at them :) The last one is amazing!

  4. Mama Rice reply

    Katelyn, thank you so much for capturing our grandbaby in utero. What amazing pictures to have and cherish forever. You are precious friends and I’m so glad Em and Seth have you and Michael around to share in each others lives.

  5. Mama Rice reply

    Katelyn these are amazing pictures. Thank you for capturing our grandbaby in utero, well at least on the outside:) I’m so happy Seth and Em have you and Michael around them to share in each others lives. Thanks for the memories you capture:) We love you

  6. Sarah reply

    I booked you just in time :) So thankful for the shots you took of Mike and I!

  7. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Girl!! YOU are amazing! I LOVE the last shot of momma to be in front of the window. Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, stunning, perfection, breathtaking… did I leave anything out? WOW! Your VB fan~Jen ;)

  8. Elise reply

    TOO TOO TOO precious. Emily- you ARE so so beautiful! (And can I add so so huge?!) These photos of you and Seth are so great. I’m beyond excited for you!

  9. Becca Jones reply

    Em, you are beautiful! Love the red!!!!!

  10. Victoria reply

    Under 20 minutes! No way would I have guessed it! there are too many perfect pictures here!

  11. Kelley Owens reply

    EM! You look absolutely beautiful! SO excited for you and Seth!!!!

  12. Cbarnes reply

    Em, you look great! So excited for y’all. I can’t wait to meet baby Baxter!

  13. Jennifer Davis reply

    Wow! So gorgeous, I love the light, colors and emotion – you captured it all! These photos will be such treasures for the parents and their new baby, thanks for sharing!

  14. Karin reply

    What a gorgeous momma and amazing mini-session! Awesome as usual Katelyn. : )

  15. amelia renee reply

    absolutely adore the b&w (fourth from the bottom!)

  16. Rae Barnes reply

    Oh my oh my! Emmy, you look BEAUTIFUL!!! so radiant! I can’t wait to meet lil Baxter baby!

  17. Lisa Baxter reply

    So beautiful, Sweet Em!!! Such beautiful photography, Sweet Katelyn!!!
    Love you both!!!
    Mama Baxter

  18. Kristina W. reply

    How joyous!!!! Congrats Seth and Emily! Katelyn, they count as friends, right? Because I want to meet this baby on your blog!

  19. Susan Evans reply

    Katelyn, that last image is beautiful. It feels very intimate and yet is not uncomfortably revealing. I bet Emily will cherish that forever.

  20. Kathy Munn reply

    Love them all!! Em you are so beautiful! Seth handsome as always! And as for the baby, certainly has grown, can wait to me the baby. I love all 3 of you!

  21. Barbara Brutt – A Momma’s Heart reply

    […] Oddly, I’ve been receiving baby promotions for diapers, clothes, care, and all things baby to my “other” email address. The stage of life I find myself in has my Facebook homefeed filled with engagements, marriages, anniversaries, and babies (not necessarily in that order). It seems perfectly appropriate that I would be on the receiving end of a deluge of baby emails from Baby everything. And so in light of babies and mothers, I decided to try to project myself into the mother-role. However, I’m not a mother so I probably got it all wrong. Nor am I close to being a mother (unless getting all the baby emails means I’m mother-ready, but I don’t think so). I’m not even baby-ready. BUT I’ve just gotten exceptionally good at finding and clicking Unsubscribe! She hadn’t known it would be like this. Longing, wanting, wishing, caring, hoping, waiting. One day at a time, her body changing and blooming round. A dream growing into physical reality within her. Awe. Pain jutting her rounded dream into wailing form. This child-wish demanding and overtaking life. Joy. Dream fulfilled. No sleep. Routine regulated by baby cries. Clothing piles. Diaper piles. Dishes piled. She hadn’t know it would be like this! But this bone and flesh child. Cheek to her cheek. Her heart outside of her body. Are you a mother? Does this ring true for you or was I way off base? [beautiful image above from here] […]

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