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  • WPPI Roadshow

proclaiming that she doesn’t have all the answers, that her way isn’t the necessarily the “right” way and that she doesn’t have it all together.  “Oh Jasmine” I thought to myself….” You’re Wonder Woman and you don’t even know it”…. and that’s the truth.  That girl has got more energy, knowledge and heart that any other photographer I know. Today Michael and I, along with Jessie, Michelle and a TON of NEW FRIENDS (that I love!) attended the WPPI Roadshow in DC.   It was good… the speakers in the morning had great information…. but I’m a spoiled brat when it comes to hearing photographers speak.

I have the expectation to laugh, be engaged, get inspired and leave feeling empowered with every session I attend.  That’s because my journey into photography started with speakers like Becker, Dane Sanders, and of course, Jasmine Star.  So after only getting about 4 hours of sleep, I was needing some high energy at the end of the day and Jstar rocked it. We had heard it all before since we attended WPPI but I would listen to her talk all day because she’s passionate…. and passion is contagious! I loved seeing her and getting excited about 101010 all over again! It was such a fabulous day to get away from the routine, forget about editing, forget about centerpieces and just have a day to relax with Michael.  It was his day off and I couldn’t have been more excited when he said he would go last minute! What a good guy:) Love him.


So today was a great day. I loved it! I’m exhausted and yet feel so blessed and excited at the same time. I’m excited to be getting married in 27 days to my best friend! I’m pumped to have met A TON of amazing photographer’s today that are sweet enough to follow the blog! and I’m beyond thrilled to have Jasmine and JD celebrate alongside of us on 101010!!!! Life is good…..BUSY, but so so good!

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