• Meet Bailey

one of those girls that you meet and you instantly feel like you know her. I’m not really sure how to explain it but she just makes you feel welcome!! It could be her ability to talk to anyone about anything… or it could also be that she just loves everyone!! Bailey is just one of those people you enjoy being around! I’ve absolutely LOVED getting to know this girl the last few years. She’s a breath of fresh air and I just adore her! It’s hard believe she’s graduating already when I feel like I was JUST introduced to her at youth group!! Time is flying by and while I know Bailey is

excited to be done with high school, I sure am going to miss seeing her around for small group and youth group! She’s not going far though! Bailey is staying in Richmond for college and my fingers are crossed that I’ll get to see her every now and then!! It was so much fun taking these senior portraits for her! We walked around Shockhoe Bottom with Michael and Bokeh one evening last week and this is what we got!! Enjoy my favorites!!

Ps. Bailey, I love ya girl!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your life AND take your senior pics!! oxoxoxo

Gosh Bailey you’re beautiful!!!


A favorite for sure!!!

Love this one!!!

This wall!!! Perfect way to end the shoot!


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  1. Kathryn Grace reply

    i really love your senior shoots! So pretty!

  2. Abby Grace reply

    She’s so pretty! I love those last few at the mural, but my favorites are the ones where she’s leaning against the wall with one foot up. Awesome job, miss Katelyn!

  3. Ashlyn reply

    Ok, this girl is GORGEOUS! And you all have the most AMAZING walls EVER in Richmond. I’m jealous! The photos are amazing and I LOVE her style!!

  4. Mallory reply

    STOP. Bailey these are gorgeous! Your outfits are amazing and so are the murals. Love ya!

  5. molly stillman reply

    these are AMAAAZING!! that wall is the best and made the perfect backdrop!

  6. kimber wassenberg reply

    Wow! Her eyes are gorgeous and she has one great model face! My favorite is horizontal one of her sitting on the steps. Beautiful!

  7. Julia reply

    Bailey you’re SO GORGEOUS!!! Love these and you!

  8. Danielle reply

    Bailey you are so stunning!!!!! Love ya girl!!:)

  9. Caroline reply


  10. Megan reply

    Bailey! You’re Gorgeous!!

  11. Bailey reply

    Thanks everyone! Kayelyn did all the work:)

  12. Kristen Rose reply

    This is absolutely incredible! I love the brick wall shoots and the staircase. I loved how her eyes stood out with each picture. These are lovely, and so is the model! Great job!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    Wow, where did those walls come from? They are awesome! I am loving these senior shoots! Bailey looks fantastic!

  14. EMily Habel reply

    Wow! Gorgeous! Those walls are amazing and your photography is beautiful as always. :)

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