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There have been a LOT of giveaways happening lately. We’re currently hosting a giveaway for WPPI and voting began yesterday for our massive wedding giveaway. It’s just CRAZY! Often times, photographers get so carried away in marketing and blogging and emails and editing that they don’t take time to really enjoy their work. I know I fall into this category. Sometimes I forget that I didn’t just make money and serve people in 2014, I also created some really pretty pictures!!! Each year the Shoot & Share community hosts a MASSIVE contest for ALL TYPES of photographers! It’s awesome!!! … It’s also really addictive!

You can spend HOURS voting for your favorites and the best part? …. You don’t know who you’re voting for! You’re voting strictly on the image! Voting in this contest will really show you what style you love and are instantly drawn to! You have to check it out! Submissions are still being accepted through February 8th and voting begins on February 11th! Wooohoo!!! Click here to submit your photos! These are the 21 categories you can enter into:


  • Engagement
  • The Wedding Couple
  • Just the Bride
  • Just the Groom
  • Real Moments
  • Wedding Party
  • Details : The Rings
  • Details : All Dressed Up
  • Cake, Flowers & Decor
  • Just the Guests


  • People Portraits
  • Newborn
  • Maternity
  • Families
  • Senior Guy/Girl
  • Children


  • Passion Portrait
  • Styled Shoot
  • That Just Happened
  • Personal Work
  • Photo Photography

Now, if you’re like me, choosing which photos to pick can take FOREVER! Last year I spent a whole 5 hour car ride just selecting my images for this contest! After that, I vowed to make a system for this! If you know me, you know that I love systems!! LOVE them. So I realized that I needed a system for SAVING PORTFOLIO WORK throughout the year. I already pull highlights from each wedding and e-shoot for the blog but I wasn’t saving my ABSOLUTE favorites anywhere. If I wanted to collect some of my favorite images from the year, I would have to go to each Pass Gallery and download the ones I wanted. This can eat up some serious time!

So! I added this one simple step to my “In The Works” workflow that I do for everything that I shoot. I added a “Add best shots to portfolio gallery”.  This is something I do after each shoot and wedding. Before I move the shoot off of my laptop, I make sure that I have uploaded any portfolio work to my “Portfolio Pass Gallery”.

I HIGHLY recommend creating just one Pass gallery for YOU. I save all kinds of stuff in this Portfolio gallery! I save bio images and headshots, past portfolio work, pictures of our home for blog features, pictures of me shooting, etc, etc. I have this gallery because it makes my life SO much easier! I have so much content at my fingertips CONSTANTLY!! It made submitting images a BREEZE this year because all of my best work was already in one place! All I had to do was figure out which category I wanted to submit to!

I hope this helps! If you’re a photographer, be sure to ENTER before the deadline!!!! Ps. You may even see a prize from us at the end!!!! Woohoo!!

Ps. If you haven’t seen our SHOP, you should check it out HERE! The Collection is full of resources for photographers! We’ll be releasing PART TWO of the natural light series  tomorrow! Below are some of the current Mini-Guides that are for sale!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sami reply

    LOVE this idea Katelyn — thanks for sharing!! PASS is seriously the best :)

  2. Abby Grace reply

    Yep,I’ve spent WAY more time choosing images for this than is necessary. It’s so hard to whittle them down!!

  3. Alicia Daw reply

    I had spent a few hours making my folder of favorites for the Wedding Guide I’m working on, so it was easy for the contest…but I need to find a better system for saving favorites this year. Greta tip here!

  4. Stacey reply

    Such a fabulous idea. Life changing. lol
    Thanks for the great tip!

  5. Lindsay reply

    GREAT idea Katelyn!

  6. Nicole Salter reply

    I seriously spent hours this year (as well as last) so this is a super great idea! Will have to figure this out into the workflow. You have helped me SO much with workflow already.

  7. Christin reply

    Great idea! I was wondering do you keep your raw files? And were do you keep your personal pictures? Thank you!

    • Katelyn James reply

      Hi Christin! I keep the RAW files for weddings for one year normally! I have a “personal” folder on our big hard drives where I store our personal images!! :)

  8. Sophie reply

    Awesome idea! Just discovered your blog and I am excited to follow – especially the photography part of it :)

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